Monday, September 29, 2014

The Miracle of M

Well...This week a Baptism occurred! First one that I have had the pleasure of being a part of! And it was with the miraculous M.. P.. I think I have explained a little about the fact that M... found Sister Goodrich and I. And that he was so prepared for the Gospel. Well...Just like anytime something good is about to happen...or if we are about to get on the right path and choose righteousness..something bad nearly always happens. Satan..that sneaky sneaky thing.

So this week Sister Goodrich and I have been walking on egg shells waiting for something bad to happen to M... because it had all gone so smoothly...and then...we get a text from one of our members, and he had heard something about M... from a neighbor and we started freaking out and It wasn't that bad! And we were nervous because we hadn't gotten a long text from him that day that he sends us all the time. So we were out and about worrying about Michael as we go contacting and such and as we are biking back to our apartment from lunch we see a member on the road and we stop  to talk and I check the phone...A MISSED CALL FROM M...! and A VOICE MAIL. We naturally freaked out. So I told Sister Goodrich that we should stop at the corner and listen to it..and she says that we might as well pull into the Library (it was just a little further than the corner) And so we pulled up and there was a Silver car....Was it M...'s!? We continue to have a panic attack as we bike up and peak into the window..there we see a bible with his name on it!! ....NO WAY....HE WAS THERE. We call him and tell him to come out and what had happened?

He had been walking earlier that day on an elevated side walk and was reading something on his phone...when he tripped...twisted his ankle...threw his phone into the road breaking it more than it already much that he couldn't see anything on the screen. Why was he at the library then? He wanted to put something together for the inside of his baptismal program....We had found him by complete chance. He hadn't gotten a hold of us because he got a replacement phone and didn't have our number..then he remembered that he had the card still! So he found the card...called us..and went to the Library.

It was such an amazing miracle. God really has his hand in everything. Sister Goodrich and I decided that we had to have more faith in M... because he really is prepared. And his baptism and confirmation this week was amazing! It was so spirit filled and you could tell that he was just beaming with happiness and appreciation for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. M... said it was cool because we had come full circle...It was a miracle the first time he came up to us AT THE LIBRARY...and it is a miracle when we found him again the day before his baptism...AT THE LIBRARY. The Lord has his hand in everything and for that I am so so blessed.

Speaking of the Baptism! We were able to bring 3 of our investigators. One of them is D.... D... is awesome. He has lots of questions and really wants to learn. We brought him to the baptism...and...HE KNEW M... ....WHAT? They had worked together and had always gotten along! He was able to really feel better and comfortable around people he didn't know because he knew the person being baptized! Miracle? I think yes.

This week we met this man named T.... We actually pulled our car over..and started talking to him. We find out that he has lost everything. And was living with his friend. and he knows that he wants something in his life. At the end of our conversation we set up a time to see him at a park and we said that he was so glad that he got the chance to meet us and he was already looking forward to talking with us. So we get stuck late at the end of M...'s baptism and we had no way of getting to the park. and so we missed our lesson with T...! We were devastated. Well a member gave us a ride back home...and who do we see walking..T.. ...where? AT THE EXACT SPOT WE STOPPED HIM LAST TIME! We jump out and apologize over and over and over for not being there..and he told us that he had waited for us and was worried and was going to call us when he got home to make sure that we were okay and nothing had happened to us. And so we set up another appointment! So we head there yesterday to meet him...and what happened...we couldn't find the right park :/ so unfortunately we haven't had the chance to meet with him yet...but when we do! I will let y'all know because he is a really nice and humble man who could really use the Gospel of Jesus Christ....who am I kidding...we all need the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday as we were walking we saw these two women sitting on a porch and so we stop and say hello! And come to find out they are some of the nicest women ever!!! VERY devote in their own faith..and not interested but they are so sweet and really want to look out for us. J... and B... are their names! B... is completely insane! She is just hilarious and crazy and doesn't care what anyone things! she is just looking for fun! (Mum..she reminds me a lot of you) :) They are just so awesome and they just want to take care of us and they have already threatened to kill anyone who bothers us! haha

This week it is all about the little things. That is one thing that I have really learned, the Lord's hand is in the smallest parts of our lives, and especially this work. Sometimes you don't even notice the things he is doing until one day you wake up and BAM! there is an answer to your prayer. I have been having the hardest time being able to walk up to people and talk to them...let alone talk to them about Jesus Christ when most of the time you will receive and "I'm good, I go to my own church." I have found it really hard to get he motivation to go talk to someone that just wants to shoot me down. So of course I have been praying my heart out because I know the people here so badly need what we have. The other day I woke up..and felt the need and the push...and even the WANT to talk to people..and I did. And I was able to bring up the gospel. Am I perfect at it?..of course not! far from really...but I know that the Lord is helping me and that the faith that I had is what has helped the Lord to help me. Thank goodness for the Lord's hand!

I truly love this work and there is nothing better that I could possibly be doing with my time. I just am so blessed. Being a it easy? NO. in fact it is discouraging..tiring...and occasionally full of disappointment...and it also makes you really hungry. ( not a pretty picture as most of you know). But is it rewarding? ABSOLUTELY. There is nothing more joyful...more satisfying...or more filled with the spirit that this work. With every makes those times where things go just right that much more sweet...and it makes everything worth it. And with each stomach growl....a delightful lunch break will be just the right "pick-me-up". Missions...they are inspired and beautiful. I wouldn't trade this for the world.

Quotes in Corbin:

"I'll be content with my two best friends, kitties and a bottle of whiskey"
My husband asked me: "What kind of knife do you want?" and I responded with "One i can open with one hand...and one that can kill"
"I'm healthy and mean and I got God and the Holy Ghost"
"There's a family of Peaces..hmm..that does sound like a full body does it?"
"my idea of adventure is changing my brand of tooth paste"
"I wouldn't poison him!! least not slowly."
"Ill pray for you as I rip you apart"
"I don't lie...well...I have in the past...but I'm not lying now!"
"What do you like cooked with BBQ? Baptist."
"I've had four years of college...all they taught me is how to be a blabber mouth"
"The walking dead is just a man soap opera"
On a sign: "you"re life doesn't have a remote...get up and change it yourself"
Kolab...that's advanced Mormonism 302
"Honey if you find my belly button tell me...I haven't seen it in 3 years"

I love you all! and I think of you often!!! and you are always in my prayers!! Thank you for your support! If there is anything I could do for you...PLEASE let me know!! KEEP THE MAIL COMING! Don't forget to smile! :D

Love always,
Sister Taylor Wagner

SHOUT OUTS!  (okay this week has been scattered I'm sorry if I have missed anyone!)

SHANNON!! Thank you for your letter! I have been waiting to have your address!! :D

Dad and Brenda! Thank you for sending me a new camera! I needed it!! Turns out I found my crappy one...I needed a new one anyway!

Mum! Thank you for those additional packages I needed and the chocolate...MMMM! Made my day!

And to Sister Meier for your sweet letter I got last Monday! :D

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