Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Holiday Wrap up!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! As of this week! It's just holiday after holiday! And
the perfect time to set some goals. Honestly...anytime is a good time
to set goals..but especially this time of year! Because we are able to
really refocus on what we can do to improve. This week at church they
took the opportunity to talk with us about what we can do this coming
year. And we discussed what goals we can make to help us all "come
unto Christ" That is the best thing that we can possibly work on
because he is whom we all desire to emulate a little more in our
lives. So I challenge you all as you think about your goals this year,
that you really think about what you can do to come a little closer to
Christ in the 2016! Because it is really upon us! :)

This week with all the Christmas Spirit...which is truly the spirit of
Christ.. You would think that people would be super eager to have us
around! HA..jokes on us! Cause this holiday season there was so much
hussel and bussel that there was hardly anything for us to do!
Everyone was just to busy to hear about Christ this CHRISTmas. Sad
times. BUT! Missionaries are never defeated. We made things happen
whether people are agreeable or not! Good times :) But in all
seriousness, Even when people done answer the door, Christmas time is
awesome because we get to represent Him whose birth we celebrate! And
that is a very blessed thing to do!

On Christmas Day we got to have brunch with the sweetest older lady,
Sister Swain. She was so kind to have us over and we ate together and
she showed us all these nativities that she had collected over the
years and they were truly breath taking. She showed us some of the
coolest art work that her mother had done, and some of the wooden
carvings that her father had done before he passed away. It was
amazing! I really need to develop a talent in the art world because
it's so cool! Then for Christmas Dinner, we went over to the Funke's
house! She is a sweet lady in our Ward who is always willing to look
out for us. SO many Ward members took care of this season and got us
little gifts of appreciation. That was so sweet of them to help us
feel  more loved, even though it isn't about that at all.

Serving this time of year is such a great blessing. Don't kill me for
saying this mum, but I'm grateful for the chance to be a missionary
over 2 Christmases!

What causes a missionary to stress out more than anything else? Great
question! It is super hard to narrow it down. But I would say up there
in the top 5 would have to be limited miles on our car. Each month we
are allotted a certain amount of miles that we can drive. This is
particularly a hard situation at the end of the month.. When your
investigators live far away, and it is raining! Pull on those rain
boots, get out the umbrella and get ready for a walking adventure in
the dark! :) #Goodtimes

That was a little glimpse into my Christmas week! :) I hope that you
all had an amazing time reflecting on the Savior this time of year and
pray that continues throughout the rest of the year as you set some
goals to better follow Christ this coming year!

I love you and miss you all! Thank you for your prayers of strength
and encouragement! Have a very blessed week!

My Aunt and Uncle! Thank you for the package!
The Frost family for the lovely package!


-Sister Wagner

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