Monday, March 30, 2015

Just one day at a time!


What an awesome week once again. Well actually it was REALLY slow. Almost depressingly so! (That Rhymed.)
 But you know what! That is okay! Slow weeks allow for growth! and greater determination to be a better person and to work even harder! So there is no need to complain about anything! I was thinking that honestly complaining only makes things worse and unhappy. It allows for people to really get caught up in the "me me me" side of things which isn't what we want. What we want to is turn outward and to help people! SO we are just truckin' allow here in Jasper and that is what matters.

The announcement we have all been waiting for is finally here! ... WE ARE GETTING IPADS! So we were supposed to get iPads in December.. but that didn't end up happening due to some flaws in the piolet program! But come June the missionaries here in the GKLM should be all tech-savy with the new skills of pulling up videos on the fly! Which is the best thing EVER.

Speaking of videos... HAPPY EASTER and as a result.. The Church has produced the best Easter Video EVER! It is kind of a follow up to last years #BecauseOfHim but this year it is #BecauseHeLives. And the video is remarkable! and life changing. It is only 3 minutes and I am asking you to watch it! ALL OF YOU... because it's amazing and the spirit that you can feel when you are watching it is exceptional! So go to And you will not regret it! And if you dont I will be really sad. I will ask you about it next week..DON'T LET ME DOWN! Also..Everyone that has some idea what I believe.. but doesnt know completely.. check out because that one BLEW MY MIND. I just discovered it and honestly missionaries would not be needed if everyone went on that sight. It is awesome. GO LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't want to do the reading WATCH THE ANIMATED SHORT VIDEOS. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

So this week we had interviews with out mission president and a training from the Assistants to the president. Let me tell you people the training changed my life! It was so so awesome! It just makes me want to be an even better person and do even better things here in the mission and tell as many people as possible about the glorious news of the gospel! And it is Easter..what better time is there!

So the sun is shining here in Jasper Indiana! It was a little cold this week! but nothing below 32 degrees! and not to mention it is sunny and 60! or something like that! :) And it was 70 one I am enjoying it greatly. No snow or anything! what a lucky thing to experience!


This weekend I will hit my 8 months in the field... signifying that I only have 10 months to go...That is crazy missions go by so fast We just need to live it while we can. I have a HUGE testimony of living in the RIGHT NOW. because it is so easy to get caught up with lots of things

EASTER!  The resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. I invite all of you to really ponder what that means. I know that because Christ was resurrected, we too will have that chance. Our bodies, one day, will reunite with our spirits and we will be glorious. Because of our Savior...death has no bounds. and I know that is true. If it wasn't for him.. where would we be?

GENERAL CONFERENCE! It is hear again! The chance to listen to a prophets voice! And the voice of the Apostles! What a wonderful opportunity that will be for all of us! I encourage you to watch it on Saturday and/or Sunday if you have a spare moment! 12-2pm and 4-6pm I know that if you bring questions..they WILL be answered either directly or the thought will come to you with the answer! There is a Prophet today! TUNE IN!

I love you all! Thank you for all your love and support!


SISTER HOLT! She sent me a rockin' letter this week! haha I miss that companion!

MICHAEL PEACE- Thanks for the letter!!!! you're awesome!!


(on the topic of a momma bunny eating her dead baby) "it went down quick so I didnt have much to look at"

"3 middle names..that's unethical..I don't even know how to spell unethical!"

Have an awesome week everyone!


