Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

SO this week has been a little REALLY slow. We weren't able to get very much done due to demonic plague that has struck poor sister Goodrich. NO it is not Eboli...or however you spell it. but she is a mess. a coughing hacking nose blowing mess. #stillhot #gottaloveher #imnotsick #knockonwood

Because we have a man down in our companionship...we have a a couple bedridden days which means..the work comes to a stop. BUT! Sister Goodrich was able to get a blessing. What does that mean you ask? Well that means that if she was supposed to be healed right now.. she would be. But instead the work here in Corbin is going just as fast as it needs to at this time. We are doing all we can to get her back rockin' and rolling! She is getting there... Kinda. I know that the Lord understands, thank goodness and that we are being blessed for the things that we are able to accomplish!! In fact! despite the uneventful-ness of this week..I have a bumpin' story!

This story shall be called... Is it 109?

Once upon a time there were two missionaries that were trying to find houses 102..and 105 in the little town of Barbourville. As one missionary pulled our her planner to find the house number..the other missionary goes.. "is it 109?" "No dear companion, it is 102" Then coming to the next house they were looking for.."is it 109 the missionary asks again, thinking this time she has gotten it right. "No, we are looking for 105" says the second companion giggling under her breath. as they talk they, the people in the house say no to a prayer, walking away discouraged, the two valient missionaries quickly turn and ask who they know that could need a prayer, the house a little ways down they are directed to. As they knock and wait and knock and wait, they admire the perfectly set up porch decorations that look like they were right off of Pinterest. The door opens "hi we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, today we are offering the Saviors peace and blessing through prayer, could we say a prayer with you and your family?" "YEAH COME IN!" They step inside to find a clean, orderly, nice smelling house with family pictures all on the walls. The football game was on. The man goes and mutes the TV while two young girls gather near the doorway. They pray, and ask to come back "sure, anytime!!" "Wednesday?" "I work till 5 but feel free to come by" "OKAY!" They exit the house feeling chipper and full of hope for the new family they just met.. They look back to admire the cute little house and the family that is within, when they get a glance at the house number....109!?!?! What!?! was it meant to be? Absolutely.

Miracle story? I think yes. How grateful I am for the little promptings of the spirit that lead us there this week. Sister Goodrich and I both have really high hopes for this family. Pray for the best!

I really don't know what else to say about this week...It has been a little chaotic to say the least with Sister Goodrich getting sick and all. I have been sniffling due to allergies but compared to sister Goodrich..I might as well have a perfect bill of health!

Despite all the craziness that has been going on here, the worlds Chaos is booming as well. Sadly things are not well. People always feel the need to tell us all these depressing things that are happening because we don't watch the news.. and honestly it is a bit of a downer to hear all of the sadness. But my hope for all of us at this time is that we are not discouraged with the things of the world but instead we look forward with a perfect brightness of hope and faith in our Savior Jesus Christ who can bring us great peace in a world full of turmoil. He is the Prince of Peace after all.

quotes in Corbin-

"Ah, I discovered I'm half alive"
"it's on"
"if you get me on some speed I think I'll be okay"
while talking about the lady with eboli that got on a plane "Obama let her on there"
"maybe it was a demonic church and I just didnt know it yet"
"what does code word mutual mean?"
"I didn't know how to swim until a few years ago..then I forgot"
"dr. wong said don't eat it"
"I need at LEAST 15 minutes sh-peal time."
"what happens in Mormon town...says in Mormon town."
"How hard could it be to find the mormon church in a town full of baptists?"
while playing apples to apples "I'm delicious, explosive, phony ancient and dirty...I'm a mummy!"
"I'm a dirty ol' mummy"
"There is something about Latter-day Saints and food"
"I'm a Facebook stalking genius"
"everybody has their fruit loops"
"get him jellified and he'd be a REAL gummy bear"

Sorry for the shortness of the email this week! I hope that all y'all are having a great week full of happiness and warmth! I know how cold it can be up in the North. Also...our mailman when I told him I was from Maine...Totally thought it was in Canada...totally forgot it was a state of its own. so that is cool...right....?

