Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'm Gigi!

This week. Hermana Magalei and I got a new companion! His name is
Chuck. Chuck, however, is not a real person. He is this little box,
that is plugged into our cars computer and takes note on 3 things: 1.
speed. 2. seat belts and 3. aggressive driving (aka how fast we turn
or break, or accelerate.) Needless to say Chuck is pretty smart. And
will tell our Mission President if we are a bad driver... We will be
driving down the road when you hear "check your speed" Chuck is a
device called the TiWi. It's to insure safe driving. A very handy
audible mentor. When we first heard we were getting these I almost
died and wanted to just hand over the keys and my driving privileges
right then..turns our Chuck isnt all bad. Totally could be worse!
#safedriving 🚗😅

GIGI. Yeah that is my new name apparently. So this week I got to go on
Exchange with my trainee's trainee! And it was awesome! Sister Shumway
is an amazing person! And makes me want to do better! :) SO this week
we had a lesson as I was in Mt. Vernon for the day. So we went to go
see this woman named Lana. Lana might be VERY crazy. At the beginning
of the lesson Lana asked what our first names were. We decided in this
situation it might not be the best idea to give it out. So she decided
to give them to us. Sister Shumway is "Sam or Samantha" and then she
looks at me and she goes "you look different, you look more
European...I'm going to call you Gigi" Uh thanks?  And the whole lesson
whenever I started to talk she would go "Oh look now Gigi is coming
in!" It was a very interesting lesson...that went no where...but at
least it was entertaining!  ⁉️

This week we reset one of our baptismal dates...FOR HALLOWEEN! Happy
Halloween to us! We get to see a baptism! We have been teaching this
hispanic family for awhile now. And one of the daughters, Anna
SKY ROCKETING in her progression! She loves coming to church and
Wednesday night activities. And loves it all! But she is the only one
in her whole family that comes to church! So we asked her if she
wanted to get baptized sooner than what we were planning.. and she was
just like "WHEN CAN I GET BAPTIZED!?" And this sunday she was so
excited to ask someone to baptize her. We are so excited! 🎃

This week we had the very first ever Evansville Zone fireside. Where
everyone in the zone gets together with investigators, recent converts
and members to share conversion stories. Usually they have these in
Louisville, KY and Lexington, KY, But we never go because Lousiville
is a whooping 2 hours away. So we had our own! Needless to say it was
a terrible idea because 1/2 the zone didnt come. Cheers to the 20
people that did.🔥

I think also that I might be dying. My companion and I have been dying
from exhaustion for the past week. That is when you know you are doing
the work of the Lord when you can hardly move by lunch time and by
dinner you cant even make yourself food. What did we buy today at the
store? Hot pockets.. Cup of Noodles.. Popcorn...because we know we
will just be too tired to cook. Just eating like elders these days and
loving it! 🍜

"The diarrhea was uncontrollable at that point, and I'm a gagger so
that's not a good thing."
"You do you boo"

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MY GIRL MALPAL! Mallory is an amazing recent concert
as of February. She is absolutely amazing and inspiring. I could talk
her up all day because she has change my life and is one of my best
friends!! SHE HAS CHOSEN TO SERVE A MISSION Y'ALL!!!!!!!! And she has
allowed me the privilege to share it with the world. Not to
mention..she bore her testimony at the fireside last night in
Evansville!! And on top of all that, oh yes there's more, she spent
her fall break driving us around so we could save miles. LOVE YOU MAL!

Have an amazing week! Change lives with your smiles! :) I love you
all! Have an amazing week!

-Sister Wagner
Classic Comp Pic!

Driving our lives away!

Exchanges with Hermana Crowther and our driver Mallory!

Sister bickers makes sister Shumway and I wear her extra hats

When you are getting fed every night this week!

Reppin that Kentucky Blue!

Sisters Stephens, Magalei, me and Shumway

This is what happens when we have to wait for rides
, isThis

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


WHAT THE HAY even happened this week. For goodness sake I think the
sky might be falling and the world is ending!...but really.

This week we had a sisters conference where all the sister
missionaries from the GKLM got together and talked about goals, and
self esteem and we had a little fashion show! Not to mention my
companion and I were in charge of that and we MC'ed it and did a rap.
It was so good. I cant even express it to you. but we had a tough one really thought it was funny...but it is doesn't
take the pure skill out of it. The funny thing about this conference..
I don't know anyone anymore.. I guess that's what happens when you have
been out for awhile....

