Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Expect the Unexpected!

You never know what will happen when you are a missionary. You will have something perfectly planned, and then within a split second you find out that all your plans have to be changed and rearranged. This week was a perfect example this principle.

This week Sister Hopwood and I, because it is the start of the new transfer, had to do some serious planning for when we were going to see all the sisters we work with. So after over an hour of praying, and deciding when to do who, and moving them around meetings and such, we get a dreaded text message. "OH, and we will let you know when interviews will be this month" YUP. We have interviews with the Mission President this transfer and we totally spaced it! So hopefully none of the Sisters interviews will happen at a time we planned to see them because then we are starting from scratch.

Another example of the principle mentioned is this: We are having our normal schedule when all of the sudden we get a call from our mission president. And for those who are unaware. You typically DO NOT get random calls from your mission president. He was just calling because he was going to be going to do an baptismal interview, and to get there he had to drive through Jasper. So he just figured he would stop and take us out to lunch! President Brough is one of the most hilarious people that I know. He cracks me up! It was so kind of him to care enough about us as missionaries to want to stop by and spend time with us while passing through.

The poor elders here in Jasper, Elder Stewart (who I came out with) and Elder Walker (who just came out this week!) were without a car this week. It was in the shop and so they were walking and biking everywhere they went. But they came across this problem. How were they going to get to district meeting in Owensboro, an hour away? They called and called and called members to try and get themselves a ride. But no dice. But then an angel member Sister Scott came to the rescue offering the Elders, and us a ride! So we are in district meeting and the meeting gets over and we check our phone. It was Sister Scott: "I just got in an accident, I'm fine the other lady is fine, be there soon" WHAT?! So we all felt terrible because poor Sister Scott had offered so kindly to be willing to drive us and gets in an accident. The Lord certainly knows each of us individually. When we were talking to Sister Scott she was telling us what happened. The lady that hit her was on her way to get flowers for her friends funeral who had just committed suicide. Sister Scott has the brightest personality and told us that she knew she needed to be the one that got hit, and the that Lord allowed that to happen because the lady couldn't have handled getting yelled at. I definitely have a testimony that the Lord puts us right where we need to be to do his work and comfort those who need comfort. And because of this, Sister Scott also had the chance to share the gospel with her!

At the beginning of last transfer, Sister Hopwood and I made some goals. We wanted to so badly see a baptism in the month of August. So we set some goals and we looked through some names and we hit our knees to start praying for the miracles. Then we got to work. We had the impression that this young boy of about 9 years old, Kevin, who is the son of a less active, could be baptized this month. Sisters had taught him in the past but because of family situations were unable to see him to the waters of baptism. We set goals with what we wanted to see happen, and how we wanted to accomplish seeing it happen. With a lot of hard work, prayer, and planning, Kevin, will be being baptized this coming Saturday, if all goes well this week! We are so grateful for the Lord's hand in helping us to help one of his children come unto him. There is no better feeling as a missionary than knowing you have accomplished your purpose of bringing a soul closer to Jesus Christ.

Sometimes as missionaries you get talking about the most random things. This week during dinner out of town, Sister Hopwood and I found ourselves looking out over this big man-made pond with a fountain in the middle. We were exhausted and were just talking about whatever. So whales were brought up. We spent the next 20 minutes talking about different types of whales. and how long a blue whale was and it would be able to fit inside the man made pond. And what we discovered, it wouldn't! A small one would, but the largest one discovered would not. This was all thanks to estimating and the dictionary on our iPads.

"I have this desire to watch shamoo...right. Now."

"I'm sweating now! That really scared me"

A 9 year old talking about a past missionary:
"does he still have those bright teeth and cute eyes?" and "Did his eyebrows get bushy?" and then we ask "what if he tells us he thinks you're cute?" "tell him im too pretty for him"
and we tell her "he is from Canada"  "OH! That's why he's so tan!"

That moment when...
...You have a freak out and think you need to wake up but realize you still have time to sleep.
...when you try to make a joke in spanish and the person doesnt get it
...when you are in a library planning and some young girl starts screaming Carrie Underwood and then starts dancing all because she cant hear herself because she has headphones.
...when you wake up from a lunch nap and get on your knees to pray inv
estigator is going to be baptized!!!!!
..when you see these caterpillars with pinecone looking things on their backs.

thank you Papa for your letter! you rock! :)

I hope that you all have the most wonderful week and are productive with your time! It is the little things that matter most. Enjoy everything and laugh a lot. have fun and work hard! I miss you all! thank you so much for your love and support! it doesn't go unnoticed!

--Sister Wagner

           Mallory, sister Hopwood and myself. Mallory left for college and this       week she was seriously missed
                                           The weird caterpillar

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