Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pictures from 12/23/14

 This is Ozzy....he is My dog...and investigator gave him to me...they are keeping it and shipping it to me in 14 months :)...hopefully

Us and Santa!

 Very Cheap Gas down in Kentucky! 
(I thought it was getting cheap up here in Maine at $2.46)

Some of my favorite MTC people!


So I don't have much time to email today! But I do have one really cool experience that I wanted to share!

Sister Holt and I had the chance to teach this woman the other day lesson 3- The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to lesson plan before the lesson because it was Sunday... The lesson was really rough! But we were able to set a baptismal date with her! Some personal things have come up so we might now have to move it around...but I know the only reason she understood and comprehended what we were saying was because we had the spirit.. We both walked out of that lesson and looked at each other and knew that it was ALLLLL The spirit because we lived worthy of it and are putting in the effort. It was a horrible lesson to say the least. we were tripping over words and just weren't making sense. But for some reason she got it...

What did I learn? If you fail to plan to fail.

Sorry that this is such a lame letter this week...but really the reason for writing is to tell you all that I love you all a ton and I am so grateful for all the love and support that I have gotten from everyone. It means the world to me to have so many people that have my back.

I encourage all of you to read Luke chapter 2 and really think about who our Savior is to you...and what it meant for him to be born into mortality and experience life the way we do. Because it truly is amazing and really brings the spirit of Christmas more fully into our lives...and think about it...there is only one syllable difference between the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of Christ. :)
I wont do shout outs this week because I have lost track this week! but I will make note for next week to get all the shout outs :) THANK YOU ALL AGAIN FOR EVERY THING!

quotes in Corbin:

"people like that they got retard strength..i don't got retard strength."
"We have tender flowers that are getting too much water"
"I baptized myself in a creek once."



--Sister Wagner

Monday, December 15, 2014


WHAT A WEEK. :D So last week I was freaking out about how I was going to die as a trainer...and now I have a little greenie...and her name is SISTER HOLT! She is from Layton Utah, and 20 years old. She has come to the GKLM pre-trained and ready to work! I hardly have to do anything! She is super sweet and tons of fun.....I have lucked out BIG TIME when it comes to companion because they have all been the ones training me. Seriously. I have hardly had to do anything. And anything that I need to do..the Lord has given me  the strength and ability that I needed to make things happen. I now have a strong testimony that the Lord knows what we can handle..and the things that we dont know if we can handle...he helps up and enables us to do whatever we are called to do. No matter what it is. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN YOU HAVE THE LORD ON YOUR SIDE.

This week we had.....A BAPTISM. Caught you all by surprise on that one! So There is this guy...I mentioned him awhile ago..this will test y'alls memory. His name is A.. C... He was the artist who worked on saw movies and passion of the Christ...and Pirates of the Caribbean 3...and I am Legend....and all this epic stuff..actually did I tell you about him? I don't know...well either way...A... is an amazing guy with a really scary and hard past...who the sister have been teaching since MAY. And he has quit smoking and all this stuff. and so we had a baptismal date set for this Saturday....but with his steadily decreasing health we had no idea if he would well enough by then to be baptized. But then...we got the okay that we could baptize him....and we had 3 very short days to plan a baptism....there is usually about a week....and one of those days we were in meetings learning how to be better and know what to do as missionaries so we had to put together it in really 2 days....which seems like time...but now when 3 of the people you were originally planning to speak and such happen to be out of town or not able to adds some serious pressure...after lots of phone calls and running around...and personally making the program at the library....all things were in place.

SO SATURDAY COMES. And we go to the church 2 hours early to fill up the we could turn it on slow enough to have it run hot the whole time and be warm......after 30 minutes of running...the font has 2 inches of water....panic of course was the most prominent emotion at the time...our of desperation we turn the font on full blast....only to have the baptism occur in freezing cold water...#oops #sorryA... After the baptism A... had the chance to bear his testimony... It is so touching..and so heart felt...and the spirit was so strong. You could tell that this man was so burdened by sin and hardship and bad experiences...and some of that pain...had just melted away...that the savior had lightened his load and make it possible for him to overcome the darkest of times.

ANOTHER BIG THING HAPPENED THIS WEEK! SO I know you all know about the Family on the Hill...the big family of like...a million people...They are now working towards a baptismal date of January 17th. I know they have the will power to be able to do it...and they are going to be extremely blessed. They have made such changes in their lives...I wish you all could see it. They all of some of the biggest hearts I have ever seen and will do anything for anyone..

The gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to change peoples lives..It refines us and makes us better people... more so then we ever thought possible. And The Lord gives us experiences that we need. My testimony of the restored Gospel has only grown...and it will continue to do so. There is so much growth to be had and experiences to gain..I am so blessed to be on a mission and have great peace having the knowledge of the gospel. I love my mission!!!!

Quotes in Corbin---

"I fear no hollar"
"I dont not a child... I dont play games...I play monopoly though, I get serious."
"we say hello with our knives, guns are for hunting...if we want to kill you...we cut you up"
"i just ate two broughtworths...I dont feel good right now"

This week I was reading in the book of Mormon in the book of Helaman..  I was reading in chapter 5 verses 10-11...verse 12 is one that is really well known...what is being talked about in this part is how Christ doesnt save us in our sins....he saves us from them. In and from is the only difference of that sentence.. When we are in our sins...we are doing them and we are fine being stuck there... The Lord can help us if we are where we want to be. But he can however save us from them. If we are trying to run from our sins...or mistakes..or weaknesses...then he is going to swoop down and get us far away from those things we are trying to avoid. I am so grateful that he wants to help us and save us..only if we want to help ourselves..but at the same takes responsibility of us to want to make a change.

I love you all so much! and I am so grateful for the support of all of you! Have an awesome week! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

-- Sister Wagner

Monday, December 8, 2014


As the title suggests..Sister Bailey is dying....Her mission is now as of tomorrow done...and she is going home..all the way back to New Mexico. She is depressed and very emotional...she cant even function at this point and has hid herself in the closest and is not coming out. The tears are going down her face all the time and she is in denial. I'm just kidding! She is not happy and is loosing her mind though... she gets mad at me cause I show no sympathy....#soulless. I'm trying to be Christ-like with this...but it's hard! She makes teasing her so easy!

No to mention this transfer is going to make me loose my head. I am not one to stress..but the last 3 days....wooo...I am loosing it! Why do you ask? Well on Saturday we get transfer news... about who is leaving excreta! So The Assistants to the Mission President called us while we were on our way to Stake Conference. I of course thought they were just calling about Sister Bailey leaving but they insisted they had to talk to me. They asked me how long I had been out and I said 4 months...and then they are like...You are training this transfer...and I thought they were kidding and so I laugh and said hahaha that is funny want to talk to sister bailey? and they want to talk to are training this coming transfer... and then I said no here is sister Bailey...and then they are like we swear on the Book of Mormon that you are training... I said "ha okay"..they said great! see you at transfer meeting. Then hung up...I nearly had a heart attack... and I waited for them to call back..and say just kidding..they never did.....then I get to stake conference just to have an elder in my ward come up to me and be like...YOU ARE TRAINING? and I was like...wait....that wasn't a joke? And he said.."NO....It's on the paper!" Then I really start panicking....And then I saw our mission president at the meeting...and is true...I am training a brand-new missionary... I DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING....How am I supposed to help someone....not only help them...but train them....YIKES.

This is EASILY the most humbling thing that I have ever been asked to do. I think this is more for me than the new missionary. I have been asking the Lord to help me grow and become the missionary that he needs me to be and do the things that he would have me I guess this is his will...and I won't argue with that. I might feel as inadequate as a little pebble on the side of the road..but the Lord sees me with the potential of becoming a bolder with the potential of being carved into a statue... That is how the Lord sees each of us really. We cant understand how much he loves us and understands that we have the ability to become all he needs us to be...and then some... that as we rely on him...we don't need to worry if we cant do it...or we feel like we don't know what we're doing...he will always helps us and strengthen us and make us people that we don't recognize. in the Book of Mormon in the book of Ether it talks about how as we come unto Christ...that he will show unto us our weakness that we may be humble.. and that is exactly what I am witnessing..but I know that what ever I think is my weakness...has the potential of becoming my will because the Lord has promised us in that same verse that relying on him will give us the chance to turn us around and be better than we ever BRING IT ON. :) And am now ready and excited for the challenge!

