Sunday, June 29, 2014

Office Snip-it

Anyone who knows me…knows that I have a unnecessary amount of love for the show The Office. If you haven't seen that show/ don't enjoy it…I think it will be hard for us to be friends. That show is genius. 

Recently I came across this lovely photo of Dwight, and my love for the show increased. Because it can go right along with how I want to be as a missionary! serve. to teach. to do my best. to give it my all. to be successful. to be obedient. I want to be determined in everything that I do in the field so I can be the most effective missionary that I can possibly be. 

Worker..It's called missionary WORK. I want to get out and just do everything that I am asked and if that makes me collapse every night on my bed, so be it.

Intense..I don't want to freak people out because I'm so intense, but I want to have the intensity of someone who is passionate, I want to be bold and do my best to share my testimony. 

Good Worker..What makes a good worker? I want to encompass all of that. I want to do all I can, all the time. I want to reach out. I want to search for opportunities to work. I want to work without complaint and be positive, and help others to do their best always.

Hard Worker..maybe I am not the hardest worker right now, but when I am set apart I want to work like nobodies business. To get up and try as hard as I can, put in all the effort I can. I want to work harder than I ever thought possible.

Terrific..I want to be a missionary that people can count on. I want to be someone who can light up a room and serve without fail. I want to be obedient and have fun while doing it. I simply want to be a terrific missionary.

In the mission field..I just want to be D.W.I.G.H.T. I am going to try my best to make my father in heaven proud. And what's even better? I have only 24 DAYS until I will be able to start making a difference as a full-time missionary. 

--Sister Wagner

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Temple Loving

My sincerest apologies for the lateness of this post. I have simply had zero motivation to write anything! But now, here I am, laying on my bed, bored out of my mind..trying to come up with reasons NOT to write on my blog..and finding absolutely no good reason why I shouldn't! 

So! As the title suggests you can be pretty sure I will talk about my beautiful time at the temple! And thoughts on that experience! 

I went through the temple on the 30th of May, and it was a gorgeous day! Inside the temple, and out. I was very very lucky! 

I was very blessed to be able to fly out to Oregon to go through the Portland Oregon temple with my Aunt and my grandmother (my mom is inactive). Along with those two gorgeous women, my dad..5 of my uncles 4 more of my aunts, and some cousins too, all were able to be with me in the temple. In fact..they nearly had to split the session.. one session with just my family and kick all those not in my party would go in the next session..but NOPE! All worked out. 

Being able to reflect on the temple I have found to be able to describe it in 5 ways, here they are:

1. Beautiful

The temple is just stunning both inside and out. The spirit is beautiful, all the people you meet inside are beautiful. The architecture is beautiful. The knowledge you gain is beautiful. The covenants you make with Heavenly Father are beautiful. The blessings are beautiful. The temple is just simply beautiful! 

2. Enlightening

I learnt so much in the temple I was a bit overwhelmed and there was so much I couldn't even wrap my head around! I know that will come with time, but the things that I did pick up on that very first time, MAN THEY WERE AMAZING! Heavenly Father loves us all so very much and I know that without a doubt.

3. Different

You never have experienced anything like the temple. I can almost promise you that. But none the less…it is….(see next point)

4. Familiar

This is completely contradictory to the point that it was different. BUT at the same time…I just felt as though it had been something I had gone through before, some place I had already been. Even some things that I was able to learn just clicked in my head as something I had known.

5. Peaceful

I was so nervous to go to the temple..but at the same time I wasn't. When I am going into an unfamiliar situation I get nervous, and I feel nauseous and a bit shaky. But as nervous as I was going to the temple, the moment I stepped inside and began experiencing the whole this, yes I was still nervous, but at the same time, my mind was still and I was able to absorb the things that heavenly father would have me learn my first time.

The temple is the house of the Lord. The love that is felt there is like no other. It is a blessing to go through, and I truly hope those of you who are able to go to the temple, do, and that you have as good of a first experience as I did. How grateful I am for the wondrous experience that I had there. 

38 more days until I enter the MTC…bring it on Kentucky! 

Until next time I get the motivation to write again,

--Sister Wagner

My wonderful Aunt Cynthia, how great it was to hold her hand as she helped me every step of the way. She was a wonderful escort! 

My "little" brother, Matt who is an inactive member but he was so supportive coming to the grounds with me. And my fabulous dad! I am one lucky girl! 

Love this kiddo

My dad has 12 brothers and one sister. I am so so blessed that so many of his brothers could make the trip to Oregon despite living all over the country. I love them more than words. This picture describes the whole trip perfectly. The Wagner family is a laughing family.