Sister Taylor Wagner

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


As you can the title of my email..I was bit by ANOTHER dog. Are you kidding me people? It is starting to get a little out of control. I just don't know why I seem like someone that should be attacked by a dog. So we are teaching this older lady named Bee. She has this little poodle named "Precious" How ironic. That this is a demon dog I swear. So what happened was Bee had just gotten home from the store with her friend and he friend started walking a way from her and she had left something in the car. so she was hollering at her friend to come back and get what she left. So I decided to help her out and go get it and bring it to her friend. So I jog on over...just to have her dog (who was on a leash) start barking at me..then shake her head out of her collar and attack me... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Now I know what you are all thinking..."why didn't you just kick it?" well Bee loves this little dog so I just pushed it away with my foot...just to have it come even more aggressively at me...then bit me! so I don't know why she finally stopped but luckily I had rain boots on...but she still got me...ouch. But! it wasn't as bad as it could be...and I didn't have to go to the ER. So that is a plus!

So that was that experience. THEN! yeah I am not done with the dogs this week. We had another dog who was tied up nicely to a tree....but it was on a thin leash...and this dog was the size of a small bear...I'm not kidding thing was HUGE. (not an exaggeration). So this dog didn't look like it could reach us so we thought we are fine..then all the sudden..IT COULD...and it barks and comes right up to us as we are waiting on someones porch and of course I am behind sister Lloyd the first to die if anything happens and that this is MEAN. the owners friend even told us it was! So we are panicking and can't get back to our car so the owners friend gets the dog's owner and the owner stands by the dog and says that we are fine to come off the steps and get to our step down the stairs and the dog is coming at us again... THE OWNER WASN'T HOLDING IT. Then the owner grabbed a hold told us to come and the dog lunged forward at us..luckily the owner was holding tight this time and we were fine. #barelyescaped.


Then yesterday we go to see a former investigator. so we knocked at his door...and then all of the sudden...the neighbor opened their door and out lunged a German Shephard barking at us and lunged at us. Thank goodness the owner had him on a leash..but it was a small woman who was being pulled by this dog! That dog could have easily gotten away if she wasn't holding tight already. Needless to say I had a heart attack.

Think im done....NO I AM NOT.

So as we were walking down a different road yesterday we were discussing how we hate dogs while we are missionaries just to see something run out of the corner or our eyes...then to look and what was it...NOT TIED UP...A DOG. A BIG we panic as it runs at us and we practically scream a prayer and are tripping over one another sister Lloyd hiding behind me and me pretty much yelling at her to get it front of me because I have already been attacked and I had bare legs and she was wearing tights....We walked backwards all the way into their neighbors yard and hid behind a tree. It was so frightening. But! the Lord answers prayers.

So now I am extremely scared of dogs both big and small..I do not trust them... And today I am buying pepper spray and dog treats. We have to take some drastic measures.

Besides the dogs here though, everything is awesome! I love it! it is so much fun to serve in this area and try to learn Spanish! I'm still really bad and can hardly say anything but that's okay!

Awesome miracles happened this week though!

So we have this investigator named Ellie and she is so sweet! But we were having the hard time ever trying to get a hold of her! We could not find a time that seemed to work for all of us. So we stop by one day and see her little siblings outside. We go over to them and ask where their sister is! "Not home" They said...then they said "OH WAIT! there she is right now!" She had just pulled in! MIRACLE! Then we got in and talked to her and she had been really struggling with things and knowing why God lets bad things happen to good people and we were just there at the perfect time to morn with those that morn and comfort those who stand in need of comfort. Then nearing the end of lesson Jeff walked in! Jeff is her younger brother and we got the chance to talk with him and he had SO many golden perfect questions that could be answered with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. AND! He prayed at the end of the lesson! It was so good and out timing was just perfect .I know that the Lord made that possible for us to be there right at the perfect moment.

We have this other investigator named Jackie. And we were having a hard time because Jackie didn't want to show us any emotion and we had no indication of anything! BUT! We were blessed and she came to a relief society activity with us! We have been working really hard to get to understand her and she is so sweet! just slower to warm up to people but she was right there and she was so happy to come to the activity with us! She is really progressing well now! And I know it is because of our diligence and prayers. The Lord truly does bless his missionaries. Nothing in this work would happen if it wasn't for him.