We also had the chance to spend about 3 hours working with the sister
training leaders that are in the Louisville area. I got to chill with
sister Jensen who is AMAZING. So...picture this. it's dark, we are in
a busy part of town in the outskirts of the city. Where we take this
road off the busy road to go and find this guy. So we can't see the
house numbers so we pull forward and park the car on the side and we
jump out to go and check for numbers on foot. So there we
are...walking and noticing that we passed the house a little and so we
just walked back away, leaving our car where it is. So we are walking
away and we see this shadowy person with their kid walking on the side
of a house with a flash light talking. Not paying attention we kept
walking. We talked to who we needed to and headed back to the car. As
we head back to the car we see the neighbors now looking at us through
the glass door. So of course we go and talk to them! And then he
proceeds to ask us who we are..what we are doing..and asking why we
were parked in his yard. And then told us we passed trespassing
signs...Oops.. but really though...that happened. AWK. Turns out the
person with the flash light was him.....and he tried to talk to us but
we ignored him...honestly...we didn't hear him. Our bad.

Chronicles of the crazy lady for this week...oh goodness gracious..
You are not going to believe this one. Besides the fact that she again
used half our new toilet paper roll in one day..AGAIN....and AGAIN
clogged the toilet for the millionth time.. and AGAIN this week asked
for our phone charger and permanently stole part of it...There is
something that tops EVERYTHING. Going back to 3 weeks ago when we
noticed this knob missing in the laundry room that makes the washing
machine work. SO we just had to improvise using a wrench thinking that
the knob had fallen behind the washer and was gone for good. It was
really inconvenient and the member we live with was even more confused
than we were. So this week we noticed that the ladies room was empty!
So we peaked in...and wait...what is that on her side table? THE
LAUNDRY KNOB......WHAT THE HECK...So she had been using the wrench for
the past 3 weeks too because she didn't want to bring down the knob? or
what... this is the most ridiculous thing of my life....but really. On
the bright side... The member we live with has sworn off guests. and
the lady has moved out. and we have the knob back!

This week was exchanges with the Olney, IL sisters! I got the pleasure
to spend the lovely day with Sister Beecroft again! She is just so
bright and happy and positive! She is just so excited about the work
and wants to make her area the best it can possibly be! She is so
encouraging and is such a good example to me! While on exchange we
felt prompted to go talk to these two young people before we left the
gas station so we grabbed our blue copies of the book of Mormon and
headed out! We walked over and started talking to them. We asked "if
you could ask God any question what would it be" as they asked
questions about the purpose of life, and children's salvation we used
the book of Mormon to teach them. They both asked for a copy and had
more questions for us! I am so grateful for the tender blessing that
comes from following the spirit...speaking of the spirit

I have a testimony that God puts us just where we need to be! SO we
told this amazing woman that we would be at her house at a certain
time. As we get caught up doing other things and teaching lessons, an
hour later we head over! When we got there she was talking to us, and
she got a devastating phone call just as her husband leaves to pick
something up. She just looks at us after some tears and says, "thank
you for being here, I'm so glad that I'm not alone right now" To think
if we hadn't been  directed by the spirit to be where we were when we
were, we would have already come and gone and she would have been
alone. I'm grateful for the spirit who really will tell us where to go.
And when to be there. I love being a missionary when you have those
tender moments of service to comfort those who stand in need of

"If their watching BYU tv they are pretty much temple worthy"

THANKS DAD AND BRENDA for the package of delicious food! #comfortfood

BUT REALLY. This is God's work, and his plan. I am so beyond grateful
to be serving. I love and miss you all! And I hope you are all
listening to the direction from the Lord because it is real! :)

--Sister Wagner

Dove, I can't! I'm a missionary!


Elders Sorensen, Watmough, Jessen, Memmott, Hansen, Walker, Stewart and Martin
Sisters, Magalei, me, Steele, Fullmer, Crowther, and then Elder Fullmer!

our district + the Zone leaders struggle

let's get together, ya ya ya! #sistersconference

Exchanges are a thing. Magalei, Lee, me, Beecroft!

That moment you are sure your new phone will be an iPhone...and it isn't 

Recognize the sister in the middle? my lovely trainee Sister Holt!
With her Trainee! (they are both 5'10)

My lovely MTC companions and I! Sister Patterson! who is now in
CORBIN! and Sister Taylor!

