Monday, August 10, 2015

Life of a Missionary!

Time keeps going faster and faster. How is the week already done? And so much has happened that I feel like I have already told you all about..BUT NOPE. not true! This week has been full of both ups and downs, laughs, confusion, and everything else. No HUGE stories this week..Just little things that will help explain just how missionary life can be like.

Monday. In the life of a kind of let yourself go a little bit. You don't really have much time on Monday to do EVERYTHING you want. So sometimes things get a little out of hand...Example.. Your teeth...or your hair. SO this Monday we were rushing around more than usual because Sister Hopwood got to get her teeth cleaned by our Bishop! And! I got a chance to get my hair cut! Which was much needed because it had been..oh 6 months or so... so you can imagine my ends were horrible. 2 inches chopped off. And now my ends are silky smooth.

Tuesday. I head off to Corydon, Indiana to spend the day with Hermana Steele. She is an awesome sister full off love and determination to help and serve the people. SO as a missionary it is TYPICALLY one of 2 extremes. 1/ people feed you too much and you feel like you are going to die. or 2/ people don't feed you enough, so you get bored with eating what you have and you are just sad. When I went to Corydon.. it was the first of the two options. We got fed 3 times. Unexpectedly each time. You have to love those Hispanics. They just want to feed you! But when you aren't used to eating Hispanic food....and you get fed one MEAL after the next... you feel like you are going to BLOW UP. Don't get me wrong.. the food was amazing. But too much of anything is never a good thing. ALSO we went on a search...for a blue a genealogy center....those things are FULL of blue binders. Blue binder doesn't really narrow down the search at all.. #tryingtoserve

Wednesday. It was a good day, got home from my time with Hermana Steele. Just to be starving. So naturally Hermana Hopwood and I decide to go to Fazolis. And for those who don't know what that is... It is "italian food fast" Yeah seriously. Italian fast food. It's a thing. So we just want their killer good bread sticks. But when we go up...Limited time Nutella Cheesecake? YES PLEASE! So we get it and eat it and it was horrible honestly. The bread was great though! Later that night we eat some mac&cheese. And go to the church. (THERE IS A POINT TO THIS) Feeling really nauseous (it came on in not even 10 minutes) and I'm in the bathroom at the church blowing chunks. So we drive home when I catch my breath enough to drive and I go and puke some more. and some more. #foodpoisoning.

Was it this the sketchy hispanic food? or was it the cheese cake? No one will truly know.

Fun discovery though! If you lift up the seat on the church actually says "CHURCH" at the base of the toilet seat.

I also reconfirmed that I have an AMAZING companion. #gotmy #washcloth #cupofwater and put in #THETESTAMENTS the best church movie ever.

Thursday. was a day that was kind of boring and we didn't really do anything worth writing about because missionaries, you have uneventful day. OH WAIT. haha something did happen. A Members basement flooded! And their carpet was sopping wet and we got to go and help take all of the books and games and furniture out and into the garage. It wasn't too bad actually because they are an amazing family. My favorite. But SH. Don't say anything #MOLEFAMILY

Friday. DISTRICT MEETING in OWENSBORO. The home of Johnny Depp. And they have a Chick-fil-a. Enough said. We also had a lesson with an investigator I think I mentioned last week. Lorna! She is such a sweet lady. When we had the lesson with her, she mentioned the first time I met her with Sister Matthews out on the bikes. And she said. "You said something to me and my son that had a huge impact on me, and I think on him too." And I just kind of sit there thinking of all the things that we might have said to her that day, and then she said "You told us that we were all brothers and Sisters, and you actually meant it and I could see that there are people who actually believe that." Now I am convinced that wasn't even said by me or sister Matthews. But she swears that it happened and that it touched her and stayed with her. I know that the spirit will draw from us that which others need to hear, and what will bless them immensely in their life.

Saturday. and Sunday. These days were quiet and much needed. We had a pretty crazy week and we were finally able to not worry about a ton of things. We were able to just take a deep breath and do missionary work without anything too crazy happening! Missionary work is the best work in the world. It is something that we all can be better at. Even full time missionaries. NEVER be hesitant to bring something up to someone. Great blessings come as we share with others that which we know is true.

Fun things to look forward too this coming week: ELDER ZWICK of the 70 is coming! This week! And all the leaders (zone leaders and sister training leaders) Get to have a small group meeting with him this week. OH SNAP THAT IS ME! And then we get to see him again later in the week when he does a mission tour! #freakingout

That moment when... find out an old man in your ward you visit got put in the "behavioral unit" and you cant go see them. get food poisoning. sit in a lesson and dont understand it because it's in Spanish #allthetime

...when someone tells you that you look Spanish for the millionth time. #noteventhattan

...when people look at you and start talking in spanish and you just look at your companion #estoyaprendiendoespanol


(sister Hopwood talking about Zerahemnah in the Book of Mormon):
 "He was such a dingbat, that is why they took his scalp off"

When you ask your companion why she yelled before she stomped and got in the car:
"It was a ba-jan-gous spider with eggs on it's back"

My email just started typing red and I dont know how to change it...#thestruggle.

SHOUT OUTS (oh look! it changed back!)


Have a spectacular week everyone! I love and miss each of you and if there is anything that I can do for you! PLEASE LET ME KNOW! :) I know the Book of Mormon is true, and that it is the word of God. If you want more peace in your life. Pick it up and read it.

laugh and smile lots!

--Sister Wagner 

this could be the dreaded cheese cake.

flooded basement, summer edition"

 Hermana Hopwood's hair...braided by a 5 year old.

 Not the typical LDS church building.....but it is!
 Gotta have that district selfie.. Where the missing Elder was in
this picture...I'm not sure..

The best icecream sundae...I have ever had

 Coydon Hermanas! Me, Sis Hopwood, Bennett and Steele

I was on exchange and wanted to try this ice cream place..and so
this worker saw us and opened it 40 minutes early so I could have some
before I left! #thanksJason

 Every ward needs these!!!

  A literal Indiana...I'm not really sure.

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