Tuesday, December 29, 2015


This week has been a week of adventures..or something.. Surely this
email is going to redeem last weeks by a long shot. If not, well then
I deeply apologize. It was definitely a week of awkward moments and
laughter so hopefully you are feeling the vibes of this email!

SO it's 8:30 at night, it is dark and of course our plans fall through
and we are headed to visit a member of the ward that we want to get to
know better. So we go and our lovely GPS, Michelle, Took us to what  I
am going to call "Hill of Doom" that has the idea to just completely
destroy the lovely Subaru. So we come to the hill to find out it is a
one way and that we are one the wrong side of it. GREAT! So thanks to
Sister Spiteris amazing backing up skills we overcome the "hill of
doom" and so does our lovely car, which the elders have named
"Waffle." The story continues, we head the alternative route just to
find ourselves in the middle of this neighborhood with all manner of
closed roads and we move ourselves about just right and get to what we
think is  the members house. We pray. Get out of the car. And then all
our car alarms start going off. It's cool. We get ourselves together,
and headed to the house and it was the people that we were looking
for! Thank goodness!

Next adventure. We found  this really awesome kid named Denny. He had
gone on Mormon.org and said that he wanted to be a missionary and
asked for missionaries to come by. OBVIOUSLY we go by! And out comes
this 18 year old! And we are like WOAH! And we teach him! And then he
tells us to come back the next day! SO we confirm with him. *Side note
here: Sometimes it is a struggle to be a sister missionary because
sometimes people seem a little too interested if you know what I
mean..so sometimes it is hard to decipher whether they like the
message...or if they like you.* There we are driving to his house when
we get this text: "Hi can we do the lesson in the car tonight"  and so
naturally in our minds we are like flip what the heck are we going to
do in this situation...We play it cool and tell him about the rules
and such and ask him why he would ask that...Then he said it was just
cause his dog barks... hmm interesting. We get there and we end up
doing the lesson on the porch of his house and it was awesome! And we
totally set a baptismal date with him! And we had another lesson with
him later in the week. And he is actually genuinely interested! So
that's fantastic! :)

I never want anyone to tell me that I cant speak Spanish ever again.
Listen to this: Okay so obviously I struggle at Spanish, even though I
tried REALLY hard for the 4 1/2 months that I was teaching Hispanics
up in Jasper. But I guess in that time I actually did learn something!
Imagine, a nice day, Sister Spiteri and I walking down the road when
we see a lady raking her leaves! *Another side note: Seasons are
messed up here so the weather is like early October right now* And we
start talking to her when oh snap, she doesn't speak English. SO I whip
out my limited Spanish skills and she said that missionaries could
come back and talk to her! HA. I'm so good. Thanks Heavenly Father for
making that one happen...cause in all reality..I cant speak Spanish.

That same day in our adventures of walking around in the fall weather
in December, please understand that I'm not kidding when I say
that..the other day it was 68.... We met these two little girls! And
they called us pretty, gave us hugs, and then gave us candy. Does this
fall under the category of taking candy from strangers?

Automatic window fail. Car automatic windows don't work when you want
them to..but at the most horrible times. We were having another late
night adventure in the dark trying to find an address. 80% of the
skills you learn as a missionary I think fall under the category of
finding addresses in the dark.  We come up to this round about and are
suck because this huge moving truck is completely blocking our way..
and so we just kinda sit there contemplating our lives..when this guy
comes up to our window. I roll it down like a champ, and then we are
talking and while he is telling us that he is the husband of the
person that we are looking for, I bump the button and it starts
rolling up my window in the middle of our conversation! Oops... turns
our the lady that we were looking for was moving the next day and so
we got to wear pants and go and help! :) It was awesome...plus she
gave us like all the food from her freezer that wouldn't last the 4
hour drive. #perks

Sometimes you have no motivation to cook..or you are just forever away
from your apartment come dinner time and need to figure out what to do
with yourselves. Taco-bell is always a good choice. So last week at

 Taco Bell I found a piece of paper in my burrito! What the heck 
Taco Bell..so we were fighting. But this time we were hungry and so we
were like..Tacobell is quick we will give it time to make a come back.
So we go...and order.. and wait....and then we were talking and some
man comes up to us, and he is like, "Man, I'm buzzed, you don't come to
tacobell and order $53 of food unless you're buzzed!"....needless to
say... 20 minutes later we got our food cause the 3 people that were
working were busy making the drunk man's food.  Thanks Spike for
making us late to our appointment. Yeah, his name was Spike.

Margret was this nice lady we met on the side of the road the other day
and she told us to come back and see her! WE go to her apartment
complex for the older people.. and cant get in any of the doors...it
was like a prison kind of...and then on top of that..no one was around
or making any sounds at all.. and we were just wandering the halls of
this place confused and there were so many doors we just had no idea
what we were doing. I guess sometimes you can tell that we are lost
because this old man wearing these awesome flip-flops came and guided
us to the right place. Thanks flip flop man!

It was a good week! Also.. transfer calls were on Saturday..Sister
Spiteri and I are both staying right here in Frankfort...That means
it's officially my last area...with my last companion...and the last 7
weeks. It's gonna be great!

Bring on Christmas! I hope that you all are having an awesome holiday
season and that thins are going so good for everyone! I love you and
miss you all! Have an amazing week and please remember our Savior
Jesus Christ and why he was born. He was born for each one of us to
overcome mistakes and sadness, he was born so we could again live!
And live in the presence of God. Life is good because He was born and
that is something to rejoice in! :)

SHOUT OUT TO EX-COMP HERMANA MAGALEI that girl is a champ and
completes her mission honorably this week and flies all the way back
to the promise island of Hawaii. LOVE YOU SIS!

SHOUT OUT TO MY AWESOME GRANDPARENTS! Thanks nana and papa for the
Christmas package <3

peace and love my friends,

-Sister Wagner

Gotta love the Capitol District. Elders Gaskin, Passmore, Salazar,
Burr, Bennett, Grossman, Jolly and then us sisters :)

Christmas time on the mission <3 our little tree

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