Monday, January 26, 2015

Skate what? Skate Park!

This has been the most, most funny, most unexpected week of my whole entire mission...IT. WAS. GREAT.

You are all probably wondering what the title of this letter means. LET ME TELL YOU.

So the past week Sister Holt and I have found ourselves drawn to the skate park. That sounds SUPER weird. BUT! really it is actually ingenious. So we went to the skate park this week. HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED:

Chapter 1) initial contact
We were at district meeting about an hour away from our area and we drove back and started walking around and lost track of time...come to find out we totally missed an appointment. Oops. We have no idea why that happened.. and we felt horrible. from that point on we just thought our day was over. what was the point. we already messed it up. So feeling like we had no reason to live or work we prayed, and repented and asked Heavenly Father to forgive us for getting side on less important things.. (good better best). After the prayer we remembered we had passed 2 kids at the skate park (E.. and I....), we decided that if we were going to do everything that we could to make the most of our time...we needed to go back. Which was kind of a joke because the last time we went to the skate park we got turned down..BIG TIME. so we go over and tell them we are missionaries..and they said come in and talk and they sat on their boards and we talked about the gospel...SAY WHAT. then after a little while 8 other skaters showed up and Sister Holt and I felt like we were preaching on a soap box but then they started skating in circles around that point it got out of control BUT we didnt leave without a prayer. We gathered them all together in a circled and prayed. It sounds just as ridiculous as it looked. Trust me. Then we get a call from I..., who actually wanted to learn and who we gave a book of Mormon to...Then we texted E... because he seemed interested and he said to order a pizza from his work..(he is a delivery guy).

Chapter 2) Shaggy and I....
The next day...WE GO BACK! because we usually park in the parking lot that is right by the park because it is a good central point. We walk past the skate park and see new ones..embarrassed and not wanting to talk to them...we felt prompted to. EVERY SKATE NEEDS THE GOSPEL. So we went over there and BAM! there was I... the one that had called and wanted to know more. And Sister Holt started a conversation with him while I shared the message with Shaggy. I ended up teaching him a restoration/plan of salvation lesson why Sister Holt in all her glory was teaching a lesson to I....! Shaggy was super awesome! and had lots of amazing questions that could be answered with the restored gospel. It was such a cool experience to see his face light up with greater understanding...and then his girlfriend pulled up and he said that she would be mad if she saw him talking with me so I gave him a pamphlet and he skated off...never to be heard of again. But Sister Holt had a killer lesson with I....!

Chapter 3) Snappy Tomato E...
We decided to order a pizza from Snappy Tomato Pizza where E.... works. So we called and got a small Hawaiian pizza and asked if E... could deliver it "I'm sorry we actually don't take requests anymore it is just about whose turn it is" HA Jokes on you 'Rachel' we got God on our side. So bummed Sister Holt and I prayed and thought hey! If it is God's will we see will be his turn! So 20 minutes later...our phone rings...who is it? E...! "Hey sooo...I have your pizza and I think im at your house...I see your little red car" WHATTTT??!?!?!?!?!? It was E...  what is going on.. God is REAL. Miracles are real...LIFE IS GOOD. So we pay for our pizza and E... is like.. So I have a couple questions.. I... left that book of Mormon in my van and I started reading (wait he did what?!) and then he goes..."so Christ came to America" YES HE DID E... YES HE DID. Only thing bad...Sister Holt didn't get her ranch

Chapter 4) the awaited follow up text
so yesterday when we went to go park our car in the same spot we always do we see E..! And we ask when we can teach him more and he said he would get his schedule tomorrow and let us know when he is off. So we decided to let him come to us to really gauge his interest level. Well this morning we get a text as were are sitting here emailing...that said "I'm free on Wednesday and Thursday" so you all can be sure Wednesday and Thursday we will see E....

SO.. note to all of you caught up with people who don't want to hear about the Gospel. GO TO THE SKATE PARK those people are ready. Because they aren't already "saved" like everyone around here..and they are seeing that something weird is going on with all these other churches and have tones of amazing questions that can all be answered by the restored gospel. Soo hit 'em up.

To be honest this all happened the second half of the week so this about sums up the interesting things that have happened this week haha this one is for the books!

I love the gospel and it is so much fun to share it with total strangers. is it weird...yes....awkward? absolutely. Worth it? YOU BET. I love the work that I am doing out here and most of the time it doesn't even feel like work! We also met another awesome skater kid during all of this it was so fun. And they are really open and willing to talk with you...I am so blessed!

