Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Short and Sweet!

I AM SORRY THAT THIS IS SO SHORT! I HAD LOTS to do while email today!!

First things first...the new companion!!! SHE IS AWESOME! Sister Bailey is from New Mexico and has been on her mission for.......17 months! YUP she goes home in 5 weeks. It is crazy. That means I get to love her...and then she leaves the state. BUT! On the bright side... I will be in Corbin FOR SURE till Christmas! I love the people here and I love the area! there is never a dull Moment here! So I am blessed to be able to spend the holidays with the people I have come to love so dearly here. But that also means....new companion in 5 weeks

This week! We were able to set a baptismal date with this guy named Adam! he has been learning about the gospel since MAY. YUP. A long time. But there has always things getting stuck in his way. He was a smoker but he quite awhile ago. He doesn't drink or anything. He has had a really rough life but he is awesome. He is an artist..he actually worked on the Saw movie posters...Steven King book covers...and he "beat up" Christ for the movie passion of the Christ. He is SO talented! He was also a previous Lucifarian....he kinda worshiped Satan...but NO WORRIES! He knows that Jesus is the Christ and that God is our LOVING heavenly father. He wants to make a change and he is doing it! Is is SOOO sarcastic so we get along really well.. he says some borderline not allowed things haha but it makes you laugh. you cant help it!

This week we got a request from someone wanting a bible. The had requested it on mormon.org or lds.org and then we get the request and bring it to them. SO we wen to go find this guy, and when we did....after going down this weird road...we discovered that he had a house full of 13 teenagers that he has willingly taken into his house. And so we got talking about the gospel and we are going back and will hopefully have the chance to teach them more and strengthen their faith in the savior! As we were walking away from the house we saw this boy go up to the door! We hollered over to him and asked him if he was one of the 13! Come to find out he "Kinda" was...not sure what that means! but he has talked to Sister Short and Sister Goodrich before and had been reading the book of mormon! we were pumped! and we felt prompted to tell him that if he read the book of Mormon...even if just a verse a day and prayed about it...in one week he would know. He said he would do that and then give us a text! So we will see what happens there! but that was such a tender mercy of the Lord right there to see that the Lord truly does place people in your path.

We have been talking to M... P... about the gospel and how he has seen a change in his life and he really has! He says that people have been noticing a difference in him including his wife! they have been separated for awhile but now they are are coming together a little more and she is curious about the gospel because of the change that she has seen in him. The gospel changes people. It makes bad men good....and good men better. And our examples of righteousness and strength makes a difference.

quotes in Corbin:

"rigged, power of the devil...power of my mind..that is what's happening here"
"somebody shut these kids up before I do...with the power of my mind"
"and one say they decided to get hip and let us wear different colored pollos"
"when you are 15 you are man enough to read the Bible"
"These are two mormon right here...they are an endangered species"
"and then we commenced to beating him"
"NO I ain't shootin him...we'll be down here forever!"
"Or I could stay right here in my comfort zone..."
"you'll be cryin' I guarantee it"
"You need to come to church..here take a card"
"he hates Mexicans, he hates black people, he hates everyone, he hate himself!"
"I got two bullet proof vests from Zach, the one who hates God"
"I think I got one of my fat pictures"
we asked what's your weight loss secret.. "Heroin"
"I miss being fat"
"i'm going to start something called the man club..the Mormon Association of Nuns"


THANKS MUM FOR MY Halloween Card!
AND LIN! for the letter! (I might have gotten it last week haha i cant remember!)

Sorry for the shortness! y'all are awesome and I pray for you always! Keep being awesome...and enjoy the snow....60 and sunny here in Kentucky!

Love, Sister Wagner

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