These of the members of our ward wanted to teach us Rape Defense...he is a cop and teaches a we got 2 hours of learning what to do if someone attacks us. So I now know how to get out of a head lock...and how to have power behind kicking people....and what to do in various situations...sooooo no one will be messing with me these days. ALSO.. fun fact! He was able to teach us ways to punch and he was able to tell us where the most power comes from.. Sister Bailey has most of her power when she hits people with the palm of her hand.... I have the most power as I just deck people in the face with my don't mess with me.. I can take someone out.

This transfer I have been making a list of all the things that Sister Bailey says least one thing off this list is said every here is a little glimpse of Sister Bailey:

"are you an ameri-CAN...or and ameri-CANT?"
"he's a trip"
"that's trippy"
"true doctrine"
"I see what you did there...put her there *holds out fist for a knuckle bump*
"that's deep"
"love the dickin's out of 'em!"
"where's my pencil?"
"where's my planner?"
"are you a man or a mouse?"
"I need a hair cut"
"what am I going to do with you?"
"you're golden pony boy"
"what the weird"
"why do you have to make this so awkward?"
"I think the church is true"

Quotes in Corbin:

"those flying monkeys....they really got me going"

"I'm going to have my own thing on called Michael Peace a tale of like that...I just made it up."

"up there with Heavenly Father...the big liver in the sky."

"I want the whole sacrament blessed and put in my refrigerator just in case there is an emergency."

"I am so glad 2015 is coming...I'm gonna shine like new money!"

I love you all and I am so grateful for all of you this Christmas Season! You should all look of the Video he is the will give you the is so amazing. PLEASE WATCH IT. I am so blessed and grateful to my savior this holiday season :) BE SAFE! and remember not to stress!

Sister Wagner


GRANDMA WAGNER! Thank you for the awesome apples you sent!!! They are beautiful!!!!!!! :)

NANA AND PAPA! Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for my 24 days of Christmas Package...y'all are really making Christmas extra special for me this year! :)

HAYLEY AND MUM! The little ornament with Maine and Kentucky on it...GENIUS! and is now on our Charlie brown tree :) THE SNOW GLOBE IS AWESOME AND IS PLAYED EVERYDAY!


KATIE AND TRENT BERGE! Thank you for your families Christmas card! Y'all are such a gorgeous family!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

More Pictures!

The most amazing family ever...please note this isn't all of them.

 We wrote letters to Santa and put it in the mail box! I asked for someone to teach....sister bailey just wanted to know why Santa was always watching us...

This is the most interesting group of missionaries to work with... They are hilarious!  

A donkey a horse a cow a llama...and they also had a peacock.

Strange Isn't It??


People.. I have nearly been on my mission for 4 months....and it is December.... and it is 62 degrees with no snow in sight....and the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives...I have back allergies are here so I am dying...and Sister Bailey leaves in a week..also I went geocashing #newhobbie #lookitup

Okay so out of all those strange things I am going to talk about the most important.. THE GOSPEL CHANGES LIVES. Straight up. #truth A couple weeks ago I mentioned this massive family that we are teaching. And I mentioned how they are amazing truth seekers and all that. yeah well I dont think I have told you how much of a change that has happened to them. When we first went over there C... (the mom) said "you worship Joseph Smith" and now they are all like..."we want to be Mormon" QUE?!?!?! (sister Bailey and I are working on Spanish) I didnt even thinks that things happen on missions like that!? When people are just like..hey I like everything that you are teaching.. and the only complaint they have? "Church is way boring" But they agree with everything we have taught them. And have I mentioned that not only did C.... think that we worshiped Joseph Smith... but she was Agnostic...with no belief in God what so ever. Now I want you to know..I DON'T TAKE ANYYYYY CREDIT for any of this..infact I think I almost messed everything up the other day with them.. But no matter! It is the Lord that is changing them. I have such a strong testimony now that if missionaries dont have the spirit...nothing is going to happen because we make many mistakes. I can not rave about this family enough and about the amazing changes that they are freely making in their lives. They are now reading the Book of Mormon together every night as a family..and they are soaking up everything that we are teaching them. And when we go over there they are filled with questions. C... looked and Sister Bailey and I yesterday and said "I can honestly say now that I believe in God. and I never could say that before" When we asked her how she got to that conclusion she just said "I get enlightenment..and the evidence is all around us that there is something out there bigger than us" In her own way..that was her saying that "HEY! I FEEL THE SPIRIT!" How grateful I am that I get to see the joy and light of the Gospel come into someones life. I don't deserve the HONOR of teaching this family. How blessed I am to be trusted enough by Heavenly Father to help bring his children unto him.

This family also took up newest hobby when I get home..please google what it is...and get good so I can have people to go with! Because I love it! Essentially it is a world wide treasure hunt.. there are geocashes to be found in every town every state..every is a big deal. You never know how close you are to a is amazing and wayyyy fun. I mean.. I don't want to toot my own horn....but I am pretty good... But not really. I have to have people help me. But I will get good eventually! #gogeocash

ALSO! We went on a Blitz with the Sister Training Leaders so I was able to spend some time with Sister Anderson! She is great! And I have so much to learn from her so i can grow and become the missionary that I so badly want to become. We went out to this place called Williamsburg to find some people...and I was really close to Tennessee! Which was weird. 45 minutes south and there is a change in weather!  haha who knew? BUT! We went to this house on our way home and what happened? Oh I almost got attacked by another Dog. The owner said that it wouldn't attack but I beg to differ...I am convinced if we didn't turn the car alarm on...and walk back words and yell at it...then I would have been crippled on both legs. leg still hurts if I push on my dogbite... so I try not to do that. haha #caralarmssaveyou

On this Blitz Sister Bailey ran into this person named S.... and asked if they could come by and teach her and her family about family home evening (an organized family night) and she said sure! and as we go to see this woman I recognize the house...only to have TALKED TO HER HUSBAND THREE TIMES!! And the only reason we hadn't been teaching him is because of his busy schedule! WHAT?! The Lord wants this family to have the gospel! And funny to add...The only time we run into this family is on Blitz days! I don't know why that is...but I know that the gospel blesses lives! and that they and there 6 kids under 10 need it! And that it can help them and build them up as a family!

About the allergies and back pain....nothing really matters when you are serving the lord. And the enabling power of Christs Sacrifice is real. he suffered so I don't have to...and I can find strength in him!!

quotes in corbin:
"are you wearing more clone than normal?"
in regards to hitler in heaven "I dont care...but I wont enjoy seeing him in the heavenly prayer circle"
"I had a midget friend one time..."
"sorry that was my dead cat approach"
"make sure you dont blow your nose so hard you fart...I've done that before...i pooped myself almost"
"I almost ate her up the other day"
"I just would have......Im passionate."
"In highschool I was that fat funny kid...I was fat and I stuttered...I have no was be funny or be rejected"

My prayer now is that we all remember that God is better than us! that we are nothing compared to his Glory and greatness...and that all things are and are made possible through him. And the best his...NOT ours...and sometimes...well...all the time...that is not easy. "Strange isn't it-that we who wear wrist watches seek to counsel him who oversees cosmic clocks and calenders" He knows best!!!!!!

... in the writ words of God written by prophets: (Isaiah 55:8-9)

  ¶For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.


And to KYM AND SUMMER! For their package they send awhile ago! I forgot to SHOUT OUT!
I hope you all had a happy thanksgiving! Remember to stay happy and safe this Holiday season! There are some crazy people out there! I LOVE YOU ALL! And you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Did you think to pray?

