Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fly away little Bird! (from 5/18)

This week like all the others has been a journey. Something to always remember. Mostly because we lived this week in a car. traveling to the ends of the earth it seems like. Driving on back roads to get to locations 2 hours away.. Im not sure why our lovely GPS decided to do that...but it was surly the scenic route so that was kind of nice. Also a blessings because when I drive for that long anyway on a highway I get super bored.. and if I had been bored it probably would have resulted in falling asleep at the wheel. #missionaryexhaustion

Where were we headed? We went on exchanges in Charlestown Indiana and Jefferson Indiana. Before you understand this next story you must know that the birds here in Indiana must have gotten into something that has made them all delusional. They come out of bushes at the most inconvenient time.. live in the smallest most pathetic bushes possible just to fly out at you. And then they tend to not fly like a normal bird. They turn at weird times and they dont fly in a straight line.. You can judge for yourself what is wrong with this birds but I have my own theories. ANYWAY. As we were going down the road singing some songs..Out of no where this shadow SMACKS into the windshield. I freak out and look out the rear view mirror just to see a bird bounce into the dust on the side of the road. It was gone. The bird died. I feel so sad that I was the cause of this birds death..but in reality the bird was stupid and flew into my car.. it was not fault of my own. So I can still sleep at night. Sister Matthews and I just about died laughing. SO now together we have killed a squirrel..and a bird. What will be next?!

So this week I had the pleasure on being on a bike..ALL DAY. It was an adventure. Jefferson..AKA Riverside is a bike area.. and I had the pleasure of getting stuck on a bike while Sister Matthews joyful was in an air conditioned car..For those of you who know how it was at the beginning of my mission when I was forced unnecessarily to ride a bike..with a companion that I'm sure to this day was trying to kill me... you all know that I DISLIKE it with a burning passion and I would just about do anything else before biking. However as I am in this bike area with Sister Parker the Lord blessed us with great opportunities to share the gospel with others! We were able to talk to 31 people and find a few people that want to hear about the gospel! It was fun to continually share the gospel with those who we biked by and it wasn't even too hot that day! We were flying on those bikes!! Like Birds!!! however..we know how to steer and go in a straight like when the birds here don't. GOD MAKES HARD THINGS POSSIBLE....he got me through that day on the bike..imagine what he can do for you.

This week we also dropped by and visited the Braedens! They were the couple that we lived with while the member we usually live with had company. They are the sweetest people EVER. The cutest couple you could imagine. Im so grateful for them. Sister Matthews and I thrive off going to their home because of the peace that is felt there and the laughter because the Braedens are hilarious! :)

We also were able to find 2 new awesome investigators! :D It was such a miracle! We decided to go and visit this potential investigator that we had an address for! there was just a #1 referring to an apartment. We thought that there would be just one..#1..but it turns out there was like..5.. confused we just decided to knock on all the #1 doors! As we are headed to our 3rd number one door these 2 guys holler at us. We turn around and they ask if who we are. When we tell them we are missionaries they reply with "Well what's your mission?" We proceed to tell them about the gospel. And we hand Brother Jonah as we now call him a restoration pamphlet. He then says.. Can I have one of those too? as he points to the Book of Mormon! IT was so cool! We then Set up a time to see Brother D and Brother Jonah to come back and teach them the next day. When we went back we were able to have an awesome lesson. At the end we ask Brother Jonah to pray. He tells us that he only likes to pray in a couple places and not in front of people and how he is weird about his prayers..and after about a minute or two of rambling (without any probing from us) he says "Okay fine I will pray" I know the spirit was working on him and helping him to know that we are representatives of Jesus Christ. It was such a cool opportunity! Not to mention he realized that for the past couple months he had been praying to know what church to join in his spot in the woods. Sounds maybe the experience of Joseph Smith!


"I will always remember that indian woman."
Brother Breaden said this with a concern look on his face..." Have you missed wild Bill." A Fake statue.. in the closet

"Why dont you ladies wear lip stick... (Sister Matthews)"Brother Breaden i do... look its called Baby Lips.. ( Brother Breaden)"Oh He'd like that."

" i will never forget you.. i will remember you as that Indian women."

"if i lived in a nursing home.. i'd be one of those old people saying.. kill me"

I hope you all have a great week...and that you write me..because I havent gotten any mail. BUT! Other than that I do love you all..  but there is this thing..called paper....and a pen....and they work awesome for writing a letter to someone..and then you just put it in your mailbox...and put up the flag..and then you dont even have to worry about it and you make me happy with little to no effort.. so yeah!



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