I know that the Lord is watching out for every single one of us. I know that he really wants us to be happy and so he provided us with his gospel. He doesn't want us to ever feel lost or confused or have these aching questions in our minds. He knew that we as mortals would have questions like where we are from where are we going and why are we here. so he gave us answers. He doesn't want us to be in the dark. He just wants us to look from where the answers are. And we can find them in the scriptures. And through the teaching of the prophets. I am so glad to have the knowledge of the gospel in my life. It has made me the person that I am today and I am so grateful for the sacrifice of my loving savior so I don't have to feel over whelmed or alone. And Neither do you. :)

I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for all your love and support! Keep the mail coming! you've done good this week! :)







thank you MUM for your card!!<3
thank you BEV! Your card was soo thoughtful!
thank you PAPA for sending me an awesome letter!
thank you BRINSLEY for your thoughtful letter it really made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"There was this black lady who put rat poisen in her daughters was on facebook!"
"that is a weird PO-ETT"
"I feel like you are plucking me like a chicken..."

I love you all! Have an awesome week! Dont forget to wear green tomorrow! after is st. patties day! :)

--Sister Wagner

(Instead of just taking all the names out, I decided to change them instead- Shannon)

Sister Lloyd and me!

The newest edition to my collection of dog bites....just a bruise and a little skin pealed off...but hurt none the less. thank goodness for rain boots

Monday, March 9, 2015

Jammin in Jasper!


SO as you all know from my briefing last week I have finally graduated from my first area after 7 LONG months. Good months but I was ready to go! I am not serving at nearly the farthest point from Corbin, I am not in Jasper INDIANA! That's right! I have now gone to 2 states! haha It is SOOOO different here...hardly any baptists...hardly any attacking dogs...hardly any accents and here there are in fact lots of teeth which is different from Corbin! And i have noticed not as many people smoke here! SO that is kind of a relief! :) I love it! It isn't the city but it isn't in the middle of no where like Corbin is so that is really refreshing. The ward here in Jasper is AMAZING. The people are so nice and so welcoming :) I really feel like the Lord is really going to help me grow here and help me to do better :)


My companion is sister Lloyd :) She is really awesome! She is so cute and super sweet. I for sure have a lot to learn from her!

I met this family that has LEGIT 55 cats..............not even kidding. and they live in a trailer...get this it doesn't even smell. The sisters had found them randomly and the man was a less active member! And so I walk in and it was like cat heaven! and all of them were so nice. There is a way to be a clean cat lady people...I took some notes.

 A room...that only cats are in
                                                         They come to the treats

okay so miracle. So I am limited on time which is killing me! So I am sorry if this all seems brief and rushed! FORGIVE ME! So we have an investigator named J.. and she just seemed like she never wanted anything to do with us and that she really wasn't interested. BUT we decided that if showed her a lot of love and just talked with her than that would help. She struggled with prayer and we were able to get her to pray at the end of the lesson! IT was wonderful because that was a real concern for her and we were able to over come it by showing her an increased amount of love. and as we did that.. She really opened up to us after that.

The other day we were driving and we saw this older lady walking and we felt prompted to pull over and talk. Turns out she is friends with a member and has talked to missionaries before!!! MIRACLE! She said that she would talk to her friend about meeting with us sometime so hopefully that actually happens so that was awesome.!

THERE ARE TONS OF SPANISH SPEAKERS HERE! SO that is SO COOL! here's the problem..I don't speak Spanish...AT ALL...soooooooo that is just a rough life. BUT! When i come home fluent in Spanish you can thank the people of Jasper. WE need some Hermanas here STAT.

SO this leads right into my quotes:

Are you Spanish?
Are you Hispanic?
what is your nationality?

sooo that is really great! haha One problem... No habla espanol!!!

Well! I love you all! And I miss you all tons!

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Have a good week and be happy and work hard!!! :D

Much love, Sister WAGNER

SHOUT OUT TO MARISSA! Her birthday was the 5th!!