God Bless,
--Sister Wagner


Pictures from 11/24

First KFC ever.. before it was KFC

This Mary looks like Kristen Stewart

 A book at the library

A beautiful painting on a wall next to some train tracks!

A cow field! It is huge.. and you can't even see all of it!... it smells

Where did the week go?!


Hello all y'all  :)

I have no idea where this week even went! it came and it went! The days went by slow but the week just flew by! #missionlife

This week we spent a lot of time in the hospital. There is a new member named P..! She. is. Awesome. We ended up going to the hospital like 3 times this week to see her and keep her company and to lift her spirits up! It is amazing to see how much the gospel can bring someone so much comfort even when they are in so much pain. The gospel not only heals our spirits but our minds as well and it helps us to keep looking forward.

Sister Bailey and I have been way drained this week. We havent been depressed to anything! dont get me wrong! But we have just felt like all our efforts are like dust in the wind! We try...and then our efforts just go all over the place not having much of an effect on anyone making us have the "WHAT ARE WE NOT DOING" kind of feeling. But you know what? We are trying. Our father in heaven knows that we are trying. But we just couldnt get ourselves to figure our what was happening..and actually to this minute we arent really sure what we are or arent doing to see the results of our efforts. Thank goodness that God answers prayers though. This morning in study I was thinking about what was and wasnt happening here in Corbin.. and I turned open to a scripture 2 Nephi 32:9 it reads:  9 But behold, I say unto you that ye must pray always, and not faint; that ye must not perform any thing unto the Lord save in the first place ye shall pray unto the Father in the name of Christ, that he will consecrate thy performance unto thee, that thy performance may be for the welfare of thy soul.

We are praying we have been praying to know what we need to do and where we need to what is going wrong you ask? SPECIFICS. We need to get specific. What is it that we want to accomplish...not just "I want to do thy will" But more than that just be more than willing to do whatever it takes and really asking God to help you do every little thing he expects of you. That is really hard. Because what does God expect of us? Just simply to keep his commandments...serve him with all our heart might mind and strength and work until we collapse at the end of the night. If we are doing everything that God asks of us...and then we still are missing something...then what? that is when the heavenly virtue of patience comes in. When we need to just wait. Because when we are doing all we can...the Lord has taken it into his hands and things are moving just how they are supposed to. How grateful I am for revelation and a chance to learn and grow as it gets hard here on the mission. It is a good life to always have trials and set backs because that is the time for the most growth and it gets you determined for greater change! greater consecration :) greater desire to kick out the natural man! Mosiah 3:19!

This week we also went with a member to go see this lady a buddy of his told us to go see...we were there 2 HOURS. and we didnt say anything but mhmm yeah...right...I have never seen someone talk so much in my life. Not to mention there were 15 mirrors in one room which was a bit creepy..and the conversation...(one way just her talking) was about how her co-worker years ago was murdered...and how the Lord revealed to her who did it and how he did it....and then she tangent-ed off to the fact that her son had been murdered...then going on to say that people are coming after her and are trying to get in her house....thank goodness the buddy of the member advised us to go during the day. #tendermercy You know what though...the whole time we were sitting there...despite having the feeling like I might die or something dramatic... That Lady needs the gospel! So we are going to go back and teach her about it! because guess what! Before her son was killed....he was meeting with the missionaries!!! #nocoincidences!

God is good. And we need to be thankful for all aspects of our lives...D&C 122:3-8...(look it up) our horrible things....our setbacks...our weariness...ALL FOR OUR GOOD...and Jesus Christ knows how we feel...we are NEVER alone.

Quotes in Corbin:
"yolo, going with Christ"
"im like an indian moses"
"Da-vin-chi, who's my master..."
"a cooking wrapped in cookie that too much?"
"we could have a Christmas rap by white chocolate over there"
"my printer crapped out"
"holy crud! she let him have a bat?! she couldnt have picked a quieter toy?"
"you cant pray and'll die!"
"he has arrested me several times"

MOM for your cookie is not famous....kinda.... im working on it! They are amazing! and people love them! sooo thank you!!!!!!!!! And ro allthose who signed that card! y'all rock!

I love you all! rely on Christ and all will go okay! Happy Thanksgiving!! count your many blessings name them one by one :)

--Sister Wagner :)

Monday, November 17, 2014


Uh so there wasn't that many cool things that happened this week.. but I thought I would make myself feel better by titling my email that..

Okay but in all reality.. There is never a dull moment in the mission field. And certainly never a dull week! but as far as dog bites and such... it was normal! OH WAIT! NO IT WASN'T

We are teaching a family of like 100. There is this couple and they are amazing! They see children who are struggling here in Corbin...and then Just take them into their house.. there is around 13 kids that stay with them from ages 12-22 the kids are making chances in their lives and come from all different walks of like that are just horribly unpleasant. But this couple has just taken them all in and just loved the dickin's out of them. And give them a place to sleep and they feed them...often going hungry themselves because there is no food left over from feeding all the kids. But the Dad ordered a free bible so of course we delivered it to them! and we got talking....and they go to Nauvoo every summer and know mormons! The mom is an atheist and doesn't really have much of a belief but is such a truth seeker it blows my mind. And so we have been teaching them and we go over their all the time and they are HILARIOUS. (mom they remind me of our house when we get everyone going, makes me feel right at home!!) It is too funny to spend an evening with these people. They all decided that they would come to church...well 10 of them were able to come.. and they took up two whole rows haha. They ask us so many questions and are so eager to learn. I am so blessed to have been able to meet this family! they are so sweet and have such big hearts! They just want to know whats right and what God wants..if he does want something...and well...GOD PLACED US RIGHT IN THEIR LAPS! #blessing #theyallneedGod

This week we also went to a "thank you/pre-thanksgiving" Dinner at the H... house! they are an awesome family! They had us over and lots of Ward members and we were able to just talk about life as a missionary with the people their! H..h... is hilarious. She is a return missionary as of like...1 week ago! and she is just the best! . #returnmissionariesrule She really knows what she is doing so it was awesome to talk to her and get some helpful tips on making the mission as productive as possible! Taking her teaching with is us is haha I need to step up my game #shownup. We went to a lesson and we took her with us and it was so cool to have a member really be involved in the lesson and excited about testifying and sharing experiences. I really hope that her being home will broaden the missionary vision here in the Corbin ward! Members are VITAL in missionary work...I have really learned that.

Quotes In Corbin

"I wont loose these...I'm going to put these in my trunk"
"here's what I did...I put it somewhere safe so I wouldn't forget..and now I have., WAIT i probably put it in my safe!"
"These seem to like me better!..they don't talk to me....but I can tell"
"what was that? A down syndrome Indian?"
"his lower extremity problem is quote Arthritis unquote"
"Chastity..its like bling-bling"
"Nephi..he's like Mormon Divinchi
"I'm afraid I'll go unjesus on those people and go devil on 'em"

There is so much to learn about the Gospel.. and I am so blessed to be able to serve the Lord on my mission and in return learn about the Gospel more fully and get to change myself. is a mission even a sacrifice when you get so much in return. I love the GKLM. I love change and the atonement. I love the Lord. I love my Father in Heaven. There is so much to be grateful for!



Remember doesn't need to be thanksgiving to be thankful for our many blessings...and it sure doesn't need to be Christmas to think about Christ and be grateful for him and keep him in our thoughts!

I love you all! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

gospel love,
Sister Wagner

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weird Week!

Well this week has just been the title suggests. not because we got tires slashed...or dog bitten...

