Friday, September 25, 2015

WHo is my companion?!

This whole week nearly, Sister Hopwwod and I were hardly together! We had to change around some of our plans so we had the chance to exchange 2 sisters and then Blitz another so I felt like my companion has been gone all week! You dont realize how truly amazing your companion is until you are ripped from them! haha Sister Hopwood is fantastic. But unfortunately this is our last week together because Sister Hopwood completes her mission. :( I will miss her a heck of a lot!

I will start with Tuesday when I had the pleasure of spending time with Hermana Butterfield. She is one of the sweetest people that I know! She is just glowing with the light of the gospel all the time and she really listens to people, even people we meet on the side of the road and tailors the message right to them. She inspires me! :) We just spent most of our day talking with people and telling them the message that we have to share. It was so fabulous to share my testimony of the Savior with those around me while enjoying the company of Hermana Butterfield! While we were together we were able to visit some less active people. Our first stop was Devin and Corey. Two twins about 14 y/o who  joined the church about a year and 1/2 ago. One of the boys had lost all faith in Christ and his brother was trying to help him. He said that there was no proof and that he wanted a sign. Told him that we couldn't give him a sign. But the Spirit of God could. We bore simple testimony to him. At the end we asked them what he felt. He didn't say much he just looked at us and said with a little smile come back on Thursday. It was such a tender experience to know that the spirit helped his faith to grow a little bit more so that he could return back to the truths that he once knew.

Thursday it was time to be with Hermana Bennett! Hermana Bennett is great! She has the most sincere testimony of prayer that I have ever seen. When we were together I learned so much about personal revelation and how I can further my relationship with my father in heaven. We had the chance to go and visit a person that we found here in Jasper named Cynthia. When we stopped by she welcomed us in and allowed us to share the message of the restoration with her. It was short. It was simple. and the spirit was felt. You could see in her eyes that she knew the truth of what we were saying. It is tender moments like that where I remember the divinity of the message we share. That God called a prophet, Joseph Smith and Christ's church is truly again on the earth with a fullness of truth and clarity. We were also able to set a baptismal date with her! It was so precious of an opportunity that I will hold close to me.

Friday night Sister Hopwood treked down/ over to Evansville, IN to spend some time with the sisters there! I was able to spend Saturday with Sister Bunker. She is just so happy and humble, always looking for ways that she can better help people and become better in the process. She is so wonderful! We had a crazy day in the city. I love the things that I am able to say I have experienced now that I have served a mission.. Like this... while in Evansville we parked on the street that someone got shot on not to long ago! But we went during the day so it was safe! We met this man, his name was Jamie. Now we thought FOR SURE Jamie was not in his right mind. But we went to go talk to him because well.. the spirit didn't say stop...and we are told to talk to everyone! So we went over and started talking to Jamie. He expressed to us a lot of things. One of the things that he told us about was that all these churches say that they are right, but he believes that there can only be one. We shared with them that church that he is looking for is here. Poor Jamie was so apparently weighed down with guilt, I just wanted to take it all away. We told him that through Jesus Christ all things are made right and that he can find relief from the things that he was weighed with. We were in the Evansville Elders area, and Jamie said that missionaries could share the message with him, so they are going by this week!

Friday night into Saturday we spent the night at the Evansville Hermana's apartment Because our stake conference in Evansville was this weekend and they didn't want us stuck driving more than we needed. It was a little party woot woot! Gotta love sleeping on air mattresses 2 nights in a row! Never the best thing. But hey, it is better than the floor! It was great and uplifting.

So this week has been a blur and each day is blending with the other. We only have one week left of the Transfer. YIKES..But with the "who's your companion theme" comes the news that I will know my companion on Saturday and will let you know next week! Exciting things are happening in the GKLM!

"Oh man that didn't take her long..the hormones must be growling"
"Mormons? Is that the religion that wears cloaks and carries around staffs?" sir we are mormons.

That moment when...
...the crossing guard for the train tracts comes down on your car.
...people in passing cars turn their heads all the way around just to look at you. (it's probably because we have an awesome Jesus Picture in our window)
...when your laundry gets high jacked because of the crazy lady who lives in your house
...when the sisters tell you AFTER you get there that they MIGHT have bed bugs.. keep yourself alert during stake conference by playing a game with m&ms

I hope that you all have an awesome week and do all sorts of fun things! Not too much fun though. I love and miss you all!

--Sister Taylor Wagner

 Sister Bunker!

Hermana Bennett!

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