Monday, November 10, 2014

Weird Week!

Well this week has just been the title suggests. not because we got tires slashed...or dog bitten...

BUT! We did get a flat tire...We were going down this road over this creepy one way...12 ton limit bridge that was made of wood and then we heard something that sounded like a stick under our we kept driving for a second then decided we should get it out...we got out and looked...and nope flat tire... we ended up having to drive about 1/2 a mile on a flat tire I KNOW THAT IS BAD but it was a really narrow road with no pull over we got out and were able to jack up the car.. and then someone helped us change it! haha but I am thankful because I know how to jack up a car and change a tire now. And so I wont ever need help doing that. #lifeexperience #sistermissionarypower

This week a sad thing happened the Wagers dropped us. They were a couple that was ready to be baptized and loved Church and the gospel and were trying to quite smoking. But we came to their house to a note and a bag of copies of the Book of Mormon.. and it said that they don't believe how we believe and not to come back. We got home heart broken that these people just rejected the true message...and why? as we unloaded the returned books we were taking out papers stuck in the pages...just to find "21 things Mormonism Teaches" Just to clarify...the thing that were on that list...WE NOT TRUE and were totally crazy. but because they didn't ask us or pray about it... they lost the gospel in their lives. It is heart breaking...but people gave us agency. Hopefully one day they will come to see what they are missing.

I just love this Gospel. The more I study from the Book of Mormon and the Bible the more light is shed on my life and my purpose and what I need to do and where to go. I just have such a great sense of peace. that can't come from anything else in the world. I just am so blessed to be a missionary and have this amazing time to serve others and learn so much about the gospel and about life that I wouldn't be able to do any other way.

Sorry for that side track! I just had the thought and thought I'd express it to y'all!

We also lead cows this week! we helped this guy named B... to get them from one the other! And helped them to cross the street! Now this isnt just some random thing we did...well it kinda was. But! It had a point! Because we were able to help and and show interest in his life (which is super awesome by the way) He softened his heart to the message that we share. AND! we get to help him to paint! and help around his farm! SO! Talk to everyone and you will meet some awesome people. That is what I have learned on my mission :)

ALSO! So thanks to my NANA I was able to do some more family history work! and! On my moms side I am related to WILLIAM THE "CONQUEROR" KING OF ENGLAND. Sooo that is pretty cool..and come to find out Sister Bailey is too...and so that makes us like Great x's like 50 cousins! haha And! on family history we were able to take William the Conqueror all the way back to ADAM AND EVE. Sooo Do your family is awesome.

quotes in corbin:

"I used to rap like that...I had a CD it was called straight from the hollar"
"It is a really up scale shack"
"all I know is that I got a booster shot from Jesus"
"some of my closest lady friends in this town are prostitutes,and i'm okay with that"
"listen here bluebird...I know where your nest is"
"I had nothing on but tennis shoe and an indian headress, and some war loin cloth fell off"

THAT ISNT ALL OF THEM! I am just out of time! haha I will write more next week!


SHout out to my Papa for a letter!

--Sister Wagner!

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