Thank you all so much for all that you do for me! and thank you for all your prayers! I heard that there is A TON of snow coming your way Mainers so please be careful! Don't get over confident in your snow driving abilities! I love you all! Enjoy the cold! and know that you are always in my prayers! Have an amazing week and keep on doing what ever it is normal people do these days...

Quotes in Corbin:

"when you are sitting at work and you can smell your own feet, that's pretty bad."
"I used to smoke marbles...and now I'm smoking cheap brand"
"sometimes I cuddle my lettuce"


--Sister Wagner

1. Sister Holt with a chocolate chip on her tooth.
2. classic comp timer selfie

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


If you asked me what happened this week I would probably tell you..good question I don't know...this week is such a blur! but I am hoping as I type I will remember because this week just FLEW by.

so far nothing has come to me....

M.... P... IS BACK. Thank goodness! So he feel off the map for awhile and we had no idea what happened to him. It was like all of the sudden he disappeared and we would hear from him and then we wouldn't and we don't know what happened! But now he is back in full force and wanting to do and be better than he ever has before. We were really were worried! but now we aren't! Thank goodness that he is back! because we were starting to loose our minds.

oh! How could I forget! I AM STAYING IN CORBIN ANOTHER 6 WEEKS! It has been nearly 6 months here...and at the end of the 6 weeks I will have been in Corbin for 7 months... It is a black hole and I am starting to think that I will NEVER leave. But I am SOOOO excited for these next 6 weeks. Sister Holt and I are going to be tearing it up! We are so excited to be together again because we have a ton of fun and it is always a big learning experience. And it is just great all together! unfortunately I think that I will be leaving my home in Corbin at the end of these 6 weeks but who knows....sooo..all this being said..BRING ON THE MAIL! 

This week all our efforts have come through and we have found many new people ready to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ! We were blessed enough to find 7 new people to teach this week! which really isn't typical because people don't really want to learn unfortunately! but we never stop trying! there are lots of people that are humble here that want to learn it is just a matter of finding them and giving to them what they had no idea they were missing!

This week I have been picking my brain for the name of this movie.. Sister Holt played a song by Michael McClean and this movie came to my mind that I wanted when I was really little about this lost dog and his owner was looking for him and I just could NOT remember the name of the movie or anything about it besides a couple of scenes...and every time I think about it i would go into a panic because I just couldn't think of what the movie is called! thanks to my AWESOME mom.. I now know the movie is called The Seventh Brother. It is an adorable cartoon movie. I would suggest you all go and watch it because what little I can remember is fantastic. so take the time to look it up.. you wont regret it.

This week you will probably notice pictures of the place called You&Me Coffee and Tea..they have more options so there is no need to fear! best hot coco ever imported from Brooklyn...#class So Sister Holt and I drive past it all the time and every time we do sister Holt exclaims that it is the cutest place ever and we need to go. So here comes E.... a convert of just over a year who spends a lot of time going teaching with us..and he wanted to have a lesson..because he isn't married we cant go to his house and it is too cold to sit on a porch we said HEY! lets go to you&me. so we go! And we fall in love with the atmosphere of this classy little place full of joy and awesome people! SO we get talking to the guy who is working.. his name is Aaron and he asks us where we are from and we say where and that we are missionaries and that it is our first time going there. and he says! OH! I know Mormons. I lived in Boise Idaho or awhile and was really good friends with this guy who served his mission here in Kentucky.. So then we say because its our first time what are our options and he names like hot chocolate and herbals teas and we are like you know?!?! and he was like YEAHHH my friend and I would go to shops like this all the time and he would just get hot chocolate! It was SOO nice to have someone know our standards. We are now regulars. Such a nice place to have lessons. The Library I think is getting sick of us. We know all but like 2 of the workers by name... LOVE BEING A REGULAR AS A MISSIONARY! planting those seeds!

This week we got to talk to C... and H... more about the gospel and they are now working towards baptism hopefully at the end of this month! They both love the gospel and are noticing the changes that are coming in their lives because of it! I love to see the growth and change that comes when people bring the gospel into their lives!

I know that the more we count our blessing the more we will come closer to our father in heaven and the more we will realize his great amount of love for us! He loves us individually and answers every righteous prayer in his own time. and I am grateful for that. This past Sunday we went into primary and shared with all the little children simple things that let us know that God loves us. Simple things like our bodies and our pets, and food, and families, show us how much God loves us. NATURE. The world around us is a simple testimony of that truth.

I wish I could remember more of what happened this week..but I cant! haha

THANK YOU BEV! I got your card this week and it was amazing! Made my day!
THANK YOU ANGIEEEE!!!!!!!! I finally got my Christmas Package! it was stuck up in Louisville and they didn't bring it to me till this week! I opened it and my companion said "She really knows you!!" YES YOU DO! LOVE YOU!

