Monday, October 13, 2014

Where did the week go?!?

I am pretty sure no other week has gone faster in my whole life. I know for a fact nothing has gone faster in my whole mission! This week has been a whirlwind..So if I don't write a lot about what is going on...that is why haha

OKAY! SO Tuesday! we went out on a blitz! That is where we go with the sister training leaders for a day. They come to our area, I go with one Sister and Sister Goodrich would go with another.  That was such a fun day! I usually hate the thought of going with other sisters because I am a newbie and I have no idea what I am doing about 100% of the time. SO I hate feeling stupid. haha BUT! This blitz was awesome! I went with sister Newton and she is so much fun! and we had lots of laughs. Which I guess isn't too unusual because Sister Goodrich and I laugh all the time. But it was really laid back with no pressure. I WAS SO GRATEFUL. Cool story about the blitz! So Corbin, KY is a car and bike area..and distances up to 2 miles we are supposed to bike. But it was raining. It was kinda raining hard..but not enough to make us for sure want to use the car. So we prayed. and asked heavenly father what we needed to or drive...Nothing came besides...well it isn't too bad..but if it were to thunder or lightening we would know to drive. nothing happened but the rain picked up a little. Sister Newton just said...lets pick something and the Lord will let us know if we should do something else. So we said lets bike! The moment we decided this, the lighting struck and the thunder rumbled! The Lord answered our prayers and allowed us to drive..he cares about us not getting wet...and he hears our prayers and helps us to know what we need to do. He is there! And he wants to help us. We just need to seek him.  :)

This week, Sister Goodrich had to go to Louisville for a meeting. And I was placed with a companionship of sisters in the Stanford area. What sisters are in that area? SISTER DURFEE! who I know because she used to be a sister training leader and I spent the day with her awhile ago and I just love her...and SISTER TAYLOR. Who was one of my companions in the MTC! SO needless today spending the day with these two sisters was a breeze! not to was their day to plan out there week which us missionaries do once a week and it takes about 2 1/2 hours. So I got to read church magazines and eat cookies! But we had a lot of fun none the less. Then we were able to teach this older couple who are both deaf! Sister Taylor knows a lot of ASL and I..well took 3 years of it..but 2 years of not using it has made me I didnt say anything besides nice to meet you! But I was able to pick up a lot of what they were saying. Sister Taylor asked this couple to bear their testimonies about the church. When they did, I wasn't able to pick up a lot of what they were signing..but I was able to feel the spirit that entered the room as they signed how they know the church to be the true church.. and how they have found peace by living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was amazing! I was also able to see Elder Jacobsen from my MTC district that day as well because he serves in the area beside stanford! What a great day! We were also able to go to a dinner appointment where I was able to ride a little car thing...and a scooter haha (see pictures)! So that was fun to say the least!

Also it has officially been announced to our mission that we will be getting iPads around Christmas time!! And they are going to be amazing for the work. Having missionaries have iPads is seriously inspired with the things that have been told about the iPads...we will really be moving the work forward all over the world. This will open up so many new doors for people I can't even handle it!

This week was sister Goodrich's birthday! We got some people together to 6am. at the track where we go running...well sis. G does..I just walk! It was awesome! It was so nice to have everyone get together to support sister Goodrich on her birthday...20 years old! man...I am working with an old lady! haha Not really but it was such a fun day! ecen though it was raining the whole time we were there..but memories..right?!

We are teaching this couple, H.. and C...and they are SO prepared! WE teach them and they soak everything up. They really are ready to hear. We taught them the plan of salvation and they had all these AMAZING questions. H... told us that is just made sense! we told her that's because she has been taught it before. When we told her that the spirit filled the room and she started tearing up and she said."I dont know why but I feel like I am going to cry!" I know that what we taught her is true and that it rang true to her heart. I am so grateful for that lesson wit them. THEY ARE AWESOME. standby on updates with them!

Ready for some awesome quotes...?

Quotes in Corbin:

"will you burp me please?"
"I have never had 2 women want to spend so much time with me"
"I don't want to have lets not do that" (this was a man)
"That doesn't look like any cotton I've ever picked!"
"I relate to farm boys"
"Good things calories don't count on birthdays!..come at me brittle!"
us: how do you feel about Joseph Smith answer: :"Straight up gangster"
"will you hold on girls? I got to find my helpless husband some britches"
"you're not in the bible belt..your in the bible buckle"
"priesthood...someday I will have the preisthood..the authority to baptize..I'm just gonna go to work and start chuckin' people in water!"
"I'm happy and healthy! healthy as a chubby man is going to be."

We talk to some awesome people haha I LOVE THIS PLACE!

I love all of you! and I am so grateful for all that you do and I appreciate it more than you know! Have an amazing week! and share the gospel with everyone that you can! Y'all are awesome and are always in my thoughts and prayers!

Sister Taylor Wagner


Thank you Lin for the amazing letter! you rock!!

And thank you mum for the card! I really appreciate it! :D

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