Me and my favorite sister in the world, Sister Resendez!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Takin it easy!

Im not one to say that life as a missionary is easy going. But this week has just been smooth sailing. This week as you all know was the lovely week of TRANSFERS where I said good-bye to my dear now ex companion Sister Hopwood and gained dearest Hermana Magalei! She is a killer missionary that I am so SO blessed to be able to work with! She is TONS of fun and we get along really well. We have already decided that we are going to set Jasper up in flames...but only our half of Jasper and the area we cover. So when you all hear on the news that the southern half of Jasper is destroyed...that is why. haha It is all our fault!

I know you are all dying to know the Chronicles of the crazy lady for this week.. SO I will do it right off the start. Tuesday: SO this week when Hermana Magalei came, we put out a brand new roll of toilet paper out! It was beautiful! And then the next morning..I go to the bathroom..and I look at the roll of toilet paper..How in the world is it already HALF GONE?! We had been gone all day? We had used the bathroom MAYBE 5 times.... #notus Please note that Wednesday and Thursday night we were gone all day just to see that the toilet paper was gone by Thursday. #thestruggle

Recently this AMAZING family from Peru moved into our ward. We love them! They are so fun to have around. And I'm so grateful for them and their story of faith! They have this son and he is only about 11 years old. He speaks with great power. This kid is going to be a spiritual beast as he gets older because right now he is already knocking people over with his amazing spirit. He only speaks spanish, but when he opens his mouth something just captivates you and ya just know that he is saying something that is really profound. He is such a rock star.

This week we had to do our shopping at night because we had no other time to do it with transfers. We go to Walmart, and we see the Elders that had to pick something up, and they also were stopping to smell the candles. We caught them red-handed. It was fantastic. But that was not the main part of this story. So we go and we were walking around getting our stuff and go in and we hear someone say "hey sisters, hey missionary sisters" We turn around and see this guy and he comes up to us and he is this member who just moved into the area. He might be a little crazy because he went into some false "scriptural" theological ideas. It was weird. But he was nice! We were able to share the church address with him and our number and so hopefully he will come around soon! He was a pretty cool guy. I have no doubt that was a huge reason why we were at Walmart when we were.

General Conference was this weekend. It was amazing! I'm so grateful to be a missionary at this time in history while there are so many amazing things happening in the Church and in the world. The message that I got out of this conference? Remembering Christ in our daily lives, and relying on him is what is going to mold us into the people that God wants us to be. The messages were incredible and inspiring. Did I have a favorite talk? Honestly no! Usually I do. But this conference I felt as though it wasn't so much as a specific talk that spoke to me, but the general theme of the whole conference that God wanted me to understand. I am so beyond grateful to have the knowledge I have of the spirit and how it has the power to teach and mold me. Im grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and how he can lift me over my personal stumbling blocks and make me better than I ever thought possible.

I was told to share this next part with you this week! for those who did watch conference this is me following up with the commitment that Devin G. Durrant left with us to Ponderize a scripture every week, and share it with others. so this is what I am ponderizinging. And I personalized the scripture of myself and took out the fluff.  Here it is:

"My [daughter], be faithful in Christ..may Christ lift thee up...and may his sufferings and death...and his mercy and long-suffering and the hope of his glory and eternal life, rest in your mind forever" -Moroni 9:25

It is my prayer that all of you will be faithful in Christ as well in all things. I have been learning so much about his great power and mercy and im beyond grateful for my dear Savior for all he has done and continues to do for each and every one of us.;

Quotes this week:
"They are just such eggs."
"Jesus didnt say 'it's my birthday'"
When asking what was wrong with this person.."SHE'S A BUM!!!" uh okay?

That moment when... eat cookies for two meals
...the prophet of God speaks
...when 3 new apostles are called learn how to hula realize you actually a horrible dancer? wait what?!
...fall is actually here

I beg each of you to continually stay close to the spirit of God and always move closer to him. I know that you will be blessed by doing so and feel the power that comes from obedience to Gods commandments. I hope that you all have a great week and do amazing things! I'll be on "vacation" the next couple days! ...P-day today. Meeting in Louisville tomorrow. Sisters Conference for all the sisters in the mission Wednesday.. Gonna be fantastic!

I love you all and I'm grateful for all you do! :D

--Sister Wagner

When were the only ones that showed up at the General conference at the church

The only ones!

Our lovely house!

The NEW District Selfie!