BUT! We did get a flat tire...We were going down this road over this creepy one way...12 ton limit bridge that was made of wood and then we heard something that sounded like a stick under our we kept driving for a second then decided we should get it out...we got out and looked...and nope flat tire... we ended up having to drive about 1/2 a mile on a flat tire I KNOW THAT IS BAD but it was a really narrow road with no pull over we got out and were able to jack up the car.. and then someone helped us change it! haha but I am thankful because I know how to jack up a car and change a tire now. And so I wont ever need help doing that. #lifeexperience #sistermissionarypower

This week a sad thing happened the Wagers dropped us. They were a couple that was ready to be baptized and loved Church and the gospel and were trying to quite smoking. But we came to their house to a note and a bag of copies of the Book of Mormon.. and it said that they don't believe how we believe and not to come back. We got home heart broken that these people just rejected the true message...and why? as we unloaded the returned books we were taking out papers stuck in the pages...just to find "21 things Mormonism Teaches" Just to clarify...the thing that were on that list...WE NOT TRUE and were totally crazy. but because they didn't ask us or pray about it... they lost the gospel in their lives. It is heart breaking...but people gave us agency. Hopefully one day they will come to see what they are missing.

I just love this Gospel. The more I study from the Book of Mormon and the Bible the more light is shed on my life and my purpose and what I need to do and where to go. I just have such a great sense of peace. that can't come from anything else in the world. I just am so blessed to be a missionary and have this amazing time to serve others and learn so much about the gospel and about life that I wouldn't be able to do any other way.

Sorry for that side track! I just had the thought and thought I'd express it to y'all!

We also lead cows this week! we helped this guy named B... to get them from one the other! And helped them to cross the street! Now this isnt just some random thing we did...well it kinda was. But! It had a point! Because we were able to help and and show interest in his life (which is super awesome by the way) He softened his heart to the message that we share. AND! we get to help him to paint! and help around his farm! SO! Talk to everyone and you will meet some awesome people. That is what I have learned on my mission :)

ALSO! So thanks to my NANA I was able to do some more family history work! and! On my moms side I am related to WILLIAM THE "CONQUEROR" KING OF ENGLAND. Sooo that is pretty cool..and come to find out Sister Bailey is too...and so that makes us like Great x's like 50 cousins! haha And! on family history we were able to take William the Conqueror all the way back to ADAM AND EVE. Sooo Do your family is awesome.

quotes in corbin:

"I used to rap like that...I had a CD it was called straight from the hollar"
"It is a really up scale shack"
"all I know is that I got a booster shot from Jesus"
"some of my closest lady friends in this town are prostitutes,and i'm okay with that"
"listen here bluebird...I know where your nest is"
"I had nothing on but tennis shoe and an indian headress, and some war loin cloth fell off"

THAT ISNT ALL OF THEM! I am just out of time! haha I will write more next week!


SHout out to my Papa for a letter!

--Sister Wagner!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Short and Sweet!

I AM SORRY THAT THIS IS SO SHORT! I HAD LOTS to do while email today!!

First things first...the new companion!!! SHE IS AWESOME! Sister Bailey is from New Mexico and has been on her mission for.......17 months! YUP she goes home in 5 weeks. It is crazy. That means I get to love her...and then she leaves the state. BUT! On the bright side... I will be in Corbin FOR SURE till Christmas! I love the people here and I love the area! there is never a dull Moment here! So I am blessed to be able to spend the holidays with the people I have come to love so dearly here. But that also companion in 5 weeks

This week! We were able to set a baptismal date with this guy named Adam! he has been learning about the gospel since MAY. YUP. A long time. But there has always things getting stuck in his way. He was a smoker but he quite awhile ago. He doesn't drink or anything. He has had a really rough life but he is awesome. He is an artist..he actually worked on the Saw movie posters...Steven King book covers...and he "beat up" Christ for the movie passion of the Christ. He is SO talented! He was also a previous Lucifarian....he kinda worshiped Satan...but NO WORRIES! He knows that Jesus is the Christ and that God is our LOVING heavenly father. He wants to make a change and he is doing it! Is is SOOO sarcastic so we get along really well.. he says some borderline not allowed things haha but it makes you laugh. you cant help it!

This week we got a request from someone wanting a bible. The had requested it on or and then we get the request and bring it to them. SO we wen to go find this guy, and when we did....after going down this weird road...we discovered that he had a house full of 13 teenagers that he has willingly taken into his house. And so we got talking about the gospel and we are going back and will hopefully have the chance to teach them more and strengthen their faith in the savior! As we were walking away from the house we saw this boy go up to the door! We hollered over to him and asked him if he was one of the 13! Come to find out he "Kinda" was...not sure what that means! but he has talked to Sister Short and Sister Goodrich before and had been reading the book of mormon! we were pumped! and we felt prompted to tell him that if he read the book of Mormon...even if just a verse a day and prayed about one week he would know. He said he would do that and then give us a text! So we will see what happens there! but that was such a tender mercy of the Lord right there to see that the Lord truly does place people in your path.

We have been talking to M... P... about the gospel and how he has seen a change in his life and he really has! He says that people have been noticing a difference in him including his wife! they have been separated for awhile but now they are are coming together a little more and she is curious about the gospel because of the change that she has seen in him. The gospel changes people. It makes bad men good....and good men better. And our examples of righteousness and strength makes a difference.

quotes in Corbin:

"rigged, power of the devil...power of my mind..that is what's happening here"
"somebody shut these kids up before I do...with the power of my mind"
"and one say they decided to get hip and let us wear different colored pollos"
"when you are 15 you are man enough to read the Bible"
"These are two mormon right here...they are an endangered species"
"and then we commenced to beating him"
"NO I ain't shootin him...we'll be down here forever!"
"Or I could stay right here in my comfort zone..."
"you'll be cryin' I guarantee it"
"You need to come to take a card"
"he hates Mexicans, he hates black people, he hates everyone, he hate himself!"
"I got two bullet proof vests from Zach, the one who hates God"
"I think I got one of my fat pictures"
we asked what's your weight loss secret.. "Heroin"
"I miss being fat"
"i'm going to start something called the man club..the Mormon Association of Nuns"


THANKS MUM FOR MY Halloween Card!
AND LIN! for the letter! (I might have gotten it last week haha i cant remember!)

Sorry for the shortness! y'all are awesome and I pray for you always! Keep being awesome...and enjoy the snow....60 and sunny here in Kentucky!

Love, Sister Wagner

Adios Sister Goodrich!

And she is off to greener pastures. Early Tuesday morning sister goodrich will officially be off to her new area and will be serving with a new companion. #crywithme Which means... I am no longer a trainee... That is really scary..not for me! but for everyone around me! #watchoutcorbin I will be staying here in Corbin with Sister....Who knows! not me...I will on tuesday though! which is craziness. It is weird to think that I wont be looking for sister Goodrich every time I turn around!

SO a lot of things happened this week...but I dont remember all of them! Last Monday we went to cumberland falls which is awesome! so gorgeous! i sent a couple pictures! but man...God has such power...and can create such beautiful and magnificent things that we cant comprehend.. I just am blown away by things just the little things that are an added testament of the power of God. Take the time and just look around and you will be astonished at the things that work so perfectly with the perfectly to make all things fall into place and that every little thing has a purpose. AH. Fall is by far my favorite season. However.... fall is more like summer here in is like.. 70 degrees today... with orange leaves. haha it throws me off a little bit because I'm just not use to it!! But it was so much fun being able to crawl in and around rocks and just enjoy the peace of nature! And to have an investigator with us! C..! who is awesome! And just soaks up the gospel. Him and his wife are so interested in the message of the Gospel and just light up when they learn about it!

Yesterday at church was the primary program! boy do I miss my primary class back home! They are all so cute and they bring such a special spirit to the room when they sing and share there little testimonies. I just love hearing what people have to say...especially their simple testimonies of the gospel. The spirit in the room was awesome like I said..but more so than was like a wall..of tingles in your heart. Not only is it cute to hear all the little voices but to hear the message that they were sharing with everyone through song..families can be together forever. :) I just love it!

