Sunday, September 20, 2015

Miracles In the Air

 We get DQ too often

 These kittens though!


 My girls!
 Sister Peterson!

I'm tired. This week though, haha it has given me a run for my money. Many miracles. Lots of drama amongst the people. And just fall weather. Fall is in the air! I love FALL WEATHER! That really just means 70s haha but I will take that ANY DAY compared to the 90s with humidity. It was a nice break from the drowning though. Even though it will still be in the 80s this coming week. I'm done talking about the weather now, sorry. haha It is exciting though!

Okay so our first miracles starts out with our awesome investigator, Pam who should be getting baptized in October if all goes well. So last Sunday I had this little bag of candy and I was like hmm .. I might get hungry in church, I should bring this along. Well I completely forgot about the candy. Then on Monday we were at Pam's! And we were talking to her about the Word of Wisdom and helping her to stop smoking and how we could help her. And she said.."Well candy usually helps me to do better and not have cravings. THEN! I remembered! I had the candy! in my bag! So I took it out and I was like here! And then she pulls out a piece of candy and was like "these are my favorite, how did you know!?" I'll let you all in on a secret. I had NO idea. haha It was completely God working through me to help bless one of his children in their attempt to live the commandments more fully in their life. Pam is doing awesome. She is reading the Book of Mormon and is just thirsting for information. When we come over she is eager for the new knowledge we have for her. and this week..she even came to church!

I have a testimony of fasting and prayer. Last Sunday was fast Sunday. Sister Hopwood took it upon us to fast and pray so that we could find a family that we could share the gospel with. So Tuesday we get this knock at our door... and it's the Elders. They had this story to tell: There is this sweet old couple in our ward that goes to McDonalds nearly every morning to get together with some friends. And they get talking to the workers sometimes. And they got talking to these 2 workers that were a hispanic couple and when the workers found out they were Mormons they were oh! We have talked to missionaries can you send them by, and then the older couple got their information and gave it to the Elders because it was on their side of town. Some where along the way, through the language barrier we were told that they were members who has just lost touch with the missionaries. So we go over that night and they let us right in. Come to find out.. this family is NOT members! but they want to learn and want the gospel in their life! So we are teaching them and they are preparing for baptism in November! It was so cool! I cant speak Spanish. It is a struggle...BUT! That doesn't change the magnitude of that miracle! I know that the power of Prayer and fasting is REAL.

Later this week we went back to see Pam. And she said that he had been praying for strength to live the Word of Wisdom and that the candies were helping and that now whenever she tried to smoke she would just cough a ton. And then whenever she would drink her coffee she just wanted to throw up and it made her really nauseous! I know that whenever we desire to keep the commandments. God will make it possible for us! It was such a cool miracle to see this week!

This week...a sweet woman, Sister Denton, CAME TO CHURCH! She has been less active for awhile and has not come to church in over a year. We have been working hard with her since I got to Jasper, and the ward has been trying so hard to work with her and get her to come...AND SHE DID..FINALLY! What a victory!

I got to spend sometime in Mt. Vernon Indiana this week. I love that place! I got to spend the day with Sister Peterson! She is such a sweet missionary! I love her! And so it was a great day! I got to see a member that I have known for awhile when I was there! She is such a sweet woman. She complimented on my bag and I told her it was kind of falling apart. SO she said, tomorrow I will drive you to the meeting point (we always meet 1/2 way when we switch sisters) and she said, make time for lunch i want to show you something too! And so we did, and she insisted that part of our lunch was taken to go to this consignment shop that was FULL of bags. And she said, "they are cheap, if you see one you like, I will buy it for you! Uh okay! So I was able to get  new bag that isn't on the verge of breaking! All thanks to Sister Vickers. She is such a sweet heart! :) well I was there we also got to do some service and help a little girl with her math. While we were doing that I had 5 kittens on my lap they were so cute! I love them and I wanted to take them all home, but I couldn't :(

I have a very firm belief that when anyone goes home off their mission they should be handed a certificate and license to practice therapy. Something I have come to learn while serving. If you bring up that you are a missionary, or a representative of Jesus Christ, you become a dumping ground for everyone's life problems. from 14 year olds who get pregnant, to parents beating small children, to people being robbed by their friends and Alien abductions. Yeah it is a interesting job being a missionary. Some of the most important things I have learned on my mission is what NOT to do with my life. It is a sad world. But with that realization..comes the realization that the gospel is the answer to problems both big and small. My heart often aches for the pains of others as they complain but turn down the remedy that is offered by our savior Jesus Christ. I know that through Jesus Christ there is HOPE and LIGHT in a horribly dark and depressing world.


Shout out also to Mallory! Who was in town from college this weekend...And spent most of that time driving us around! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH MAL PAL. YOU'RE THE BEST!

That moment when.. have a 5 minute conversation with an old lady at Walmart discussing the outrageous cost of toilet paper. and single ply aka card board vs. quilted. go to hug someone who is sitting in a chair and spill a glass of water.
... you discover you will miss you best friends wedding have 4 people at church!
...God answers your prayers!

"My morning prayers are an abomination"
"If you took all the money from the porn industry, all the homeless could be fed and have little tiny houses"
"the lady in the office always wants to paint my nails...she also tells me she lives in a castle. I don't know why she tells me that.. I think she thinks I'm stupid"
"How'd he get in here? I only saw the other guy come in...he must have put him in his backpack....he has a contortionist friend! Put him right in his pocket."

I hope that you all have a fantastic week! Look to the Lord in everything that you do and you will see nothing but blessings! :) love and miss you all!

-Sister Wagner

*Names have been changed for the privacy of the investigators*

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