LOVE YOU ALL! And I think and pray for you often. Keep on keepin' on!

love y'all --- Sister Taylor Wagner


Dapice Family! did I give you a shout out when y'all sent a package awhile ago?! Either is one!

Matt! NICE EAGLE PROJECT! WOOHOO! Congratulations little brother!

NANA and PAPA! Thank you so much for the package of halloween goodies! :) yum! and the hand sanitizer and tissues came at the perfect time!

CAIN! Last Monday was the 13th and your birthday! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...WRITE ME!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Loving life as a missionary! Pictures!

Sister Taylor and I doing what missionaries do...praying

A Maine cookbook that sister Durfee had!! 

apparently I can braid now?

What a very nice tunnel....

Might as well crawl through it! (this is a member in Stanford's daughter, Sydney)

ridin' in style

A scooter that is broken...that you have to push with your feet haha

Some awesome people in my ward that came out at 6am to the track on Sister Goodrich's birthday!..when it was raining! 

I just 'Love's' that cheap gas!!!

Pictures from last week!

Where did the week go?!?

I am pretty sure no other week has gone faster in my whole life. I know for a fact nothing has gone faster in my whole mission! This week has been a whirlwind..So if I don't write a lot about what is going on...that is why haha

OKAY! SO Tuesday! we went out on a blitz! That is where we go with the sister training leaders for a day. They come to our area, I go with one Sister and Sister Goodrich would go with another.  That was such a fun day! I usually hate the thought of going with other sisters because I am a newbie and I have no idea what I am doing about 100% of the time. SO I hate feeling stupid. haha BUT! This blitz was awesome! I went with sister Newton and she is so much fun! and we had lots of laughs. Which I guess isn't too unusual because Sister Goodrich and I laugh all the time. But it was really laid back with no pressure. I WAS SO GRATEFUL. Cool story about the blitz! So Corbin, KY is a car and bike area..and distances up to 2 miles we are supposed to bike. But it was raining. It was kinda raining hard..but not enough to make us for sure want to use the car. So we prayed. and asked heavenly father what we needed to or drive...Nothing came besides...well it isn't too bad..but if it were to thunder or lightening we would know to drive. nothing happened but the rain picked up a little. Sister Newton just said...lets pick something and the Lord will let us know if we should do something else. So we said lets bike! The moment we decided this, the lighting struck and the thunder rumbled! The Lord answered our prayers and allowed us to drive..he cares about us not getting wet...and he hears our prayers and helps us to know what we need to do. He is there! And he wants to help us. We just need to seek him.  :)

This week, Sister Goodrich had to go to Louisville for a meeting. And I was placed with a companionship of sisters in the Stanford area. What sisters are in that area? SISTER DURFEE! who I know because she used to be a sister training leader and I spent the day with her awhile ago and I just love her...and SISTER TAYLOR. Who was one of my companions in the MTC! SO needless today spending the day with these two sisters was a breeze! not to was their day to plan out there week which us missionaries do once a week and it takes about 2 1/2 hours. So I got to read church magazines and eat cookies! But we had a lot of fun none the less. Then we were able to teach this older couple who are both deaf! Sister Taylor knows a lot of ASL and I..well took 3 years of it..but 2 years of not using it has made me I didnt say anything besides nice to meet you! But I was able to pick up a lot of what they were saying. Sister Taylor asked this couple to bear their testimonies about the church. When they did, I wasn't able to pick up a lot of what they were signing..but I was able to feel the spirit that entered the room as they signed how they know the church to be the true church.. and how they have found peace by living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was amazing! I was also able to see Elder Jacobsen from my MTC district that day as well because he serves in the area beside stanford! What a great day! We were also able to go to a dinner appointment where I was able to ride a little car thing...and a scooter haha (see pictures)! So that was fun to say the least!

