Monday, October 12, 2015

Takin it easy!

Im not one to say that life as a missionary is easy going. But this week has just been smooth sailing. This week as you all know was the lovely week of TRANSFERS where I said good-bye to my dear now ex companion Sister Hopwood and gained dearest Hermana Magalei! She is a killer missionary that I am so SO blessed to be able to work with! She is TONS of fun and we get along really well. We have already decided that we are going to set Jasper up in flames...but only our half of Jasper and the area we cover. So when you all hear on the news that the southern half of Jasper is destroyed...that is why. haha It is all our fault!

I know you are all dying to know the Chronicles of the crazy lady for this week.. SO I will do it right off the start. Tuesday: SO this week when Hermana Magalei came, we put out a brand new roll of toilet paper out! It was beautiful! And then the next morning..I go to the bathroom..and I look at the roll of toilet paper..How in the world is it already HALF GONE?! We had been gone all day? We had used the bathroom MAYBE 5 times.... #notus Please note that Wednesday and Thursday night we were gone all day just to see that the toilet paper was gone by Thursday. #thestruggle

Recently this AMAZING family from Peru moved into our ward. We love them! They are so fun to have around. And I'm so grateful for them and their story of faith! They have this son and he is only about 11 years old. He speaks with great power. This kid is going to be a spiritual beast as he gets older because right now he is already knocking people over with his amazing spirit. He only speaks spanish, but when he opens his mouth something just captivates you and ya just know that he is saying something that is really profound. He is such a rock star.

This week we had to do our shopping at night because we had no other time to do it with transfers. We go to Walmart, and we see the Elders that had to pick something up, and they also were stopping to smell the candles. We caught them red-handed. It was fantastic. But that was not the main part of this story. So we go and we were walking around getting our stuff and go in and we hear someone say "hey sisters, hey missionary sisters" We turn around and see this guy and he comes up to us and he is this member who just moved into the area. He might be a little crazy because he went into some false "scriptural" theological ideas. It was weird. But he was nice! We were able to share the church address with him and our number and so hopefully he will come around soon! He was a pretty cool guy. I have no doubt that was a huge reason why we were at Walmart when we were.

General Conference was this weekend. It was amazing! I'm so grateful to be a missionary at this time in history while there are so many amazing things happening in the Church and in the world. The message that I got out of this conference? Remembering Christ in our daily lives, and relying on him is what is going to mold us into the people that God wants us to be. The messages were incredible and inspiring. Did I have a favorite talk? Honestly no! Usually I do. But this conference I felt as though it wasn't so much as a specific talk that spoke to me, but the general theme of the whole conference that God wanted me to understand. I am so beyond grateful to have the knowledge I have of the spirit and how it has the power to teach and mold me. Im grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and how he can lift me over my personal stumbling blocks and make me better than I ever thought possible.

I was told to share this next part with you this week! for those who did watch conference this is me following up with the commitment that Devin G. Durrant left with us to Ponderize a scripture every week, and share it with others. so this is what I am ponderizinging. And I personalized the scripture of myself and took out the fluff.  Here it is:

"My [daughter], be faithful in Christ..may Christ lift thee up...and may his sufferings and death...and his mercy and long-suffering and the hope of his glory and eternal life, rest in your mind forever" -Moroni 9:25

It is my prayer that all of you will be faithful in Christ as well in all things. I have been learning so much about his great power and mercy and im beyond grateful for my dear Savior for all he has done and continues to do for each and every one of us.;

Quotes this week:
"They are just such eggs."
"Jesus didnt say 'it's my birthday'"
When asking what was wrong with this person.."SHE'S A BUM!!!" uh okay?

That moment when... eat cookies for two meals
...the prophet of God speaks
...when 3 new apostles are called learn how to hula realize you actually a horrible dancer? wait what?!
...fall is actually here

I beg each of you to continually stay close to the spirit of God and always move closer to him. I know that you will be blessed by doing so and feel the power that comes from obedience to Gods commandments. I hope that you all have a great week and do amazing things! I'll be on "vacation" the next couple days! ...P-day today. Meeting in Louisville tomorrow. Sisters Conference for all the sisters in the mission Wednesday.. Gonna be fantastic!

I love you all and I'm grateful for all you do! :D

--Sister Wagner

When were the only ones that showed up at the General conference at the church

The only ones!

Our lovely house!

The NEW District Selfie!

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