Quotes in Corbin:
(My quotes are in short supply! an I don't know why!)

"I'm not the coffee house type. very anti-hipster. and frankly places like that put me on edge"

I LOVE YOU ALL!! thank you for al the love and support you give me! Keep on doing what you know to be right and keep smiling and enjoying the Cold...

I am livin' it up here in Corbin..where it is 50 degrees and sunny!

Much Love,
Sister Wagner

The atmosphere of this place is killer

 The best hot chocolate ever from You&Me Coffee and Tea. Sister Holt and I are now regulars.....

 Sister Holt and I at You&Me

3 dollar shoes from the goodwill....#steal

Wednesday, January 14, 2015



So last week I talked a lot about trying to find people in every way we know how. That we tried everything and miracles flooded...well this week...even more miracles happened! We have been trying our best people. And we talked to every one and we were just waiting for a miracle...and this week it came. We got 1 really solid person to teach because of missionaries in another area..and then we got 2 really solid people to teach because a member had been a good example. Then someone just approached and started asking us a ton of questions and now they are learning about the gospel...And then some people we have been teaching for awhile, C... and H..., sky rocketed in their progression! Sister Holt and I are seeing the miracles here in the GKLM!!!

Sister Goodrich and I began teaching C... and H.... this summer...then sister Bailey came in and we continued teaching but we had lots of schedule conflicts..and then sister Holt came and we were able to see them a little more which was nice! but this whole time we weren't really sure where they were at with interest and learning. But then...they came to church for the second time this week..and in our gospel principles class they bore their simple testimonies. H... mentioned she had been pleading with God asking him what she needed to do and she felt like going to that class was another reassurance to her that she was where she needed to be. Why? Because the night before she had read all of Moroni...and She has highlighted Chapter 10 verse 5 which talks about how we will know the truth of all things through the Holy Ghost...and we talked about that in class...and the teacher has us open to that scripture and it was an additional testimony to her. THEN. C..... chimes in and talks about how of all the religions he has studied...none of them have actually given him the feeling of the spirit. That the spirit that we bring into him home is lasting and something he can feel and recognize. something that influences him to do better. And...on top of all that...they realized that it was the spirit that was testifying to them of truth. It was so wonderful of a reassurance to me that Sister Holt and I were being blessed for our efforts and that we were doing what the Lord Expected of us. That people felt the spirit through the things that we were saying. what a tender mercy  to have that little pat on the back from our Father in Heaven.

The Lord is a miraculous teacher. And I am so blessed to have been in a position where I was willing and able to learn. What have I learned this week? A lesson of endurance...and a lesson of Obedience! As longs as we are being obedient and as long as we are doing our best and pushing forward through hard times or times of discouragement that blessings will come! The Lords timing is perfect timing.

This week one evening week we had one night that we had just 20 minutes to figure out what to do. it was 8:40ish dark and freezing. We had no idea what to do. But we prayed...and nothing came so we started driving. As we started making turns we were headed towards K..., the Indian man who has only been a member for 7 or so months. We thought it was a weird idea because we hardly get anything done because K.... goes on about his visions and all that...but we prayed and his name came to our minds again...then the idea to think of comforting scriptures came to our mind because K.... goes through a lot of interesting things with his neighbors harassing him. So we pick a scripture we felt impressed to share ....Doctrine and covenants 122:7 which is revelation given to Joseph Smith when he was going through a really hard time... It reads:

 "And if thou shouldst be cast into the pit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the deep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to hedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of  hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good."

Now when we stopped by K.... seemed fine...we asked him how he was doing emotionally...he kinda of looked at us funny and said he was doing good. We shared the scripture he nodded and we left frozen from standing on his porch. We were confused because he didn't seem to need comfort or anything. But we felt fine with it because that is what we felt impressed to share with him. This Sunday he was talking in class sharing experiences of the Holy Ghost and he mentioned how we came over the other day...and that we were obviously inspired woman because he needed us that day and when we left he was listening to music as he kept thinking of "if the very jaws of hell" and as he was thinking he began to cry because of the pain he was in...and he didn't even know the pain he was in until he he found comfort in the scripture we shared. When he said that Sister Holt and I were shocked because of the humble testimonies we heard at church in class. I am so blessed. It is tender moments like these that make everything worth it. all the rejection..all the searching..everything. That not matter what..simple testimonies are the core of everything. So here is my simple testimony to you.

God Lives. God loves each one of us so much. Enough to restore his church and call a prophet to lead and guide us. The light is here. Our loving Heavenly Father has again given it to us. There is no need to guess anymore. I know these things are true. Because the Holy Ghost has graciously given me that knowledge.

