Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12/21 Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!  I know that Christmas isn't actually here,
but because this is the email you will be reading just before
Christmas I need to make sure it was said. Because I think I have
forgotten a couple holiday shout-outs and because this is the most
important of all.. It had to be thrown out right at the beginning!

This week I can finally update you all on K.... Devine! Hopefully you
all remember who she is...To refresh I think for the second time, I
taught her in my first area over a year ago, then when I was moved to
this area, she came into my mind, and then The Elders went and saw
her. Okay, That brings us to right now! This week! Because the Elders,
are on bikes, and that is a new thing that they are on bikes, they
have control of moving their area boundaries. They were NEVER able to
get out and see K....! And so they called the Assistants to the
President, and they made K....'s area, ours! And so we called her
right up! And she told us to come by! It was AMAZING to see her.

A year ago.. She was falling apart. She could barely move, she was on
tons of medications, she was always in pain and was miserable. She was
always pleasant and kind, but you could tell that she was fighting
inner battles with herself. Now this week we stop by. She comes to the
door, bouncing walking and completely bubbly! She was friendly and
excited, off her medications and she had a clear mind. It was a night
and day difference. It warms my heart to see the differences that she
had made in her life. It is like teaching a completely different
person. And she gave us soap that she makes! She is a genius. :)

This week was also the Mission Christmas Party! It wasn't even the
whole mission, but it was two zones! Needless to say it was the bomb
even though We were cut . We played some killer games and it got
really competitive. OBVS my team won.  There was no competition what
so ever. When you have sister Wagner on your team you are bound to
win, no matter what. Except for those times when I don't win. But we
just ignore those times.

I wanted to contribute a bit of my email to our beloved Savior. I know
that Jesus Christ is the son of God. That he was born so that we can
over come the things of this world. Our mistakes and wrong doings, our
sadness and heart breaks. He is there so that we can feel relief in
our uncertainties. We are blessed to have a Savior. And blessed to
have a loving Heavenly Father who sent his son as a gift to us. And
this holiday season I hope you all remember that! Have a blessed



-Sister Wagner

Me and my mission bestie Sister Rez taking a selfie!

Ugliest sweater awards!

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