Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Strange Isn't It??


People.. I have nearly been on my mission for 4 months....and it is December.... and it is 62 degrees with no snow in sight....and the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives...I have back allergies are here so I am dying...and Sister Bailey leaves in a week..also I went geocashing #newhobbie #lookitup

Okay so out of all those strange things I am going to talk about the most important.. THE GOSPEL CHANGES LIVES. Straight up. #truth A couple weeks ago I mentioned this massive family that we are teaching. And I mentioned how they are amazing truth seekers and all that. yeah well I dont think I have told you how much of a change that has happened to them. When we first went over there C... (the mom) said "you worship Joseph Smith" and now they are all like..."we want to be Mormon" QUE?!?!?! (sister Bailey and I are working on Spanish) I didnt even thinks that things happen on missions like that!? When people are just like..hey I like everything that you are teaching.. and the only complaint they have? "Church is way boring" But they agree with everything we have taught them. And have I mentioned that not only did C.... think that we worshiped Joseph Smith... but she was Agnostic...with no belief in God what so ever. Now I want you to know..I DON'T TAKE ANYYYYY CREDIT for any of this..infact I think I almost messed everything up the other day with them.. But no matter! It is the Lord that is changing them. I have such a strong testimony now that if missionaries dont have the spirit...nothing is going to happen because we make many mistakes. I can not rave about this family enough and about the amazing changes that they are freely making in their lives. They are now reading the Book of Mormon together every night as a family..and they are soaking up everything that we are teaching them. And when we go over there they are filled with questions. C... looked and Sister Bailey and I yesterday and said "I can honestly say now that I believe in God. and I never could say that before" When we asked her how she got to that conclusion she just said "I get enlightenment..and the evidence is all around us that there is something out there bigger than us" In her own way..that was her saying that "HEY! I FEEL THE SPIRIT!" How grateful I am that I get to see the joy and light of the Gospel come into someones life. I don't deserve the HONOR of teaching this family. How blessed I am to be trusted enough by Heavenly Father to help bring his children unto him.

This family also took up newest hobby when I get home..please google what it is...and get good so I can have people to go with! Because I love it! Essentially it is a world wide treasure hunt.. there are geocashes to be found in every town every state..every is a big deal. You never know how close you are to a is amazing and wayyyy fun. I mean.. I don't want to toot my own horn....but I am pretty good... But not really. I have to have people help me. But I will get good eventually! #gogeocash

ALSO! We went on a Blitz with the Sister Training Leaders so I was able to spend some time with Sister Anderson! She is great! And I have so much to learn from her so i can grow and become the missionary that I so badly want to become. We went out to this place called Williamsburg to find some people...and I was really close to Tennessee! Which was weird. 45 minutes south and there is a change in weather!  haha who knew? BUT! We went to this house on our way home and what happened? Oh I almost got attacked by another Dog. The owner said that it wouldn't attack but I beg to differ...I am convinced if we didn't turn the car alarm on...and walk back words and yell at it...then I would have been crippled on both legs. leg still hurts if I push on my dogbite... so I try not to do that. haha #caralarmssaveyou

On this Blitz Sister Bailey ran into this person named S.... and asked if they could come by and teach her and her family about family home evening (an organized family night) and she said sure! and as we go to see this woman I recognize the house...only to have TALKED TO HER HUSBAND THREE TIMES!! And the only reason we hadn't been teaching him is because of his busy schedule! WHAT?! The Lord wants this family to have the gospel! And funny to add...The only time we run into this family is on Blitz days! I don't know why that is...but I know that the gospel blesses lives! and that they and there 6 kids under 10 need it! And that it can help them and build them up as a family!

About the allergies and back pain....nothing really matters when you are serving the lord. And the enabling power of Christs Sacrifice is real. he suffered so I don't have to...and I can find strength in him!!

quotes in corbin:
"are you wearing more clone than normal?"
in regards to hitler in heaven "I dont care...but I wont enjoy seeing him in the heavenly prayer circle"
"I had a midget friend one time..."
"sorry that was my dead cat approach"
"make sure you dont blow your nose so hard you fart...I've done that before...i pooped myself almost"
"I almost ate her up the other day"
"I just would have......Im passionate."
"In highschool I was that fat funny kid...I was fat and I stuttered...I have no was be funny or be rejected"

My prayer now is that we all remember that God is better than us! that we are nothing compared to his Glory and greatness...and that all things are and are made possible through him. And the best his...NOT ours...and sometimes...well...all the time...that is not easy. "Strange isn't it-that we who wear wrist watches seek to counsel him who oversees cosmic clocks and calenders" He knows best!!!!!!

... in the writ words of God written by prophets: (Isaiah 55:8-9)

  ¶For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.


And to KYM AND SUMMER! For their package they send awhile ago! I forgot to SHOUT OUT!
I hope you all had a happy thanksgiving! Remember to stay happy and safe this Holiday season! There are some crazy people out there! I LOVE YOU ALL! And you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Did you think to pray?

God Bless,
--Sister Wagner


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