Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Okay! Things in this area go in massive tidal waves of activity. So
last week was slow and the email was short, but this week things
happened! :)

Monday nights are ALWAYS interesting because then i am forced to wait
to tell you all! SO  we went to a lesson with a person we had met
once, Kate! flash back!! The Spanish Elders found her for them, and
we followed up and set the appointment pretty quickly and left! flash
forward! We go to the lesson. And Kate comes and we are talking to
her and asked if she had read the pamphlet we left her! and she said
yes and we got talking and then KATE walked in..WAIT WHAT..YEAH turns
out brilliant as we are, we had been teaching her sister who looks
SUPER similar...and she knew who we were and had read the pamphlet
because Kate had told her to..so we had been teaching Missy. Gosh,
our lives. That is what happens when you have a lot of kinfolk!
Sometimes as missionaries, if you aren't careful you will teach the
wrong person because they will look an awful lot alike. #weareidiots.
BUT! We ended up catching Kate up and setting a baptismal date with
her! That is how it is done people. #win

Also, remember how a couple weeks ago, I had this major revelation on
this person, K....., who i taught in Corbin, but sometimes she would
live here? WELL.. Update, the Elders found her! and they got ahold of
her! and will be seeing her this week! :) And then hopefully I will
see her soon! It is amazing how aware God is of his Children, he will
place them in your path again if they are there for you to help!  :)
God is Great.

We are teaching this man named Nathan. Nathan is one of the most
interesting people that I have ever met. He is quiet and goes through
a lot of  things that the average person wont understand. And so he
tends to be a little more..."dark" if you will. He believes very
strongly that he has been asked to defeat all evil. And so the
question that he asked us as we were teaching him... if it would be a
bad idea to look up things about cults and witchcraft? which of course
we said "...that might not be the best thing to do, let's fight
darkness, by bringing light into our lives" And so this week we have
been studying a lot about light, specifically the light of the gospel
and the light of Christ. And it has been really interesting. When we
have the light of Christ in our lives, the things that are possible
are endless and the peace that we feel nothing will be able to match it. Darkness will never overcome light, light will always penetrate. And in the
wise words of a friend of Sister Spiteri.. "don't look for Gods truths
in an environment where they can not be validated by the witness of
the spirit" #LIGHT.

This week MALLORY, my dear friend from the world of Jasper Indiana
came to visit us this week :) She spent the day going around with us
and we had a few very interesting encounters. We go to find this man
named Ryan, a less active member. And we come to this road in the
middle of no where... and we drive up this mud driveway that is a hill
and we get to the top, just to see this truck come up behind us and
this man with a killer beard as the driver. We say a prayer before we
get out of the car, which I said "Heavenly Father please bless that
this man doesn't have a gun, or that at least that he wont shoot us."
And then during the conversation he was telling us about his friend
and his friends hunting abilities, and then he tells us "I don't even
own a real gun, just a pellet gun" HEAVENLY FATHER HEARS PRAYERS :) I'm
so blessed! He was an extremely kind man too!! :) I love Kentucky!

Apparently, my stone heart is beginning to soften, which may or may
not be good. I have been driving my companion up the wall trying to
talk about feelings, thoughts and life. It's like I don't even know who
I am anymore. #heartless #maybenot #thereishope

We met this ADORABLE little old lady this week! The same day we met
the man without a gun! So we were out in the Kentucky sticks and we
had no service and we pull up to this what looks like abandoned house
that matched the address we were looking for! We look around and we
see this broken barn, and then we see a cat...and then another
cat...and then another, and another... And then we are starting to be
a little freaked out..and we see this bag...hanging from this
tree...and we are convinced at this point that we are gonna see a dead
woman in this house that has collapsed and been forgotten. BUT! We
knock and enter to find the cutest, frailest woman I have ever seen in
my life. She tells us about her life and how her grandparents crossed
the plains and how she is her with her children and they live around
and they need the gospel. And she was hilarious! Example: She goes:
"Here, let me buy you lunch take this" *hands sister spiteri 20 bucks*
"No it is really okay!" then she goes "It wont be okay, not until you
take this!" haha needless to say this lady forced us to take her
money. And then She kept telling us to "take a cat" cause she didn't
want them..She was the sweetest!!! But we couldn't take a cat..

Turkey day was a blast! We got some naps in, and some delicious home
cooked food! We got 2 dinners, there is nothing like it! and
therefore, we almost blew up..It was worth it! :) We were taken care


That moment when...
..it still isn't that cold
..you have a heart to heart with your comp
..you rearrange and it's a total fail
..you survive two thanksgivings two years in a row!
..you learn how to take off wall paper

I hope that you all are doing amazing and had an awesome week and
holiday season! Check out christmas.mormon.org There is a new
Christmas video out to celebrate this new season that we have now
cracked into!

Love and miss you all!

-Sister Wagner

Gotta have the comp selfie; she puts up with a lot

Gotta love when one of your favorite sisters, Sister Resendez,
randomly stops at your place!

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