D...H..... What happened to him you ask? He was supposed to be baptized this past saturday. Well sadly enough he wont be getting baptized even at a later date. He came to church last Sunday but just for sacrament meeting. And That was an interesting time because a member of the Bishopric gave this really powerful talk about the world of was just a little... umm... I dont know how to describe it. But it was interesting. ANYWAY! D... left church. and we were supposed to have a lesson with him later that night around 5 and so we called him when we got home later that evening to cancel because sister Goodrich wasnt feeling well. (she is better now by the way :)) and so we call and no the whole week we are trying to get a hold of this guy. And we couldnt! and it was weird...we honestly thought something terrible might have happened to him because he was always the one to make contact with us first! everyday! Then on Friday we got a call! and we saw it was him! and Sister Goodrich answers and he says who is this? and she said...sister Goodrich, how have you been?! And he was like...oops...wrong number. then hung up! We were so confused and didnt know if we should call back or not. We said a prayer and thought that we should just wait. but we were really curious to know what happened...why he went off the deep end. Later that night we got a call from him and he intended to call us this time! he said that he had been avoiding us the past week. We were thinking...NO DUH. But anyway he continues in to tell us that he doesnt feel the spirit in our church but he still knows the book of Mormon is true and that their were prophets today and everything...but he said that a sermon shouldnt mention pornography and he just didnt care for it. --- It is truly heart breaking to see someone walk away from what they know to be true. And maybe one day he will come to know the truth..

This week Sister Goodrich and I did a lot of walking around....and we picked up probably around 100 leaves...we thought they were pretty! and the definitely were! making memories by having those...just to throw them in the trash after awhile haha but they were nice! Anyway while we were leaf picking we notice something laying on the sidewalk...come to find out... it's a dead bird laying dead on the ground...with a rose in it's mouth...and berries around it. We thought it was hilarious..And what is even more funny is what happened next...we go to see a recent convert named Kenny.. Who is an indian Native American man here in Corbin who walks around with a gun (legally! dont worry) and some knifes with feathers attached to his hat and his jacket! We went to see him and have a little lesson and he comes walking up with a dead bird...the same dead bird that we had seen..and then he gives this long explanation of what he plans to do to it to make it last forever. All I know is that you are supposed to do something with kitty litter...#whatdawhat

quotes in Corbin:

"that looks like a garage over there...but NO...its a liquor bar!"
"he's a genius..dont be fooled by the snaggle tooth!"
"I swear..if you poke me with that pencil one more time I am going to shove it up your butt"
"hey little doggy. (dog barks) yeah you need to be put down."
"you all out poaching Baptists?"
"wash your hands and says your prayers because Jesus and Germs are everywhere"
"My mailman won the he quit! and he was HOT!
"just for the record..40 is younger this is diplomacy 101...we should also teach stalking 101."
"Im like an older older OLDER kid on Chirstmas"
"you be careful...I got a switch blade I'll lend ya"


JESSICA AND DWIGHT..if you ever see this! THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME YOUR CHILDREN'S CARDS! I love them! please tell 'em I love 'em!

MUMMA! Thanks for the package!

RANDS! I just finally got your package! i love your family so much and miss you tons!!! SO uplifting!! The fluff was used for delicious fudge :D

HAYLEY Thank you for the Maine goodies...holy moly yummmmmmmm

LIN! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LETTER! It was such an interesting read!!! So much info!

I love and miss each and everyone of you! thank you for all the support and prayers I know you are sending in my behalf. I feel them everyday!

Until next time...

Sister Wagner


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

SO this week has been a little REALLY slow. We weren't able to get very much done due to demonic plague that has struck poor sister Goodrich. NO it is not Eboli...or however you spell it. but she is a mess. a coughing hacking nose blowing mess. #stillhot #gottaloveher #imnotsick #knockonwood

Because we have a man down in our companionship...we have a a couple bedridden days which means..the work comes to a stop. BUT! Sister Goodrich was able to get a blessing. What does that mean you ask? Well that means that if she was supposed to be healed right now.. she would be. But instead the work here in Corbin is going just as fast as it needs to at this time. We are doing all we can to get her back rockin' and rolling! She is getting there... Kinda. I know that the Lord understands, thank goodness and that we are being blessed for the things that we are able to accomplish!! In fact! despite the uneventful-ness of this week..I have a bumpin' story!

This story shall be called... Is it 109?

Once upon a time there were two missionaries that were trying to find houses 102..and 105 in the little town of Barbourville. As one missionary pulled our her planner to find the house number..the other missionary goes.. "is it 109?" "No dear companion, it is 102" Then coming to the next house they were looking for.."is it 109 the missionary asks again, thinking this time she has gotten it right. "No, we are looking for 105" says the second companion giggling under her breath. as they talk they, the people in the house say no to a prayer, walking away discouraged, the two valient missionaries quickly turn and ask who they know that could need a prayer, the house a little ways down they are directed to. As they knock and wait and knock and wait, they admire the perfectly set up porch decorations that look like they were right off of Pinterest. The door opens "hi we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, today we are offering the Saviors peace and blessing through prayer, could we say a prayer with you and your family?" "YEAH COME IN!" They step inside to find a clean, orderly, nice smelling house with family pictures all on the walls. The football game was on. The man goes and mutes the TV while two young girls gather near the doorway. They pray, and ask to come back "sure, anytime!!" "Wednesday?" "I work till 5 but feel free to come by" "OKAY!" They exit the house feeling chipper and full of hope for the new family they just met.. They look back to admire the cute little house and the family that is within, when they get a glance at the house number....109!?!?! What!?! was it meant to be? Absolutely.

Miracle story? I think yes. How grateful I am for the little promptings of the spirit that lead us there this week. Sister Goodrich and I both have really high hopes for this family. Pray for the best!

I really don't know what else to say about this week...It has been a little chaotic to say the least with Sister Goodrich getting sick and all. I have been sniffling due to allergies but compared to sister Goodrich..I might as well have a perfect bill of health!

Despite all the craziness that has been going on here, the worlds Chaos is booming as well. Sadly things are not well. People always feel the need to tell us all these depressing things that are happening because we don't watch the news.. and honestly it is a bit of a downer to hear all of the sadness. But my hope for all of us at this time is that we are not discouraged with the things of the world but instead we look forward with a perfect brightness of hope and faith in our Savior Jesus Christ who can bring us great peace in a world full of turmoil. He is the Prince of Peace after all.

quotes in Corbin-

"Ah, I discovered I'm half alive"
"it's on"
"if you get me on some speed I think I'll be okay"
while talking about the lady with eboli that got on a plane "Obama let her on there"
"maybe it was a demonic church and I just didnt know it yet"
"what does code word mutual mean?"
"I didn't know how to swim until a few years ago..then I forgot"
"dr. wong said don't eat it"
"I need at LEAST 15 minutes sh-peal time."
"what happens in Mormon town...says in Mormon town."
"How hard could it be to find the mormon church in a town full of baptists?"
while playing apples to apples "I'm delicious, explosive, phony ancient and dirty...I'm a mummy!"
"I'm a dirty ol' mummy"
"There is something about Latter-day Saints and food"
"I'm a Facebook stalking genius"
"everybody has their fruit loops"
"get him jellified and he'd be a REAL gummy bear"

Sorry for the shortness of the email this week! I hope that all y'all are having a great week full of happiness and warmth! I know how cold it can be up in the North. Also...our mailman when I told him I was from Maine...Totally thought it was in Canada...totally forgot it was a state of its own. so that is cool...right....?

LOVE YOU ALL! And I think and pray for you often. Keep on keepin' on!

love y'all --- Sister Taylor Wagner


Dapice Family! did I give you a shout out when y'all sent a package awhile ago?! Either is one!

Matt! NICE EAGLE PROJECT! WOOHOO! Congratulations little brother!

NANA and PAPA! Thank you so much for the package of halloween goodies! :) yum! and the hand sanitizer and tissues came at the perfect time!

CAIN! Last Monday was the 13th and your birthday! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...WRITE ME!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Loving life as a missionary! Pictures!

Sister Taylor and I doing what missionaries do...praying

A Maine cookbook that sister Durfee had!! 

apparently I can braid now?

What a very nice tunnel....

