Monday, November 17, 2014


Uh so there wasn't that many cool things that happened this week.. but I thought I would make myself feel better by titling my email that..

Okay but in all reality.. There is never a dull moment in the mission field. And certainly never a dull week! but as far as dog bites and such... it was normal! OH WAIT! NO IT WASN'T

We are teaching a family of like 100. There is this couple and they are amazing! They see children who are struggling here in Corbin...and then Just take them into their house.. there is around 13 kids that stay with them from ages 12-22 the kids are making chances in their lives and come from all different walks of like that are just horribly unpleasant. But this couple has just taken them all in and just loved the dickin's out of them. And give them a place to sleep and they feed them...often going hungry themselves because there is no food left over from feeding all the kids. But the Dad ordered a free bible so of course we delivered it to them! and we got talking....and they go to Nauvoo every summer and know mormons! The mom is an atheist and doesn't really have much of a belief but is such a truth seeker it blows my mind. And so we have been teaching them and we go over their all the time and they are HILARIOUS. (mom they remind me of our house when we get everyone going, makes me feel right at home!!) It is too funny to spend an evening with these people. They all decided that they would come to church...well 10 of them were able to come.. and they took up two whole rows haha. They ask us so many questions and are so eager to learn. I am so blessed to have been able to meet this family! they are so sweet and have such big hearts! They just want to know whats right and what God wants..if he does want something...and well...GOD PLACED US RIGHT IN THEIR LAPS! #blessing #theyallneedGod

This week we also went to a "thank you/pre-thanksgiving" Dinner at the H... house! they are an awesome family! They had us over and lots of Ward members and we were able to just talk about life as a missionary with the people their! H..h... is hilarious. She is a return missionary as of like...1 week ago! and she is just the best! . #returnmissionariesrule She really knows what she is doing so it was awesome to talk to her and get some helpful tips on making the mission as productive as possible! Taking her teaching with is us is haha I need to step up my game #shownup. We went to a lesson and we took her with us and it was so cool to have a member really be involved in the lesson and excited about testifying and sharing experiences. I really hope that her being home will broaden the missionary vision here in the Corbin ward! Members are VITAL in missionary work...I have really learned that.

Quotes In Corbin

"I wont loose these...I'm going to put these in my trunk"
"here's what I did...I put it somewhere safe so I wouldn't forget..and now I have., WAIT i probably put it in my safe!"
"These seem to like me better!..they don't talk to me....but I can tell"
"what was that? A down syndrome Indian?"
"his lower extremity problem is quote Arthritis unquote"
"Chastity..its like bling-bling"
"Nephi..he's like Mormon Divinchi
"I'm afraid I'll go unjesus on those people and go devil on 'em"

There is so much to learn about the Gospel.. and I am so blessed to be able to serve the Lord on my mission and in return learn about the Gospel more fully and get to change myself. is a mission even a sacrifice when you get so much in return. I love the GKLM. I love change and the atonement. I love the Lord. I love my Father in Heaven. There is so much to be grateful for!



Remember doesn't need to be thanksgiving to be thankful for our many blessings...and it sure doesn't need to be Christmas to think about Christ and be grateful for him and keep him in our thoughts!

I love you all! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

gospel love,
Sister Wagner

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