Fun Fact: For all those who REALLY know me.. I am not a salad eater. Why? Because when I eat Salad..I feel like a bunny. BUT!! That is slowly changing. I will now WILLINGLY eat a simple salad....and..I will LIKE IT. Who would have thought the embarrassing days of rejecting salad would end? There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

This week we decided to knock on this one door; this man answered it and immediately took a defensive ninja stance.. and then said "Oh, I though you were someone evil" as we stared observing this old man.. he was wearing light blue pajama pants with holes in them... A flip flops....and here is where sister Holt and I got confused...he had an additional t-shirt wrapped around his head. the sleeves of the shirt connecting under his chin...he was a very interesting guy who proceeded to tell us about how he is all good but his neighbors need Jesus because they are demons....and that they bang on the side of his house and when he goes to look..they are GONE. So naturally we stop by his neighbors because he sent us there! We talked to the lady who lived there...her and her husband are in the ministry at their church....and she was super nice! Not interested...but nice! definitely not a demon.

HOLD THE MAIL THIS WEEK! Transfer calls this Saturday and there is a good chance I will be leaving..I have been in Corbin for 5 1/2 months. So I think my time here is almost up. But at the same time trainers usually train for 12 weeks. So it is really a toss up. so I would hold all letters until next week when I will let you know what's happening. :) THANKS! :)

quotes in Corbin:
"I named the dogs the color they I got black and tan...and red dog."
"I broke my a funeral"
"Their from cold climates, They are like snow sharks, the cold can't slow 'em down" (about the missionaries in our ward. the two elders are from Idaho sister holt from Nothern Utah and me! )

Only one this week! thank you so much PAPA! for your letter! it made my day!!!!

I love you all so much! keep doing what you are doing! Have an awesome week!

--Sister Taylor Wagner

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pictures 1/5/15

#howdoyouKFC? I KFC at the first KFC

Saunders Cafe...AKA first KFC

What Col. Saunders office looks like!

What the old time kitchen looked like!

 Ninja-bread cookies and Ugly Sweater Cookies... My sweater has Santa on it...

 The cutest little cabin

 A real live peacock....we have really awesome members here! 

A HUGE mural in the horror town of Barbourville, Kentucky

It isn't the obvious

This is a year of great things! and great growth! After All...who doesn't want that? Who doesn't want to have greater change and development in themselves as people... Everyone wants that. And I am so grateful to my Savior who has made change possible! and who has allowed me to be here in Kentucky around amazing people doing His work. Missions are hard. That is something that I learned this week...but it isnt the obedience that is isn't the isn't the schedule.. it isn't any part of what I thought would be hard about a mission...but it's the unexpected that is hard. It is hard to FIND PEOPLE. You put out all your effort to talk to everyone you see about the Gospel to the extent where you pull over the car and have your companion jump out and you talk to them...and then they just brush you off. But honestly It isnt the rejection that is hard! It is just feeling like your efforts arent going anywhere.. But! Something I always keep in mind is that The Lord didnt ask me to teach everyone I see. And to have everyone I see listen to the message we have as missionaries. No. Instead he just asks us to put out the effort and talk to people. share with them what we know to be true. What we have seen change our lives and lift us up out of challenges. And to share that with people...and he promises to bless us for that, I find it so easy to get caught up with seeing success through how many people say they want to learn. Our success is not based on that. it is based on our own personal commitment to do what the Savior asks of us and how much effort we are willing to put in. Success is based on whether we are doing all that we can to make a difference. I know that this dry pool of people to teach that Sis. Holt and I are facing is going to help us grow and make us better missionaries and better people and for that opportunity I am blessed!!

In our efforts to talk to everyone that we possibly can, we have to talked to people that seem to be really inconvenient to talk to...whether they are about to go to the store, if they are outside in their socks in the mud, or if they are on the other side of a fence. We talk to them. And guess what? The most inconvenient people..the people that are the most unexpected...are the people who want to learn about the gospel and are actually interested in the things that we have to say! We just have to do it! Because the Lord really puts people in our paths just for us that need the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

This week Sister Holt had the chance to go to dinner with the B...s. They are an older couple that are members who wanted to feed us! So they took us to this Mexican Restaurant and they told us about themselves and the Food was REALLY good. People like too take us to Mexican food here in Kentucky.. I'm not sure why. But this is was the best Mexican food I have had on my mission and I have had more Mexican food on my mission than I have in my whole life. And I think I am being accustomed to it! But it was delicious. And I thought I would let you all know. If you ever get the chance to go Corbin Kentucky...of course eat at the very first KFC...but also make an effort to eat at Santa Fe...on the Cumberland falls highway. It's worth it.

