Monday, September 28, 2015


You read it right people, my lovely companion is gone as of tomorrow.
It is sad and very heartbreaking and things just won't ever be the same.
But if she has to leave I only get the most amazing companion as a
replacement. Hermana Magalei will be coming to Jasper! She is from
Hawaii which is why you might have been having trouble pronouncing her
last name! She's also a professional dancer! Has danced all around the
world and I'm going to have her teach me how to hula. Because that's
what she does! She speaks Spanish, and is going to help the
investigators that we have in this area so much!

We have this lovely Hispanic family that we are teaching right now.
They are amazing! They have 3 daughters who are 13, 14, and 15! So
this week they came to mutual at the church! It was so cool! Except
the moment they get out of the car, and there is their guy friend! The
awkward moment when they didn't pick up that it was a young woman's
activity so their guy friend came to the young woman's activity.

This week was a good week! It started off with us just doing our thing
and teaching the gospel! We decided that we want to talk to quite a
bit of people this week, so he hit the pavement. We met some really
cool people! So one miracle we had we were knocking on the store of
somebody who had previously been learning about the gospel. Neither of
us I meant them so we walked up to the door and we're waiting. When
the door opens there was this guy standing there and he just kind of
looked at us and said "oh my gosh it's actually them!" He looked at
his us shocked and we looked at him shocked. Come to find out after a
brief conversation him and his wife had recently joined the church and
they have just moved into the area! They had no idea where the church
was or anything! They just happen to move into the house of somebody
who we had planned to try that day. The Lords hand is in the work!
That is FOR SURE!

SO yesterday being Hermana Hopwood's last Sunday on the mission,
Heavenly Father felt that he should dump some amazing miracle on us!
So we come to church and we are sitting there and none of our
investigators came! But then... as I was conducting the music, in
walks one our our investigators! I have to keep it cool though because I was conducting and all that. And..then...IN WALKS 3 MORE! It is really
hard to not yell at your companion who is just singing away that 4
people just walked into church! Also.. cool tid-bit, a Peruvian family
moved in this week! SO...we had the pleasure of literally not having
enough translation equipment for all of them!

I have mentioned I think that we have a lady that is also living with
the member we live with...well..She is crazy. SO this is my little
"Chronicle of the Crazy Lady" Here is a few things that have happened
this week. 1. "Sisters, my car broke, tomorrow morning are you able to
give me a ride to work" UH..NO. 2. "Sisters, I don't have my phone
charger.. can I use yours?" UH SURE? 3. Our Bathroom. Clogged Toilet.
#notus. (luckily we are real woman and know how to work a plunger) 4.
What we hear as we are planning and she is on the phone "FINE HAVE ME
ARRESTED" 5. Two caramel apples on our day...1 caramel
apple.5. Bowl of rice krispies in the sink... she doesn't have
those...but we do..on our shelf. ---SO all of these things are a
little inconvenient. And annoying. But hey we deal and we laugh more
than actually get upset. But now here is the real kicker..that we
aren't sure about 6. Something that people us here is something that is
called a splatter guard. You just put it on top of things that you put
in the microwave. Now the other day, we realized that the top of the
splatter guard had been melted. WHAT? SO we think nothing of it. But
then one morning, Sister Hopwood observes the lady put her ceramic
bowl...ON TOP of the splatter guard.. and then proceed to microwave
it.. And thus we see how it was melted. SO the member we live with
just bought a new one....But then we noticed..IT WAS MELTED...AGAIN!
What in the world! so these are the questions we are asking our
selves. Wouldn't you have learned when it melted the first time not to
do it again? and why wouldn't she just take it out of the microwave?
Some questions will never be answered. Bless her heart.

"I am a sandwich offender"
"I don't mean to offend y'all but y'all are white and white people eat salad"
"It's not flirting it's just like..natural laws"
"Is that a jar of pee?"

That moment when...
...A Hispanic thinks your really shy compared to your companion..but
in reality your just quiet cause you don't know Spanish
...the people who fix your car wash it for you AND vacuum it out
...your companion goes home </3 have a beautiful montage with your companion as the sun is setting can email on your bed because the member you live with has wifi

General Conference is this weekend. What a wonderful experience it
will be to hear from a modern day prophet called of God. I know that
there is a prophet of God on earth and he is sent out of the love that
our Heavenly Father has for us. The words he will speak I know will be
true and inspired! PLEASE WATCH :)

Well I hope that you all are doing well and are happy and well! Thank
you each for your prayers and your patience! and your love! Dont do
anything that I wouldn't do! Have fun and laugh lots. And make every
day count! And most importantly. Trust God! :)

--Sister Wagner

Practically fluent in Spanish!  ... #notreally

 Sometimes as missionaries you text the wrong number..... 

 But at least they were friendly!

 Not sure what these giant things are...but they are as big as a book
of mormon...

 And our classic district selfie. Every companionship (but one) is
loosing someone so it is going to be all shook up!

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