Might as well crawl through it! (this is a member in Stanford's daughter, Sydney)

ridin' in style

A scooter that is broken...that you have to push with your feet haha

Some awesome people in my ward that came out at 6am to the track on Sister Goodrich's birthday!..when it was raining! 

I just 'Love's' that cheap gas!!!

Pictures from last week!

Where did the week go?!?

I am pretty sure no other week has gone faster in my whole life. I know for a fact nothing has gone faster in my whole mission! This week has been a whirlwind..So if I don't write a lot about what is going on...that is why haha

OKAY! SO Tuesday! we went out on a blitz! That is where we go with the sister training leaders for a day. They come to our area, I go with one Sister and Sister Goodrich would go with another.  That was such a fun day! I usually hate the thought of going with other sisters because I am a newbie and I have no idea what I am doing about 100% of the time. SO I hate feeling stupid. haha BUT! This blitz was awesome! I went with sister Newton and she is so much fun! and we had lots of laughs. Which I guess isn't too unusual because Sister Goodrich and I laugh all the time. But it was really laid back with no pressure. I WAS SO GRATEFUL. Cool story about the blitz! So Corbin, KY is a car and bike area..and distances up to 2 miles we are supposed to bike. But it was raining. It was kinda raining hard..but not enough to make us for sure want to use the car. So we prayed. and asked heavenly father what we needed to or drive...Nothing came besides...well it isn't too bad..but if it were to thunder or lightening we would know to drive. nothing happened but the rain picked up a little. Sister Newton just said...lets pick something and the Lord will let us know if we should do something else. So we said lets bike! The moment we decided this, the lighting struck and the thunder rumbled! The Lord answered our prayers and allowed us to drive..he cares about us not getting wet...and he hears our prayers and helps us to know what we need to do. He is there! And he wants to help us. We just need to seek him.  :)

This week, Sister Goodrich had to go to Louisville for a meeting. And I was placed with a companionship of sisters in the Stanford area. What sisters are in that area? SISTER DURFEE! who I know because she used to be a sister training leader and I spent the day with her awhile ago and I just love her...and SISTER TAYLOR. Who was one of my companions in the MTC! SO needless today spending the day with these two sisters was a breeze! not to was their day to plan out there week which us missionaries do once a week and it takes about 2 1/2 hours. So I got to read church magazines and eat cookies! But we had a lot of fun none the less. Then we were able to teach this older couple who are both deaf! Sister Taylor knows a lot of ASL and I..well took 3 years of it..but 2 years of not using it has made me I didnt say anything besides nice to meet you! But I was able to pick up a lot of what they were saying. Sister Taylor asked this couple to bear their testimonies about the church. When they did, I wasn't able to pick up a lot of what they were signing..but I was able to feel the spirit that entered the room as they signed how they know the church to be the true church.. and how they have found peace by living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was amazing! I was also able to see Elder Jacobsen from my MTC district that day as well because he serves in the area beside stanford! What a great day! We were also able to go to a dinner appointment where I was able to ride a little car thing...and a scooter haha (see pictures)! So that was fun to say the least!

Also it has officially been announced to our mission that we will be getting iPads around Christmas time!! And they are going to be amazing for the work. Having missionaries have iPads is seriously inspired with the things that have been told about the iPads...we will really be moving the work forward all over the world. This will open up so many new doors for people I can't even handle it!

This week was sister Goodrich's birthday! We got some people together to 6am. at the track where we go running...well sis. G does..I just walk! It was awesome! It was so nice to have everyone get together to support sister Goodrich on her birthday...20 years old! man...I am working with an old lady! haha Not really but it was such a fun day! ecen though it was raining the whole time we were there..but memories..right?!

We are teaching this couple, H.. and C...and they are SO prepared! WE teach them and they soak everything up. They really are ready to hear. We taught them the plan of salvation and they had all these AMAZING questions. H... told us that is just made sense! we told her that's because she has been taught it before. When we told her that the spirit filled the room and she started tearing up and she said."I dont know why but I feel like I am going to cry!" I know that what we taught her is true and that it rang true to her heart. I am so grateful for that lesson wit them. THEY ARE AWESOME. standby on updates with them!

Ready for some awesome quotes...?

Quotes in Corbin:

"will you burp me please?"
"I have never had 2 women want to spend so much time with me"
"I don't want to have lets not do that" (this was a man)
"That doesn't look like any cotton I've ever picked!"
"I relate to farm boys"
"Good things calories don't count on birthdays!..come at me brittle!"
us: how do you feel about Joseph Smith answer: :"Straight up gangster"
"will you hold on girls? I got to find my helpless husband some britches"
"you're not in the bible belt..your in the bible buckle"
"priesthood...someday I will have the preisthood..the authority to baptize..I'm just gonna go to work and start chuckin' people in water!"
"I'm happy and healthy! healthy as a chubby man is going to be."

We talk to some awesome people haha I LOVE THIS PLACE!

I love all of you! and I am so grateful for all that you do and I appreciate it more than you know! Have an amazing week! and share the gospel with everyone that you can! Y'all are awesome and are always in my thoughts and prayers!

Sister Taylor Wagner


Thank you Lin for the amazing letter! you rock!!

And thank you mum for the card! I really appreciate it! :D

Friday, October 10, 2014

Three Cheers for Conference!


Another amazing week here in the not surprised and I'm sure y'all aren't either because I am pretty sure I start my email like this every week...but no matter... Still awesome! Cute little thing that I discovered last night...there is a little place called Bimble, Kentucky. I know a random name right!? and a random place to put that fact...but I didn't know where else to put it in this email! Also...update on the super cheep is now down to $3.07 that's a record...and I will need to take a picture by that sign to prove it all to you...It has dropped a good 12 cents in a month...that is a big deal...and I thought you would all enjoy knowing that! Am I crazy...or is this blowing anyone else's mind?

To be completely honest...this week has been such a blur! We have been doing so much... I cant keep track of it all. I have to start writing down what I want to say...hmmmm I think I will start with  what I have heard a million times this week...

"IT'S THE HOLIDAYS" Sister Goodrich has a sincere love..(or should I say obsession??) for the holidays. And because we are a month away from Halloween...that is the gateway to all other holidays for this half of the year. I LOVE her enthusiasm! It is awesome because it leads to baking and Christmas music! two of my favorite things! And so what have we made a ton of this week? Peppermint bark with Sister Goodrich's famous secret recipe. Which I will have to make for all of you when I get home because it is not something that anyone should love not having eaten. NO it is not like other Christmas Barks....It is ingenious. And delicious... Seriously...there was a talk given by a general authority about taking care of our bodies and man did the spirit chastise me about not eating so much Christmas Bark! We also made muddy buddies and Lemon Poppy seed I can say is YUM.....and maybe Chubby. But NO WORRIES. I have been walking a mile and a half every other day for morning exercise...and that doesn't include all the biking and walking I do besides that. So hopefully I will get myself under control! ....but I have never been good at denying myself of the goodness of sugar and sweets!

I have another wonderful person to talk about! His name is D..! I think I mentioned in last weeks email that he showed up to M.. P...'s baptism! which was awesome! and then from that moment on he has been thriving! He is just great! and is soaking up everything we say. It was a bit of a challenge to get him to understand priesthood authority and how this is the one church on earth that has the fullness of the things that Jesus Christ taught. But now that he has got that....he is beginning to see how the Book of Mormon straightens ones faith in Jesus Christ and the things that we teach are to build upon the truths that he already knows and treasures. He watched Saturday's session of general conference with us at the Helms (our ward parents) and he loved it and even took notes on his phone! We were worried Sunday when he didn't come...until he was sending us text messages about what was being said and how he was just loving it! and he thanks us all the time for strengthening his faith in Christ.