Also it has officially been announced to our mission that we will be getting iPads around Christmas time!! And they are going to be amazing for the work. Having missionaries have iPads is seriously inspired with the things that have been told about the iPads...we will really be moving the work forward all over the world. This will open up so many new doors for people I can't even handle it!

This week was sister Goodrich's birthday! We got some people together to 6am. at the track where we go running...well sis. G does..I just walk! It was awesome! It was so nice to have everyone get together to support sister Goodrich on her birthday...20 years old! man...I am working with an old lady! haha Not really but it was such a fun day! ecen though it was raining the whole time we were there..but memories..right?!

We are teaching this couple, H.. and C...and they are SO prepared! WE teach them and they soak everything up. They really are ready to hear. We taught them the plan of salvation and they had all these AMAZING questions. H... told us that is just made sense! we told her that's because she has been taught it before. When we told her that the spirit filled the room and she started tearing up and she said."I dont know why but I feel like I am going to cry!" I know that what we taught her is true and that it rang true to her heart. I am so grateful for that lesson wit them. THEY ARE AWESOME. standby on updates with them!

Ready for some awesome quotes...?

Quotes in Corbin:

"will you burp me please?"
"I have never had 2 women want to spend so much time with me"
"I don't want to have lets not do that" (this was a man)
"That doesn't look like any cotton I've ever picked!"
"I relate to farm boys"
"Good things calories don't count on birthdays!..come at me brittle!"
us: how do you feel about Joseph Smith answer: :"Straight up gangster"
"will you hold on girls? I got to find my helpless husband some britches"
"you're not in the bible belt..your in the bible buckle"
"priesthood...someday I will have the preisthood..the authority to baptize..I'm just gonna go to work and start chuckin' people in water!"
"I'm happy and healthy! healthy as a chubby man is going to be."

We talk to some awesome people haha I LOVE THIS PLACE!

I love all of you! and I am so grateful for all that you do and I appreciate it more than you know! Have an amazing week! and share the gospel with everyone that you can! Y'all are awesome and are always in my thoughts and prayers!

Sister Taylor Wagner


Thank you Lin for the amazing letter! you rock!!

And thank you mum for the card! I really appreciate it! :D

Friday, October 10, 2014

Three Cheers for Conference!


Another amazing week here in the not surprised and I'm sure y'all aren't either because I am pretty sure I start my email like this every week...but no matter... Still awesome! Cute little thing that I discovered last night...there is a little place called Bimble, Kentucky. I know a random name right!? and a random place to put that fact...but I didn't know where else to put it in this email! Also...update on the super cheep is now down to $3.07 that's a record...and I will need to take a picture by that sign to prove it all to you...It has dropped a good 12 cents in a month...that is a big deal...and I thought you would all enjoy knowing that! Am I crazy...or is this blowing anyone else's mind?

To be completely honest...this week has been such a blur! We have been doing so much... I cant keep track of it all. I have to start writing down what I want to say...hmmmm I think I will start with  what I have heard a million times this week...

"IT'S THE HOLIDAYS" Sister Goodrich has a sincere love..(or should I say obsession??) for the holidays. And because we are a month away from Halloween...that is the gateway to all other holidays for this half of the year. I LOVE her enthusiasm! It is awesome because it leads to baking and Christmas music! two of my favorite things! And so what have we made a ton of this week? Peppermint bark with Sister Goodrich's famous secret recipe. Which I will have to make for all of you when I get home because it is not something that anyone should love not having eaten. NO it is not like other Christmas Barks....It is ingenious. And delicious... Seriously...there was a talk given by a general authority about taking care of our bodies and man did the spirit chastise me about not eating so much Christmas Bark! We also made muddy buddies and Lemon Poppy seed I can say is YUM.....and maybe Chubby. But NO WORRIES. I have been walking a mile and a half every other day for morning exercise...and that doesn't include all the biking and walking I do besides that. So hopefully I will get myself under control! ....but I have never been good at denying myself of the goodness of sugar and sweets!

