Tuesday, December 29, 2015


This is it everyone! I am officially out of Jasper and in the capitol
city of Kentucky! Frankfort! Many of you might think it is Louisville
because for the longest time I did.. #fail Not going to lie though, my
heart longs for good ol' jasper. You truly don't know what you got
till it's gone.

Frankfort is amazing! We cover TONS of area...I'm talking the whole
ward boundaries. It is completely insane. There are 3 sets of
missionaries in the ward. Sisters, Bike English Elders, and the
Versailles Spanish Elders. Needless to say, there is a lot of work to
be done and a lot of people to be taught! We are just busting out
miracles up this way and making things happen #hollah But let us put a
spin on this WHOLE THING. This area was whitewashed essentially
because of safety. SO The sisters moved from Versailles, and came to
Frankfort, we switched places with the Versailles Spanish Elders
SO...we have no idea where anything is..or where to go..because part
of where we live is the bike elders so it has been a real journey..
CRAZY planning. But hey. What can you do about it right!? Just gotta
roll.. even when it feels like your head is going to be what rolls

My companion is Sister Spiteri! (SPIT-TERRY) She is from Utah but has
lived all over! She is super creative and is majoring in Art! :) She
has been on her mission about 14 months! So we are right around each
other in field time! It makes things easier because she knows what she
is doing! SO that's good!

Oh.. I could go on for days about the car I drive in this area. mmmmm
mmm. MIKE be jealous right about now.. I have the pleasure of being
the driver of a 2015 SUBARU LEGACY. dark gray with dark interior. Oh
man this puppy looks so nice and drives even better. It kind of sets
up any car I will probably ever be able to afford for utter
failure...but I will live in luxury for now. I will take a picture of
it and send it next week as proof.

The area that we work a lot, Versailles, is horse country. It is
absolutely breath taking. We see these million dollar horses ALL the
time. And the pastures and barns are almost as beautiful as the
horses! this is why I love Kentucky. It is good to be back in this
Not to mention a mall is 30 minutes away and there is some actually
shopping right  near by. HALLELUJAH!

This week..revelation was received. Back in Corbin, KY I was teaching
this woman named K....! She was super sweet! And she sometimes lived
there and sometimes lived in another town. And we would teach her
while she was there. I haven't thought about this woman for forever!
Until we got talking in a meeting about something...and then the
spirit just put in my mind... SHE SOMETIMES LIVED IN FRANKFORT! And
then I told the Elders about it, and then Elder Bennett, who has
already served in this area, had taught her too while she was this
way...and that same day she had come to his mind as well.. SO we are
now on the hunt for K.....! It is so amazing to know that God will
place thoughts and impressions into your mind so that you can help his

I had the pleasure of watching someone be arrested this week. We were
in the library parking lot and it went a little like this: this cop
car is circling the parking lot. He parks near a big red car. He gets
out. He taps on the window. The lady in the car, "1 seconds" the cop
with her finger. ☝🏼. The cop waits. The lady rolls down her window.
Then we hear "i have your picture in my car if you need to see it."..
"You are about ready to be charged for possession" The cop tells her to
get out. She gets out. She is on the phone talking. She walks around
the car. the cop follows. She walks around multiple times. Then she
begins to run. the cop runs too. He says "you can't out run me" She
says "I'm on the phone with my daughter! She is crying!" As she
proceeds to try and get away from the cop. He says "You are about
ready to be charged for about 4 different things" and then she throws
a fit. Then he cuffs the lady. Then he brings her to his car. Talks to
her about who knows what. And then puts the old lady in the car. Oh,
yeah, the lady was old.

Missionary work is the hardest thing ever. Especially when things are
mixed all about. But I have found that prayer goes a long way.
Heavenly Father isn't going to leave us helpless. He will always
support us and lead us to where we need to go and what we need to do.
And he does that in real life too...not just missionary life. :)

I hope that you all are having a great week! I love you all! Feel free
to send mail if you want to..I sure wont complain :) Work hard, and
PRAY harder!!

New address:

Sister Wagner
749 Ridgeview Dr.
Frankfort, KY 40601

-Sister Wagner

The best water tower I have ever seen!

It's been 15 months since I have lived near a TJ Maxx. My life is complete, my wallet is not.


#arrested #cops #fightingcrime

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