Heard of Meet the Mormons?! it is a movie...all about Mormons that is coming out on the 10th!!! but it is only showing in like 2 places in all of Kentucky...but! guess who got to watch it...I wonder...OH! ME. I DID. You might be thinking... But it hasn't come out yet, Sister Wagner! hasn't! But I've seen it! On Thursday we had interviews with out mission President and they usually have a little training that goes along with it. so they told us to open our Preach My Gospels and then our mission presidents wife walks in with popcorn...and one of the Assistant to the president walked in with a TV...and then they said we were going to watch it! They allowed all the missionaries to see it to be able to encourage people to go.  HOLY SMOKES...this movie is amazing. Everyone please watch it.  it will eventually be on Youtube I think and Netflix for sure. So please take the time to watch it. It really is strengthening to my own faith and the spirit is SO strong when you watch it. PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU TO WATCH IT.

General Conference (when we hear from the Prophet and 12 apostles) was this past weekend. Man...I cant say enough good things about it. It really is the Mormon Superbowl...ESPECIALLY for missionaries. It truly is so inspired and so enlightening. It is so special...when we get to hear from the prophet of is crazy to think...that someone as wonderful as Moses...and as inspired as Noah...and as faithful as Abraham walks this earth today...and is a mouth piece for our father in heaven. How blessed we are. One thing that was talked about so much by these inspired men was becoming like our savior Jesus Christ. by lifting others..being kind and thoughtful and compassionate. Being willing to step outside our comfort zone. by teaching by example and improving ourselves daily. I just love that so much. And That is something I definitely want to work on. BuT! they also mentioned that being like the savior means dealing with some of the things the savior dealt with.  being persecuted..or looked down on...or ignored.. but that is all part of being a good person! and walking as the savior walked.

There was also something from the woman's conference I really liked and it was from Dieter F. Uchtdorf...and it was that God doesn't just have a box of blessings that he unlocks and gives us when we are good...but instead he is constantly raining blessings upon us, but it is our job to close the umbrella...whatever it may be...sin...or bitterness towards someone..or anger..or frustration...or not reading scriptures or praying....PLEASE...all of you...there are blessings that you are missing because you have your umbrella up...but it down and see the beauty of the rain!

There is so much to learn from those who are called of and then type in a topic in the search bar and find what the prophet and his apostles have to say about it...because they really know how to help improve your lives! and they can give you just want you need! Search their words just as you might do to the scriptures! it is good stuff!


"We got a cage in's called the time out box"
"I got a part of a pregnant woman's liver...and her cravings."
"I beat up a preacher once.....but he hit me first!"
"Darn would think they put gold in it it's so darn expensive"
"we are really fertile...we have a lot of kids."
"bumper sticker: God guns and guts made America great"
"The fat baby hasn't sold yet.."

Y'all are some of the best people on this earth! how did I get so lucky knowing all of you? I am not sure! you are always in my thoughts and prayers! I love you all! Be safe and stay warm!! it is getting cold! even here....THANK GOODNESS!

--Sister Wagner


To my little brother Matt...WHO GOT HIS LICENSE FIRST TRY!....everyone stay off the roads.

Thanks to my Nana who sent me a letter and my family history!! woohoo!

And I think that's it...send me mail people! I love it :) 

(I'm sorry blog viewers for this being late to get up! -Shannon)

Monday, September 29, 2014


Best Signs Ever!

 A little red barn!

 A barn with a sunflower painted on it!

 A BOWL OF PUMPKIN COOKIE DOUGH. These are the best cookies on planet earth.

Sister Helm! She calls us her daughters. What a sweeeeeeet lady

Power pose with M. P!

 M... and our Bishop...Bishop Hampl

World Famous Saunders Cafe...aka FIRST EVER KFC.

The Miracle of M

Well...This week a Baptism occurred! First one that I have had the pleasure of being a part of! And it was with the miraculous M.. P.. I think I have explained a little about the fact that M... found Sister Goodrich and I. And that he was so prepared for the Gospel. Well...Just like anytime something good is about to happen...or if we are about to get on the right path and choose righteousness..something bad nearly always happens. Satan..that sneaky sneaky thing.

So this week Sister Goodrich and I have been walking on egg shells waiting for something bad to happen to M... because it had all gone so smoothly...and then...we get a text from one of our members, and he had heard something about M... from a neighbor and we started freaking out and It wasn't that bad! And we were nervous because we hadn't gotten a long text from him that day that he sends us all the time. So we were out and about worrying about Michael as we go contacting and such and as we are biking back to our apartment from lunch we see a member on the road and we stop  to talk and I check the phone...A MISSED CALL FROM M...! and A VOICE MAIL. We naturally freaked out. So I told Sister Goodrich that we should stop at the corner and listen to it..and she says that we might as well pull into the Library (it was just a little further than the corner) And so we pulled up and there was a Silver car....Was it M...'s!? We continue to have a panic attack as we bike up and peak into the window..there we see a bible with his name on it!! ....NO WAY....HE WAS THERE. We call him and tell him to come out and what had happened?

He had been walking earlier that day on an elevated side walk and was reading something on his phone...when he tripped...twisted his ankle...threw his phone into the road breaking it more than it already much that he couldn't see anything on the screen. Why was he at the library then? He wanted to put something together for the inside of his baptismal program....We had found him by complete chance. He hadn't gotten a hold of us because he got a replacement phone and didn't have our number..then he remembered that he had the card still! So he found the card...called us..and went to the Library.

It was such an amazing miracle. God really has his hand in everything. Sister Goodrich and I decided that we had to have more faith in M... because he really is prepared. And his baptism and confirmation this week was amazing! It was so spirit filled and you could tell that he was just beaming with happiness and appreciation for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. M... said it was cool because we had come full circle...It was a miracle the first time he came up to us AT THE LIBRARY...and it is a miracle when we found him again the day before his baptism...AT THE LIBRARY. The Lord has his hand in everything and for that I am so so blessed.

Speaking of the Baptism! We were able to bring 3 of our investigators. One of them is D.... D... is awesome. He has lots of questions and really wants to learn. We brought him to the baptism...and...HE KNEW M... ....WHAT? They had worked together and had always gotten along! He was able to really feel better and comfortable around people he didn't know because he knew the person being baptized! Miracle? I think yes.

This week we met this man named T.... We actually pulled our car over..and started talking to him. We find out that he has lost everything. And was living with his friend. and he knows that he wants something in his life. At the end of our conversation we set up a time to see him at a park and we said that he was so glad that he got the chance to meet us and he was already looking forward to talking with us. So we get stuck late at the end of M...'s baptism and we had no way of getting to the park. and so we missed our lesson with T...! We were devastated. Well a member gave us a ride back home...and who do we see walking..T.. ...where? AT THE EXACT SPOT WE STOPPED HIM LAST TIME! We jump out and apologize over and over and over for not being there..and he told us that he had waited for us and was worried and was going to call us when he got home to make sure that we were okay and nothing had happened to us. And so we set up another appointment! So we head there yesterday to meet him...and what happened...we couldn't find the right park :/ so unfortunately we haven't had the chance to meet with him yet...but when we do! I will let y'all know because he is a really nice and humble man who could really use the Gospel of Jesus Christ....who am I kidding...we all need the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday as we were walking we saw these two women sitting on a porch and so we stop and say hello! And come to find out they are some of the nicest women ever!!! VERY devote in their own faith..and not interested but they are so sweet and really want to look out for us. J... and B... are their names! B... is completely insane! She is just hilarious and crazy and doesn't care what anyone things! she is just looking for fun! (Mum..she reminds me a lot of you) :) They are just so awesome and they just want to take care of us and they have already threatened to kill anyone who bothers us! haha

This week it is all about the little things. That is one thing that I have really learned, the Lord's hand is in the smallest parts of our lives, and especially this work. Sometimes you don't even notice the things he is doing until one day you wake up and BAM! there is an answer to your prayer. I have been having the hardest time being able to walk up to people and talk to them...let alone talk to them about Jesus Christ when most of the time you will receive and "I'm good, I go to my own church." I have found it really hard to get he motivation to go talk to someone that just wants to shoot me down. So of course I have been praying my heart out because I know the people here so badly need what we have. The other day I woke up..and felt the need and the push...and even the WANT to talk to people..and I did. And I was able to bring up the gospel. Am I perfect at it?..of course not! far from really...but I know that the Lord is helping me and that the faith that I had is what has helped the Lord to help me. Thank goodness for the Lord's hand!

