Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Adios Sister Goodrich!

And she is off to greener pastures. Early Tuesday morning sister goodrich will officially be off to her new area and will be serving with a new companion. #crywithme Which means... I am no longer a trainee... That is really scary..not for me! but for everyone around me! #watchoutcorbin I will be staying here in Corbin with Sister....Who knows! not me...I will on tuesday though! which is craziness. It is weird to think that I wont be looking for sister Goodrich every time I turn around!

SO a lot of things happened this week...but I dont remember all of them! Last Monday we went to cumberland falls which is awesome! so gorgeous! i sent a couple pictures! but man...God has such power...and can create such beautiful and magnificent things that we cant comprehend.. I just am blown away by things just the little things that are an added testament of the power of God. Take the time and just look around and you will be astonished at the things that work so perfectly with the world...so perfectly to make all things fall into place and that every little thing has a purpose. AH. Fall is by far my favorite season. However.... fall is more like summer here in Corbin..it is like.. 70 degrees today... with orange leaves. haha it throws me off a little bit because I'm just not use to it!! But it was so much fun being able to crawl in and around rocks and just enjoy the peace of nature! And to have an investigator with us! C..! who is awesome! And just soaks up the gospel. Him and his wife are so interested in the message of the Gospel and just light up when they learn about it!

Yesterday at church was the primary program! boy do I miss my primary class back home! They are all so cute and they bring such a special spirit to the room when they sing and share there little testimonies. I just love hearing what people have to say...especially their simple testimonies of the gospel. The spirit in the room was awesome like I said..but more so than that..it was like a wall..of tingles in your heart. Not only is it cute to hear all the little voices but to hear the message that they were sharing with everyone through song..families can be together forever. :) I just love it!

D...H..... What happened to him you ask? He was supposed to be baptized this past saturday. Well sadly enough he wont be getting baptized even at a later date. He came to church last Sunday but just for sacrament meeting. And That was an interesting time because a member of the Bishopric gave this really powerful talk about the world of wisdom..it was just a little... umm... I dont know how to describe it. But it was interesting. ANYWAY! D... left church. and we were supposed to have a lesson with him later that night around 5 and so we called him when we got home later that evening to cancel because sister Goodrich wasnt feeling well. (she is better now by the way :)) and so we call and no answer...so the whole week we are trying to get a hold of this guy. And we couldnt! and it was weird...we honestly thought something terrible might have happened to him because he was always the one to make contact with us first! everyday! Then on Friday we got a call! and we saw it was him! and Sister Goodrich answers and he says who is this? and she said...sister Goodrich, how have you been?! And he was like...oops...wrong number. then hung up! We were so confused and didnt know if we should call back or not. We said a prayer and thought that we should just wait. but we were really curious to know what happened...why he went off the deep end. Later that night we got a call from him and he intended to call us this time! he said that he had been avoiding us the past week. We were thinking...NO DUH. But anyway he continues in to tell us that he doesnt feel the spirit in our church but he still knows the book of Mormon is true and that their were prophets today and everything...but he said that a sermon shouldnt mention pornography and he just didnt care for it. --- It is truly heart breaking to see someone walk away from what they know to be true. And maybe one day he will come to know the truth..

This week Sister Goodrich and I did a lot of walking around....and we picked up probably around 100 leaves...we thought they were pretty! and the definitely were! making memories by having those...just to throw them in the trash after awhile haha but they were nice! Anyway while we were leaf picking we notice something laying on the sidewalk...come to find out... it's a dead bird laying dead on the ground...with a rose in it's mouth...and berries around it. We thought it was hilarious..And what is even more funny is what happened next...we go to see a recent convert named Kenny.. Who is an indian Native American man here in Corbin who walks around with a gun (legally! dont worry) and some knifes with feathers attached to his hat and his jacket! We went to see him and have a little lesson and he comes walking up with a dead bird...the same dead bird that we had seen..and then he gives this long explanation of what he plans to do to it to make it last forever. All I know is that you are supposed to do something with kitty litter...#whatdawhat

quotes in Corbin:

"that looks like a garage over there...but NO...its a liquor bar!"
"he's a genius..dont be fooled by the snaggle tooth!"
"I swear..if you poke me with that pencil one more time I am going to shove it up your butt"
"hey little doggy. (dog barks) yeah you need to be put down."
"you all out poaching Baptists?"
"wash your hands and says your prayers because Jesus and Germs are everywhere"
"My mailman won the lottery..so he quit! and he was HOT!
"just for the record..40 is younger this is diplomacy 101...we should also teach stalking 101."
"Im like an older older OLDER kid on Chirstmas"
"you be careful...I got a switch blade I'll lend ya"


JESSICA AND DWIGHT..if you ever see this! THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME YOUR CHILDREN'S CARDS! I love them! please tell 'em I love 'em!

MUMMA! Thanks for the package!

RANDS! I just finally got your package! i love your family so much and miss you tons!!! SO uplifting!! The fluff was used for delicious fudge :D

HAYLEY Thank you for the Maine goodies...holy moly yummmmmmmm

LIN! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LETTER! It was such an interesting read!!! So much info!

I love and miss each and everyone of you! thank you for all the support and prayers I know you are sending in my behalf. I feel them everyday!

Until next time...

Sister Wagner


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