This week Sister Holt and I also lived in a horror film. We went to the town of Barbourville to talk to people there because it is always busy with people when we go there to teach people but don't have time to walk...this was so quiet...creepy quiet. And there was no one...We would look inside the one was there....we would walk down the street and see cars passing...and none of the people in them looked at us....and the wind was crisp and the crows were was a very eerie feeling...We thought we were going to die. It was a perfect combination of I am Legend.. Warm bodies, World War Z and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And then the movie where there is an unexpected twist and it isn't that no one is paying attention it's that you are actually dead. So that was a very interesting afternoon to say the least.

This week we also told some skate guys that they needed Jesus and He can make a change in their lives and make them happy....they didn't agree. #wetried

this week has been full of interesting experiences including THE FIRST KFC that I finally was able to take pictures of because it wasn't just a quick stop. And because it was Monday I was able to actually able to check out the museum part of it. It is wonderful. It doesn't disappoint. Come to kentucky and check it out.

This week I also hit the land mark that I have been on in Kentucky for 5 months....13 to go...that is weird. It is flying and it still feels like I just got here. Time flies when you are having fun!!!

I have one quote this week: quotes in Corbin:

"sometimes I just sitting there at work, and I pray for a soda"

No shout outs this week! People gotta step up your game!!! If you want to I mean.....

I hope that all of you had the chance to make some goals and do some awesome things this holiday season! I love you all and pray for you often! I know that I am where I am supposed to be. and that God wants me here right now. I am so blessed for this opportunity! but! that doesn't mean that I don't miss y'all!

Have an awesome week! God Bless!

--Sister Wagner

Happy New Year!

 This week it is new years...and I hope that all of you have taken the time to make some goals that you want to work on! and then you write them down so you can really make that change! Yesterday in church we talked a little about making goals...and how important it is to make goals not just at the beginning of the year...but everyday...or every week. always having something to work on. It doesn't have to be anything big or dramatic or life changing...but something positive or something that will bring you closer to our savior. Missionaries make goals all the time. But that doesn't mean we are automatically successful in making that change.. It is get caught up in being go go go all the time and focus so much on helping others improve you almost forever about helping yourself improve. This week Sister Holt and I have decided to get serious with our goals. we are tired of wanting to make changed and not seeing them we have started writing them down...and putting them in a place we can see and reading it everyday so we know what we want to change and do! I encourage all of you to make a serious goal about changing yourself! and becoming better! and really putting together a plan of action and making it happen because you will see the changes come. And Always remember...if you aren't perfect! don't give up! try again! and ALWAYS ask Heavenly Father for help!

This week we had the chance to talk to a pastor that knows the F.O.T.H family! Occationally..most often than not when we run into pastors they are not a fan of us! But this pastor was really nice! and very respectful! HE will make it clear that we dont believe the same way, but he was never rude. And he was just a man who loves Jesus and wants the best for other people. it is so good to see that there are still good people in the world! Not to mention it was my first speaking in tongues experience. He said a prayer for us and during his prayer he spoke in tongues.. I dont really know how it is said to work! But it was interesting to see what i have been hearing so many people say for so long! #newexperiences

This week has been a bit of a whirl wind with Christmas and all that.. But it has been fun none the less and we were able to see so much love from the members. I am so blessed to be here in Corbin always learning and and being around some of the most amazing people on planet Earth. Missions are easily the best thing ever...You lean so much more than you ever thought possible. Honestly I never realized how much I know that I was learning till ...yesterday...when Sister Holt and I were talking about the restoration..and I dont mean that like OH I KNOW SOO MUCH AND SHE KNOWS NOTHING...but instead it was like..woah..I remember when I was just like that..and I have come pretty far! and I am so excited to continually learn and help people to come closer to Christ...Always trying to improve by MAKING GOALS.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that you are all about to have the best new year ever because I know it will be a great one for me! And I am so honored to be able to serve the Lord at this time in my life. How did I get so blessed?

Quotes in Corbin:
God...who is that? the giant buffalo in the sky?"
"I thought I could defy gravity...i guess i cant"












I have this don't know how much people love you...until you spend a Christmas in the mission field :) Thank you all so much for your thoughts and packages and letters and cards this Christmas. It is not about that..but to a missionary far from home it is greatly appreciated!


--Sister Wagner

 I got some pig slippers....I rock 'em THANKS FOTH FAMILY!!!

Our Christmas tree...HOW BLESSED ARE WE?!

 Thuggin' it!

Thank you A.. for this amazing picture of Thomas S. Monson doing Jazz hands #merryChristmastous