Monday, August 31, 2015


Sometimes the time goes TOO fast for anyone's own good. Like this week for instance, I'm glad it's over, because it has been crazy! Let me give you a run down of the insanity of this week, miracles and all!

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling SUPER sick. and that was a problem because we were going to exchange with some sisters in that serve in Olney. SO We were at the church doing some language study and I am just feeling very uncomfortable! And so the Elders were there, THANK GOODNESS! I was able to get a blessing. And you know what? We were able to Exchange! Sister Beecroft came here to spend the day with me and Sister Hopwood took the trek out of state to Olney, IL. So we had an awesome day!

Sister Beecroft and I went to see one of our Investigators, Elizabeth. She is 18 and SO sweet! She just has TONS of little siblings running around everywhere and so it is really hard to have a spiritual lesson with her. This time was a bit different. We begin to share a lesson. We share with her the message of the restoration. teaching it as simply as we can. As we are bearing testimony to her about the truthfulness of the message, the whole house got quiet. We tell her "Elizabeth, I know the spirit is here right now" And she just looks at us and says "I know it is, I can feel it." Then here little sisters goes "I feel so happy right now" and she wasn't even paying attention. It was such an amazing experience to be apart of. Just to feel the truth of what you are saying enter into someones heart. And sometimes.. it is good to have a reminder of the greatness of a mission. It just really made me reflect on how grateful I am for the chance to share the gospel with other people everyday. Who ever it is.

And then we saw Pam. Pam is a former investigator. Someone who I taught when I first got here to Jasper back in March. So 6 months ago. I had a very serious talk with Pam. Telling her when she was serious about the gospel, coming to church and getting baptized to tell us. And we would be happy to teach her and share the message with her. So flash back to last Sunday. A man in our ward came up to us, and said "Sisters, I just saw Pam she told me to tell you that she is ready to be baptized so go and teach her" Now we took it as a joke. And we went to her house this week with the intent to go and see a member that she lives with. So we park and then she comes over to the window of the car and says with a smile "Did he tell you?" And we were like what? that you were ready to be baptized? and she was like "Yeah!" And so to be safe that it wasn't going to be like the last time we taught her, we laid out our expectations and the changes that she will have to make right there. She said okay and that she was ready to do it all. It was so cool! This week we went over there for a real lesson and were able to set a baptismal date for her and some goals! I have a feeling she is a big reason of why I've been in Jasper for such a long time!

SO that was Tuesday! Wednesday. I was sick again! And then Thursday, I was out and Slept all day. And then Friday. I was out for about 1/2 the day. It was VERY frustrating. I was going crazy. I just wanted to get out and work but I was totally down. BUT! I am feeling a bit better so I can go and do..just a little..cant over do it. But I am on the mend! A lit of people have been saying a bug is going around. SO happy that I was included.. NOT.

This weekend we were able to see one of our investigators get baptized!! :D It was such an amazing experience! But before I tell you about that, we had to get to the church a few hours early to make sure the baptismal font got filled. Now you might be thinking. a FEW hours?! That is crazy. Yeah you might think that but it was inspired. So we got there and rinsed it out and started filling it up. Then it gets to the first step when we notice something very important. It had this gross film on the top of it. So..what do we have to do? Drain the whole thing and start over. We emptied it out and got some mops and scrubbed that thing down. Making sure it looked great and actually clean. Then we started filling it up. And we got it perfectly filled as much as we could and it was all ready! :D  The 4 o'clock rolls around and it's time for the baptism..OH NO! WHERE IS KEVIN! No worries, He showed up a few minutes late. haha almost gave us a heart attack! The baptism was one of the most spiritual baptisms I have ever had the pleasure of being at. The spirit was practically tangible in the air. Because Kevin is 9, we asked someone his age to give a talk! It was so cute! And we asked one of his church friends to give a prayer too! It really invited the spirit. It was amazing. There was a duet that happened with a couple men from our ward and together they sang A Child's Prayer. It was so good! It just made me so happy!

That was my week! I spent a lot of time sleeping! But it was a great week none the less!

That moment when.... are knocking on a door and you look down and there is a random bra strap. are in a rush and you put a sandwich in your purse and then forget about it. don'
t want to eat anything but soup so you put a can in your car.
..when you iPad starts playing hymns in Sunday school.

"This is like mating a guinea pig and a duck.. It just doesn't work"

"You've never had a Hispanic kid in your class named Caesar? It's pronounced say-sar NOT See-ser"

Thank you all so much for your support and your prayers! I feel them all the time :) You all are fantastic! I love you and miss you all! Share what you know with others. Have fun. never stop laughing. and if you feel sick sleep. ;)

--Sister Wagner

Sister Beecroft is the sweetest!

                         Same dress, different colors. #lovethem For those of you who have kept up since the beginning, you know last
September I was brutally attacked by a dog. This week, on September
4th it will have been a year. Look at the progress!


                                  Entering Paper records to the ipad!


                                                 Fred the cat!

                                   What a member drops off for you when they know you are sick!

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