Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Exchange the Miracles!

This week... Man where to start. It totally flew by. It was exhausting, spirit filled, miracle filled and just a typical week on the mission! I love serving my Heavenly Father full time. It is so weird that I have been a missionary doing this service 24/7 for a solid 13 months. It has been the best thing I have ever done despite all the ups and downs that it always has! The mission is like a crazy ocean. some times it is smooth sailing. Others there are some white-caps, and sometimes it has massive waves that will take you over. Then..sometimes you can bottle up all those...and put it into a week!

It started out with the opportunity to go to the mission home for a leadership meeting. Sister Hopwood and I made the trek up to Louisville. And entered into a spiritual feast of knowledge. We received a power house training from the assistants to the president. (Two missionaries that work closely with him) This training was the most mind-blowing thing that has ever happened to me. We were trained on what doctrine, principles and applications are. And how to have a true conversion with need to share with people doctrine, so that they will righteously govern themselves. It was intense. After that training our mission president shared with us exerts from a talk given by Elder Ballard in the 2004 October conference called "Pure Testimony" That talk changed my life and the way I testify and share with people that which I know to be true. We talked about how we as missionaries can boldly testify of what we know. and I want all of you to know. That I know that God lives. He is our Father and is aware of us. I know that Jesus is the Christ. He is our savior and Redeemer. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and restored Christ's church. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and can bless us and guide us.

After that meeting in Louisville on Tuesday, the Zone Leaders asked us to give a training on the assistants training on THURSDAY. We pretty much had a panic attack...because it was complex topic and we were going to attempt to give it to 20+ missionaries in the same grace they delivered it to us.. So Wednesday evening we were busy preparing this training.. when we realized. HA. We don't understand it well enough to explain it! So there we are reading and re-reading our notes and we are not getting the answer to what we need to know. We of course pray and ponder A LOT on the little information we have. And then we were reading in our notes and something stuck out to us, and we were able to take it and from that understand everything well enough to explain it to the missionaries. And with just our luck the Assistants show up at our training of their training. And that wasn't sarcasm because they really helped out! And the missionaries were taught and understood! It was such an amazing blessing! I know that the Lord will help us to understand concepts that we need to.

This week I had the pleasure to go on exchange with Hermana Bown in Evansville! We had some awesome miracles happen! And it was just my luck that they happened to be english miracles!

SO we were out doing some work! The Elders had passed off to them a referral because they just figured that someone with the name Jose would be spanish speaking. So we go over. And we knock on the door. Some lady tells us to go around. And then come in, and then she told us to sit down. And then she sits, and two teenagers are in the room and looks at us and goes "who are you?" UH? What? She just let us into her house before she even knew who we were.  So we tell her and she just starts to cry, and her daughter had ordered her a bible because she had just gotten out of jail. She opened up to us about feeling lost and alone and hopeless. She expressed that she previously had a drug problem that she is over coming. And that she questioned if God was even there. We were able to testify to her that God was aware of her. And that through Jesus Christ she can find relief. The english evansville elders will be going to see her and teach her more about the restored gospel!

While we were there we also saw another miracle! We were out and about trying to find this guy. But around his apartment was a bunch of people so we started talking to them one at a time and sharing the message of the restoration with them. After we saw this one woman come out of her apartment and we went over to talk to her and as we get talking she says that she doesnt agree with the things that we teach, but then she invites us inside because she wants to show us the book of Mormon she had. And come to find out..SHE HAD BEEN READING IT! And was at the end! She said she had met with missionaries before and that we always happen to show up when she starts thinking about going to church again. It was amazing to see her heart soften from the beginning to the end and see her willingness to learn more. We shared with her the promise in Moroni 10. And she said "I don't think it is by chance it is on the EXACT page that I was reading." It was such a miracle that we had the chance to be there right at the right time.

SPANISH MIRACLE! Okay! So this week we were just doing our thing trying to find out where some hispanic members live, so we tried to find this address with these people in it. BACK UP ABOUT A WEEK! We got this weirdo knock on our house door and the member we lived with was asleep and it was these hispanics that were looking for the member's we live with daughter in law. and Sister Hopwood stayed and translated for a bit to help the member we live with. and so FLASH FORWARD. We knock on this trailer door looking for this member. And it were these two people that had come to our house! We were able to share the gospel with them. and they were interested! They know some members and they were thinking about going to a church because they don't go to one right now. They are so sweet and so prepared!! It was so cool to see that the Lord really does place us where we need to be at the right time!

We have had iPads now since May. And ever since we have gotten them we have had to put 100+ paper records into the iPad by typing them all out. It was the craziest thing I think I have ever done and it took forever. But after about an hour every night. we FINALLY this week...as of last night... HAVE PUT IN ALL THE RECORD!!!! #success. It has been a struggle. But it is now a victory.

OH. This week. I was driving down this highway type road. and I see this little thing walking across the road. As we got closer I saw a little head and a shell! A cute little turtle! So precious! So I dodge it of course! But I want unable to move over as much as I wanted to because of another car. So.. I dodged the turtle...just to hit it. We felt the bump, and the shell crush under the tires. I teared up. It was heart breaking. I'm a murderer. 🐢🚙

"I thought they looked like elf shoes but I didn't say anything"
"I put my girlfriends extensions in my beard"
"Her moms name is Tuesday Divine"

That moment when...
...someone you cant see cusses you out and you weren't even talking to them!
...you don't want to move because it is so hot out
...when you leave your favorite water bottle at a building over an hour away

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you all! thank you for your support and prayers! I feel 'em! Don't do anything stupid and read your scriptures and pray EVERY. DAY.

--Sister Wagner


Sometimes too much sun makes you and your companion #CRAZY

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