I have another wonderful person to talk about! His name is D..! I think I mentioned in last weeks email that he showed up to M.. P...'s baptism! which was awesome! and then from that moment on he has been thriving! He is just great! and is soaking up everything we say. It was a bit of a challenge to get him to understand priesthood authority and how this is the one church on earth that has the fullness of the things that Jesus Christ taught. But now that he has got that....he is beginning to see how the Book of Mormon straightens ones faith in Jesus Christ and the things that we teach are to build upon the truths that he already knows and treasures. He watched Saturday's session of general conference with us at the Helms (our ward parents) and he loved it and even took notes on his phone! We were worried Sunday when he didn't come...until he was sending us text messages about what was being said and how he was just loving it! and he thanks us all the time for strengthening his faith in Christ.

Heard of Meet the Mormons?! it is a movie...all about Mormons that is coming out on the 10th!!! but it is only showing in like 2 places in all of Kentucky...but! guess who got to watch it...I wonder...OH! ME. I DID. You might be thinking... But it hasn't come out yet, Sister Wagner! hasn't! But I've seen it! On Thursday we had interviews with out mission President and they usually have a little training that goes along with it. so they told us to open our Preach My Gospels and then our mission presidents wife walks in with popcorn...and one of the Assistant to the president walked in with a TV...and then they said we were going to watch it! They allowed all the missionaries to see it to be able to encourage people to go.  HOLY SMOKES...this movie is amazing. Everyone please watch it.  it will eventually be on Youtube I think and Netflix for sure. So please take the time to watch it. It really is strengthening to my own faith and the spirit is SO strong when you watch it. PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU TO WATCH IT.

General Conference (when we hear from the Prophet and 12 apostles) was this past weekend. Man...I cant say enough good things about it. It really is the Mormon Superbowl...ESPECIALLY for missionaries. It truly is so inspired and so enlightening. It is so special...when we get to hear from the prophet of is crazy to think...that someone as wonderful as Moses...and as inspired as Noah...and as faithful as Abraham walks this earth today...and is a mouth piece for our father in heaven. How blessed we are. One thing that was talked about so much by these inspired men was becoming like our savior Jesus Christ. by lifting others..being kind and thoughtful and compassionate. Being willing to step outside our comfort zone. by teaching by example and improving ourselves daily. I just love that so much. And That is something I definitely want to work on. BuT! they also mentioned that being like the savior means dealing with some of the things the savior dealt with.  being persecuted..or looked down on...or ignored.. but that is all part of being a good person! and walking as the savior walked.

There was also something from the woman's conference I really liked and it was from Dieter F. Uchtdorf...and it was that God doesn't just have a box of blessings that he unlocks and gives us when we are good...but instead he is constantly raining blessings upon us, but it is our job to close the umbrella...whatever it may be...sin...or bitterness towards someone..or anger..or frustration...or not reading scriptures or praying....PLEASE...all of you...there are blessings that you are missing because you have your umbrella up...but it down and see the beauty of the rain!

There is so much to learn from those who are called of and then type in a topic in the search bar and find what the prophet and his apostles have to say about it...because they really know how to help improve your lives! and they can give you just want you need! Search their words just as you might do to the scriptures! it is good stuff!


"We got a cage in's called the time out box"
"I got a part of a pregnant woman's liver...and her cravings."
"I beat up a preacher once.....but he hit me first!"
"Darn would think they put gold in it it's so darn expensive"
"we are really fertile...we have a lot of kids."
"bumper sticker: God guns and guts made America great"
"The fat baby hasn't sold yet.."

Y'all are some of the best people on this earth! how did I get so lucky knowing all of you? I am not sure! you are always in my thoughts and prayers! I love you all! Be safe and stay warm!! it is getting cold! even here....THANK GOODNESS!

--Sister Wagner


To my little brother Matt...WHO GOT HIS LICENSE FIRST TRY!....everyone stay off the roads.

Thanks to my Nana who sent me a letter and my family history!! woohoo!

And I think that's it...send me mail people! I love it :) 

(I'm sorry blog viewers for this being late to get up! -Shannon)