Thursday, May 28, 2015

Uhhhhh.. Sister what was that?

Another week come and gone! WOWSERS time goes fast when you are on the go and you aren't always in your area! #meetings #exchanges Another Monday is here!

SO last Monday..some of the funniest things happen right after we email.. We were out and about teaching the gospel in the evening time and Sister Matthews is driving. We go on a little bit and she goes.. Sister...What was that? Do we have a flat tire...NO SIS! that isn't the sound of a flat tire....So what is it? We keep driving for a little bit and then sister Matthews is like... okay get out and check that tire.. I get out.. and am like.. "Uh Sister..You hit a squirrel..." What did I see as I got outside the car you ask? I just saw squirrel guts splashed so delicately on the side of the I looked closer on the tire I see a foot...a smashed animal..and a little rodent foot... It was so sad. It was stuck to our tire this whole week we were saying.. " Oh I think I hear Squeakers" Yup we named our road kill.

We have had the hardest time finding people that want to hear the gospel. You would be surprised. Missions aren't all fun and games. People don't just readily accept you because you are young and in a skirt. I'm sorry people that just isn't reality. BUT! When they do want to listen.. life is good! So a couple months ago Sister Lloyd had talked to this guy with her last companion who was kind of interested. So her and I had gone back and talked with him but he was going though some medical things. BUT! This week... Sister Matthews and I felt prompted to stop by and talk with him. As we were talking, we asked if we could teach him the gospel, and how it would bring him peace in his life. We are now teaching him! His name's Liam and he is great! We taught him the restoration of the gospel And the spirit was there and he recognized that it could improve his life and he has the desire! What a tender mercy from God that he wants to listen and is ready to learn!

This week we went on an exchange! I was spending the day in Evansville, IN with Sister Rickords! She is super sweet and I learned a lot from her! It was so fun to go and talk to people when the weather is nice and people are outside. The power of the Book of Mormon is real. We set a goal to use the book of Mormon when we were talking to people, and the spirit was so strong in every opportunity we got! It was so cool! And many people listened. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and I know that it is the word of God! We got the chance to go and talk to a member who told us to go and try this lady at the end of the road. So we walked down and we said hi to the lady! And she was cleaning her car! She was a young mom and she was so cool! She has a strong belief in Christ. We got the chance to talk to her for an hour! And we have her a Book of Mormon! Members are so important in the work! So for all you members reading this.. if you know ANYONE you might not even know of their name...just send the missionaries if you think they might be interested. The Member that sent us to this woman could only tell us where her house was. But she told us, and that woman now has a chance to hear the gospel!

Changing pace a little, last week we talked this guy named Michael, and he was really cool! But totally uninterested in the gospel. But we talked to him and he told us that he worked at Los Bravos the best Mexican restaurant in town. This week we got the chance to go to Los Bravos with a recent convert in the are. Mallory...who is a complete firecracker in the gospel! And so who happens to be our server? MIGUEL! He touched Sister Matthews head a couple was weird. like kind of scratched it.. But it was hilarious! He is a complete crack up!

Also...Indiana shuts down when the derby is happening.. The sun is's a one is out.

"I knew it's be successful, It was just annoying how long it took them to figure it out."

"She was Jezabel dancing.."

while talking about black licorice "These things make your poop green"
" Dont mind the mess the dogs got a hold of a diaper and a cup."

" Dad are we poor... "no".. then why didnt i have enough food in my lunch"

" If only we had a few more slices of pineapple.. then we could build sponge-bobs house".

"We are so sorry we didn't sing ( we sing to thank the cooks after zone meeting) .. ill sing to you.. but i only know one song.. which is happy birthday.. ( Starts singing) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU... ( President Brough after zone meeting)

" President is horrible at role plays... he is always crackin some kind of joke." ( sister Brough)

" The thought of wearing a skirt for 18 months scared me... but now the the thought of wearing jeans frightens me.'

"There is a lot i want to say.. and a lot that i shouldn't say"... ( Elder going home)



 Have a great week everyone! I love you all and miss you! Dont be down..EVER! Always choose to be happy because it really is the simplest way!

-Sister Wagner

(Names have been changed)

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