Monday, August 3, 2015

This miracle though! feat. Sister Matthews!

Howdy y'all! Okay I'm just going to jump in with both feet and get
started! This miracle is so real.

flash back a bit: So there is this woman that Sister Matthews and I
talked to a couple months ago after spending a day in the scorching
heat biking around. Her name is Lorna. It was a great contact and we
were able to share a plan of salvation pamphlet with her because she
mentioned that she had lost her son. When we were biking away we were
so happy! in fact...when left chanting #blessingsofthebikes  🚴🏽 We
were able to set up a return appointment but that didn't take away from
the miracle that someone actually talked to us and was kind. We tried
back and we couldn't catch her home!

FLASH FORWARD. Sister Hopwood and I are planning and we though...LETS
TRY LORNA! We hadn't talked to her since that initial contact forever we decide to try her. and we stop by. Her son was home, who
Sister Matthews and I had also met that day biking. He said his mom
was asleep. But it was still more than we had gotten before! So we
leave and come back another time. To have Lorna open the door and
invite us to sit down. We talk about her beliefs for awhile and she
has all these very unique elaborate ideas about religion. Curious we
ask where she has come up with these ideas. Well. She had come up with
these theories from experiences that other people share, and from what
she herself has experienced. The reason this was so odd is because her
personal beliefs...line up with the plan of salvation. Sister Hopwood
and I felt inspired to share with her a video and talk about the plan
of Salvation with her.

(those who don't know what the plan of salvation is, it is the plan
that God has for each of us. It answers questions like: where did we
come from? why are we here?  and where are we going? and if you want
to know what we believe on this topic... ** **
These little videos answer them! Or just ask me haha) ☀️🌙⭐️

ANYWAY. continuing on! SO we showed her a video. She was nodding and
she agreed and you could just see that she was so impressed with the
whole thing. We were elaborating, and she stopped us and asked "I'm
just wondering, is there a time between death, and when we are
resurrected and Judged?" And then she continues on.. "Sometimes my son
comes to me and talks to me in dreams. But whenever he does that, his
eyes are closed and he tells me that he is alright but that he is
resting right now, so is there a space of time where people, rest?"

It was such a miracle that God prepared her to hear the restored
gospel. She was just so accepting of the things that we said and the
spirit in the room was crazy strong. It was such a tender moment to be
able to tell her that she can see her son again and that everything
would be okay. She was so relieved to have a surety of the information
rather than just theories that she had come to, that people actually
believed what she believed. I count myself as blessed to be able to
have been there for that lesson.

Another miracle so last week Hermana Hopwood and I met this super cool
lady named Peg! However..she lives out in the middle of no where. She
wanted to talk a little to us, but didn't want to give us her exact
address because she didn't think we would be able to find it...and she
was probably right. So instead she gave us her email!...When Sister
Hopwood and I finally got the idea to finally email her.. we realized
that we had no idea where her email was....and then I remembered...It
was written on a dreaded sticky note in my bag...that had been thrown
away. With great haste, when we arrived home I became a trash picker
going through our trash..when there is was....right there!!!!!! Email
all ready to use! :) It was a great and simple miracle. 📲

This week we were able to set a baptismal date with one of our
Investigators, ALAN! He is hispanic, and speaks some english...but
mostly spanish. So Hermana Hopwood did most of the teaching in
spanish. We had a member with us too that spoke spanish so I did my
usual in spanish lessons and looked around trying to pick up on
familiar words. It was an awesome lesson. And I knew that before
Sister Hopwood even told me. As we were sitting in the lesson, I could
feel the spirit and I knew that not only was truth being taught, but
that Alan had an open heart, ready to receive the message. It was such
a unique experience because although i speak hardly any spanish at
all....the spirit is a universal language of peace and of truth. ⚡️

In that same lesson just earlier than the really strong spirit was
this bee...well actually it was a yellow jacket. Alan just kind of
looks at us and goes, those are the worst. They sting you...and then
all their friends come and get you too. WHAT?! SO we just freak out
and start shifting...then we go back to our seats...then move because
of the yellow jacket, then go back and then move....and I said a
little prayer in my heart...and it finally left us alone. It was a bit
frightening. The Member and Alan got a good laugh out of it though. it
was a horrifying experience. 🐝

That moment when...
you have a long day and members just show up and offer to go get you
Dairy Queen and bring it to you!

you eat cheese cake that contains garlic and it was still delicious


"I wish I ate off that talent tree in the pre-existance."
"not to be negative, but I want to poke myself in the eye-balls"
"that's like an extreme sport, tickling Hermana Hopwoods feet" -Hermana Hopwood

I hope that you all have an amazing week! And that you all still
remember who I am...because...I will see you all in 6 months. YUP. I
only have that much time left. The year mark has been hit. I LOVE YOU
ALL And thank you for your continual support and prayers. They really
have been felt and appreciated.

---Sister Wagner

exchanges this week! Hermana Hopwood, Hermana Butterfield, me and
Hermana Magalei

A sweet girl in our ward made this for Sister Hopwood and I

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