And TO SHANNON! my lovely cousin who turns 21 on the 10th! please play responsibly!  ;)

Sister Taylor Wagner
2250 St. Charles St.
Jasper, Indiana 47546


Honestly I cant get a library card here until I have a piece of mail to prove my residency..sooooo...yeah. Plus..I hate to tell you all...but you have been slacking on letter writing. im calling you all to repentance! LOVE YOU ALL. But for real...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


SO the time has come... I am officially leaving Corbin. I'm flying the nest. I never thought the day would come that I would be told I was being transferred...who would have thought that the day would come. I am sooo excited for the change of area..I kid you not when I say I have been seeing people from home here...then I do a double take and apparently I am going crazy. haha And the other day we were in Walmart and I go to tell Sister Holt about a memory from my mission...just to think on it more and figure out that really it was a memory from is all starting to blend together now... That is when you know you have been some where too long. I am going to miss the members here so much, and the people I have been teaching. It will be hard to go. At the same time I am ready to learn more and gain greater perspective and learn from a new companion!

SO this week Sister Holt and I had to call that isn't as fun as it might sound. I made sister Holt do it...but it was still weird to do the whole...we need to call 9-1-1 right now. So Both of us are didn't involve us so no need to panic mom. Here's what happened. So after our most solid plan feel through and some of our pack ups as well...we went to go visit a less active recent convert named P..... She is super sweet. We pull in her drive way and get ready to go inside when we hear someone coughing and hacking and then Sister Holt says "P....?!" I turn around to see P.... holding her stomach and looking like she had been hit by a car and had 2 black eyes. We get out and she is coughing and nearly in tears turns out she was looking for her dog who had run off and she wasn't feeling well when she went out to get him and then it got worse from there. She has a problem with her pancreas and it was inflamed and she didn't know what to do so she just wanted a ride to her moms but her sons fiance had to leave so she couldn't bring her so she was crying and literally rolling in pain then she gets up and violently throws up in the bathroom so we prayed not knowing what to do...then told her we are calling an ambulance and that was that.

Two days later we stop by her house...she wasn't home so we go to the hospital and check on her and she said that she was missing her house key...great. But the thing is we saw her grab the key... so we went and visited for a bit then left. The next day we thought we should drop by we ask if she was still there..they look it up and she was! so we go to her room..and she wasn't there..The cleaning ladies come through and say that she had left. So we start to walk out and she says is this hers? and hold up...A HOUSE KEY! THE house key! It was so cool! then we were like how are we going to find P....??! So we Drive to her house..and who was just walking up to her door? yup. P...! It was the most divinely perfect timing I had ever seen in my life. I was so happy to see that everything worked out and not only that she was exhausted and tired and her dog had peed in her kitchen the whole floor was soaked. We had the chance to clean her house completely for her as she rested. I was so happy to do that for her as gross as that sounds but she was so frustrated with other events that had happened. I love being a missionary because we can be right there with those who are struggling and be able to help them in their times of trials and heart aches.We get to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those who need comfort. I love that. I am so grateful for inspiration and the spirit. And I am so happy that the Lord allowed everything to fall through to place us in the perfect place. His hand is most certainly in the work!

SHOUT OUT TO MY AUNT AND UNCLE AND COUSINS IN MAINE! Thank you for the v-day package! y'all are awesome!
and to sister Nickerson for sending me a card!!

Please everyone don't forget the power of prayer is real. Your Heavenly Father hears and answers you all we have to do is listen and ask. I also want to share with you all that I know the Book of Mormon is true. I have been reading it a lot lately and the spirit that it brings is truly divine. I know that it is the word of God. It has brought me closer to my savior and has helped me through my personal challenges and as answered my questions. I am so grateful I am on my mission. I love learning and becoming a better person everyday.

I love you all and hope you are all doing well and staying warm!

--Sister Wagner