Monday, December 8, 2014


As the title suggests..Sister Bailey is dying....Her mission is now as of tomorrow done...and she is going home..all the way back to New Mexico. She is depressed and very emotional...she cant even function at this point and has hid herself in the closest and is not coming out. The tears are going down her face all the time and she is in denial. I'm just kidding! She is not happy and is loosing her mind though... she gets mad at me cause I show no sympathy....#soulless. I'm trying to be Christ-like with this...but it's hard! She makes teasing her so easy!

No to mention this transfer is going to make me loose my head. I am not one to stress..but the last 3 days....wooo...I am loosing it! Why do you ask? Well on Saturday we get transfer news... about who is leaving excreta! So The Assistants to the Mission President called us while we were on our way to Stake Conference. I of course thought they were just calling about Sister Bailey leaving but they insisted they had to talk to me. They asked me how long I had been out and I said 4 months...and then they are like...You are training this transfer...and I thought they were kidding and so I laugh and said hahaha that is funny want to talk to sister bailey? and they want to talk to are training this coming transfer... and then I said no here is sister Bailey...and then they are like we swear on the Book of Mormon that you are training... I said "ha okay"..they said great! see you at transfer meeting. Then hung up...I nearly had a heart attack... and I waited for them to call back..and say just kidding..they never did.....then I get to stake conference just to have an elder in my ward come up to me and be like...YOU ARE TRAINING? and I was like...wait....that wasn't a joke? And he said.."NO....It's on the paper!" Then I really start panicking....And then I saw our mission president at the meeting...and is true...I am training a brand-new missionary... I DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING....How am I supposed to help someone....not only help them...but train them....YIKES.

This is EASILY the most humbling thing that I have ever been asked to do. I think this is more for me than the new missionary. I have been asking the Lord to help me grow and become the missionary that he needs me to be and do the things that he would have me I guess this is his will...and I won't argue with that. I might feel as inadequate as a little pebble on the side of the road..but the Lord sees me with the potential of becoming a bolder with the potential of being carved into a statue... That is how the Lord sees each of us really. We cant understand how much he loves us and understands that we have the ability to become all he needs us to be...and then some... that as we rely on him...we don't need to worry if we cant do it...or we feel like we don't know what we're doing...he will always helps us and strengthen us and make us people that we don't recognize. in the Book of Mormon in the book of Ether it talks about how as we come unto Christ...that he will show unto us our weakness that we may be humble.. and that is exactly what I am witnessing..but I know that what ever I think is my weakness...has the potential of becoming my will because the Lord has promised us in that same verse that relying on him will give us the chance to turn us around and be better than we ever BRING IT ON. :) And am now ready and excited for the challenge!

These of the members of our ward wanted to teach us Rape Defense...he is a cop and teaches a we got 2 hours of learning what to do if someone attacks us. So I now know how to get out of a head lock...and how to have power behind kicking people....and what to do in various situations...sooooo no one will be messing with me these days. ALSO.. fun fact! He was able to teach us ways to punch and he was able to tell us where the most power comes from.. Sister Bailey has most of her power when she hits people with the palm of her hand.... I have the most power as I just deck people in the face with my don't mess with me.. I can take someone out.

This transfer I have been making a list of all the things that Sister Bailey says least one thing off this list is said every here is a little glimpse of Sister Bailey:

"are you an ameri-CAN...or and ameri-CANT?"
"he's a trip"
"that's trippy"
"true doctrine"
"I see what you did there...put her there *holds out fist for a knuckle bump*
"that's deep"
"love the dickin's out of 'em!"
"where's my pencil?"
"where's my planner?"
"are you a man or a mouse?"
"I need a hair cut"
"what am I going to do with you?"
"you're golden pony boy"
"what the weird"
"why do you have to make this so awkward?"
"I think the church is true"

Quotes in Corbin:

"those flying monkeys....they really got me going"

"I'm going to have my own thing on called Michael Peace a tale of like that...I just made it up."

"up there with Heavenly Father...the big liver in the sky."

"I want the whole sacrament blessed and put in my refrigerator just in case there is an emergency."

"I am so glad 2015 is coming...I'm gonna shine like new money!"

I love you all and I am so grateful for all of you this Christmas Season! You should all look of the Video he is the will give you the is so amazing. PLEASE WATCH IT. I am so blessed and grateful to my savior this holiday season :) BE SAFE! and remember not to stress!

Sister Wagner


GRANDMA WAGNER! Thank you for the awesome apples you sent!!! They are beautiful!!!!!!! :)

NANA AND PAPA! Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for my 24 days of Christmas Package...y'all are really making Christmas extra special for me this year! :)

HAYLEY AND MUM! The little ornament with Maine and Kentucky on it...GENIUS! and is now on our Charlie brown tree :) THE SNOW GLOBE IS AWESOME AND IS PLAYED EVERYDAY!


KATIE AND TRENT BERGE! Thank you for your families Christmas card! Y'all are such a gorgeous family!!!

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