I truly love this work and there is nothing better that I could possibly be doing with my time. I just am so blessed. Being a it easy? NO. in fact it is discouraging..tiring...and occasionally full of disappointment...and it also makes you really hungry. ( not a pretty picture as most of you know). But is it rewarding? ABSOLUTELY. There is nothing more joyful...more satisfying...or more filled with the spirit that this work. With every makes those times where things go just right that much more sweet...and it makes everything worth it. And with each stomach growl....a delightful lunch break will be just the right "pick-me-up". Missions...they are inspired and beautiful. I wouldn't trade this for the world.

Quotes in Corbin:

"I'll be content with my two best friends, kitties and a bottle of whiskey"
My husband asked me: "What kind of knife do you want?" and I responded with "One i can open with one hand...and one that can kill"
"I'm healthy and mean and I got God and the Holy Ghost"
"There's a family of Peaces..hmm..that does sound like a full body does it?"
"my idea of adventure is changing my brand of tooth paste"
"I wouldn't poison him!! least not slowly."
"Ill pray for you as I rip you apart"
"I don't lie...well...I have in the past...but I'm not lying now!"
"What do you like cooked with BBQ? Baptist."
"I've had four years of college...all they taught me is how to be a blabber mouth"
"The walking dead is just a man soap opera"
On a sign: "you"re life doesn't have a remote...get up and change it yourself"
Kolab...that's advanced Mormonism 302
"Honey if you find my belly button tell me...I haven't seen it in 3 years"

I love you all! and I think of you often!!! and you are always in my prayers!! Thank you for your support! If there is anything I could do for you...PLEASE let me know!! KEEP THE MAIL COMING! Don't forget to smile! :D

Love always,
Sister Taylor Wagner

SHOUT OUTS!  (okay this week has been scattered I'm sorry if I have missed anyone!)

SHANNON!! Thank you for your letter! I have been waiting to have your address!! :D

Dad and Brenda! Thank you for sending me a new camera! I needed it!! Turns out I found my crappy one...I needed a new one anyway!

Mum! Thank you for those additional packages I needed and the chocolate...MMMM! Made my day!

And to Sister Meier for your sweet letter I got last Monday! :D

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I love this mission life

I love this mission life. It is way different from anything anyone could experience ever. I am so out of the world..but in it at the same time..In the world but not of it. And is awesome. I think I am loosing my mind though..Because here is the thing.. I wasn't that clumsy when I was home...actually I was pretty graceful....all grace was swept away when I came to Kentucky...It's a little out of hand...but I'm dealing. It is a crazy crazy week! :) it is amazing though! And nothing too crazy like a dog bite or slashed tires happened....oh wait!

I remember now... We are pretty sure that our lock is being picked now. But we have no idea. for a couple days...our key was extra hard to get into our lock...which is a sign that someone might be picking it. And being doesn't bother me that people are coming into our apartment when we aren't there..because we are just missionaries..what would they steal? a Book of Mormon? my study journal? It is more the fact if they came in the middle of the night and attacked us or something..but who knows! No need to fear though, the Lord protects his servants and plus we have wooden sticks we keep under our beds...and we are getting a dead bolt put in which makes me feel better! Thank goodness for amazing people.

I learned a new skill this week! What is it you ask...what is the coolest thing that is so random to learn? GLASS BLOWING. YUP. I can blow glass. That doesn't mean that I am good...but i know how to make a necklace charm with little mushrooms in it! I have one and it looks a little rough...but I am going to practice and get really good! :) And I definitely think I want to get myself a little torch eventually and then i can have an awesome hobby!

What did I see the other day when I driving down the highway....ONLY AN 18 WHEELER THAT WAS UP IN FLAMES. And later to find was full of tea. Is it a sign that tea (black and green) is bad for us? YES. Luckily we didn't see it blow up...and honestly I don't even know if it did! hopefully all was good!

So this week was amazing! Lately Sister Goodrich and I have felt like we weren't being productive...we had meaningful activities planned for every hour and did them but something just wasn't right...and we prayed...and prayed..and prayed...then Thursday came around. And what happened? We had a district meeting and what was the topic? CONTACTING. We were taught that if we wanted to feel productive that contacting was the Key. and as we contact (talk to) at least 20 people every day we will find more people to teach and we will feel more productive... We left that meeting with a new flame in our hearts to get out and put everything into talking to people. EVERYONE we see. So we did. We talked and talked and talked and we have never felt more productive..and the next day we did it again! The Lord answered our prayers and knew how blessed we would be for talking to all these random..but EXTREMELY prepared people to hear about the restored gospel. People who where questioning some things that they were taught at their church, or were curious about our church. and just were ready! And I am so blessed to be a part of this great work! and I am so grateful for inspired leaders that really listen to the spirit on what we need to improve on!

Remember how last week I talked about M....P...and I told you not to forget his name? Well hopefully you didn't! Because he is getting baptized this Saturday the 27th. it is my first baptism on the mish, but all glory goes to God. One thing I have learned from M... is that I am absolutely nothing in this work. He found us, and he asked us questions...he came to us prepared by the Lord. I am so blessed to be able to see him enter the waters of baptism and come closer to our savior Jesus Christ. This man is just so wonderful and he is going to do great things for the people of our ward. He made sure that I would tell all of you that he was the first person that I helped. so now i have done that :) Pictures hopefully next week of that!!

Lately we have been teaching this couple, M... and C..., and they are BIG smokers. As we went to a lesson with them the other day C... looks at us and goes...I have to tell you all something...when you first started coming I was like pshhh and now I am like...hmm I wonder when the girls are going to come by! haha she is just amazing and expressed to us her desire to quit smoking and I now the Lord will help her over come that!

Last night we went to a fireside up in Lexington (and hour and a half from here) With the Helms(our parents here in Corbin) and M... P.. and he GOT UP AND BORE HIS TESTIMONY! he used scriptures and everything..who does that!? M.. P... does..the most prepared man on earth I and Sister Goodrich are pretty sure that he will be a Bishop one day! The fireside was amazing though, it is a time where those investigating the church, and those who have recently joined, have a chance to come together and share their stories and strengthen one another and it does that completely :) I am so blessed to see that all the time here, people helping people and lifting one another up! It truly is so special!

Things they say in Corbin:

"you know...when I get old...I am going to grow a mullet and then go to the ponytail store"

"I'm an equal opportunity hater"

"my little dog is a demon"

"He's at a coon huntin' competition" (I didn't know those were real..)

"I needed some soap in my baptismal pool"

"there is nothing hotter than a chick who blows glass"

"everyone always says...baptists make the best Mormons!"

I will leave you with a scripture: Alma 19:32 There where many among them who would not hear their words; therefore they went their way.

This is about missionaries in the Book of Mormon who were teaching, and not all the people wanted to hear the words that were being said to theme because they didn't want to know that they were doing something wrong. So...they went their way. Those people went their way in what they thought was happiness, but what they were missing was a deep happiness, something that could bring them eternal life and joy. Think of all the amazing things in life we walk away from just because of our stubbornness...This Gospel brings me the greatest joy you can imagine so I go out and share it...but so many people turn away. WE need to go the Lords way. Pray and find out that way...because that is the way to eternal life...and joy. Do his will and you will see nothing but blessings.

I love you all and the support you all amazing. Thank you for all you do for me :) I appreciate it more than you know. I pray for you all often.

Love, your eternal friend,
Sister Wagner

SHOUT OUT TO: Mike and Karissa for sending me a card in the mail!

Shout out also to my Nana for the awesome letter as well :)

And Shout out to my mum for sending me some things that I needed in a package!!! :D