Monday, August 3, 2015

Straight up crazy!

This week was really pretty weird...and pretty ordinary too. Nothing
too exciting seemed to happen. SO please forgive me if this email
seems shorter and more bland that usual!

SO This week started out with some awesome meeting! We had what is
called a Zone Conference, and we have the chance to hear from our
Mighty Mission President, President Brough, and his Assistants. I have
this very VERY firm belief that I have the best mission president in
the world. No one can compare to him. He is just a goof. Let me give
you some examples:
He talks about how excited he is and then he just jumps on the ground
and starts doing push-ups. OR. when his computer freezes he just says
"It's frozen, what do you think about that? It is 80 something degrees
outside and it is frozen" Then as he restarts his computer talks about
reseting an airplane. OR when he talks about food and he bends down
really close to the pulpit microphone and starts licking his lips. OR
when he is complimenting the mission and goes "this the
GKLM....grrrrrrrrr. that was a tiger growl." OR the fact that his wife
has big true or false signs to hold up in meeting because he
elaborates stories.

I know that I am supposed to be one of President Brough's missionaries
at this time. I just have so much to learn from him. He has this
perfect balance of fun and serious and his humor never takes away from
the spirit that can be felt. It is just such a blessing to Be able to
learn from him. He is such a good example about being lovingly bold.
Most importantly he knows who he is and has confidence in the Lord.
And his wife is honestly the sweetest little lady. If we make sure we
clean our apartments really well...She gives us hand soap from Bath
and Body works. It is just a testimony to me that the people that are
placed in our lives are placed their for a reason!

Like my great companion who is one of the most Christ-Like individuals
that I could ever know.

Changing pace a little bit. This week we went on exchanged and I was
able to spend some time with Hermana Gamett. She is so sweet! SO I was
spending some time in Evansville, IN. And we had to get out bikes off
the back of the car. It was dark and getting late and there was no way
it was going to come off! But we cried out to the Lord and he most
certainly heard my prayers. It was the greatest little blessing. I
know that God hears our prayers and is watching out for us. Hermana
and I had a lot of problems with our bikes. So the next day we go to
put the bikes back on the rack..but for some reason everything was
going wrong! we jokingly said that maybe we aren't supposed to ride
them! And we keep on going to get them on when we realize she has a
flat tire! So we try to pump it up! And it didn't work! and the pump
broke! A little frustrated we throw our hands up and decide not to
bike. To make ourselves feel better we just started saying...well
maybe God doesnt want us to bike..maybe there is something that we
dont know that is happening... Sure enough we get in the car and we
drive out of the complex to see fire trucks and cops everywhere! Come
to find out.. There had been 2 bombs found on that street and an
announcement to be on the look out for suspicious packages. I know
that the Lord protects his servants and is watching out for each one
of us. I know that when bad things happen that God knows the big
picture. He understands, and that his hand is in the smallest details
of our lives.

Something that I have learnt... Cubans have killer style.
#starspangledcapris....on a man. And They all have the most
interesting hair...I cant fully explain it..but just trust me. And
BLIG. Im talking teeth, watches, and straight up Gold everything. My
eyes have been open to a range of culture! It had been awesome. Also..
they are super dramatic. Example: a man just said: (in spanish but the
translation is:) Blessed be the Heavens!  When he answered the door..
It is great! But I really just stand there kind of dumb-founded
because I have no idea what is being said. I can pick up a few
things...but most of the time I accidentally check out. But then I
find them telling my companion that I look tired.. OOPS.

That moment when...
your words are autocorrected to: albinos will apostatize.
you are trying to be serious and chipmunk music starts playing
When you are talking to hispanics and their jams are too loud

CONGRATULATIONS TO SADIE TAYLOR who is getting married this weekend!
Thanks for your announcement! I LOVE YOU!

I hope that you all have a fantastic week and are doing everything
that you can to get closer to Jesus Christ. He is our rock and our
Salvation. He is the only one that can help us to over come the trials
of this life. I love you all! Have fun and laugh lots!

---Sister Wagner

Sister Bunker

Hermana Garnett

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