Tuesday, December 29, 2015

11/23 Jump up to Jasper

This week I had the amazing pleasure of heading back up to Jasper to
see Jane  be baptized!! It was amazing to be there and see the
excitement on her face as she entered into the waters of baptism.
Anne is now not the only person in her family to join Christ's

This week has been a long blur. It happens I cant even handle myself!
We are just so busy working with the people in the area I'm loosing my
mind! I have been making goals to learn all the people in the area but
I cant seem to keep their names right in my head! haha They all get
jumbled up!

This week we had interviews with our mission president! He is amazing!
And so hilarious. He was able to teach us how to better introduce the
book of Mormon to those who we meet. It was inspiring. He practiced on
us and I left feeling like I wanted to read the book of Mormon over
and over again and tell everyone about it. I know that the Book of
Mormon is the word of God and can bless our lives and help us come
closer to God.

We were able to have a lesson with this woman named Tess. She hasn't
been to church and forever. We were able to listen to her as she
shared with us her experience of finding the church and going up and
down with  her relationship with God. She was truly inspiring. That is
the amazing thing about serving in this way. The people that you meet
will change your life because of their stories and the things that
they have gone through.

Sorry if this email this week is totally lame! it was just a really
slow week! :) I love and miss you all!

I love these people #baptism

Capital Building

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