Monday, April 27, 2015

Sick and Dying(not really dying)

No I'm not actually dying. But I feel like it! This week Sister Matthews got this killer cold. Where she felt like she couldn't breathe and she had a headache and sore throat and I was just running circles around her all healthy and awake feeling wonderful...BUT THEN... The realization hit. And I remembered that she had me drink out of her water bottle to try some "freezer" flavored water because of the bad ice. So then a couple days later..I woke up feeling like I was going to die. So this week has been full of cough drops, no appetite to eat anything but chocolate puddling and pringles, and lots of snotty tissues. To say the has been a good time. But not really.

I also had my first exchange with a Sister! We stayed here in Jasper. Her name is Sister Ferrell and she is super quiet but a wonderful missionary! She and I saw many miracles being able to see a couple of our investigators that we haven't seen in awhile! It was fun to be able to learn from her. I learned that our presence alone can have a huge impact on the people that we are serving around and talking with. That we might not have to say very much, but when we do, it is really powerful and people listen. Few words do great things.

OH MAN. Okay so this week we had to take care of an ant infestation in our house...and they keep coming back so that's just a blast. NOT. So we spent some time cleaning them up..just to see them come back today! GRRRR.I get now why ants are called pests. During this time we had the chance to finally look in the fridge to see what the heck is happening in there..and we look on the shelf..not our shelf..the members shelf..and see some cheese....MOLDING. I'm talking horrible blue mold people... then we keep looking to see if anything else was struggling... YUP we found a package of baloney that was more than half molded and it looked like brains. We had blue brains in our fridge people.. it was terrifying. We nearly threw up. But no worries. We took care of the problem real fast! 

Wayyyy gross

Brains or Baloney?

I know that this Gospel is true! even when the work is slower than usual the people are being steadily prepared to hear the truth. To hear the things that will bless their lives. If I have learned anything on my mission, it would be when the work is slow, be prepared because the Lord is preparing the hearts of the people to be received by you! Miracles are on the horizon!!

Sorry this email was kind of short! I'm sure I will have to update you all more later!

For all that are REALLY interested..and actually email me and want to know about the crazy lady that asked us "look at the field, how do you feel?"  please let me know and I will write up that story for y'all!


" I am so glad.. i only had 6 kids or else I would be in the Boobie hatch."

" look... I don't know what river that is but everyone look."

As we are talking about the Book of Mormon... "i cant top it with one word... Broccoli."

"i am smart and sassy but the sassy is biting me in the butt."

"My wife doesn't think Im funny.. and she wont dance with me.. i ask her then why did she marry me.. she said that God made me."

"Its Tacobell not TacoHell."

The ward mission leader likes to invite people to stay at his house Saturday night so that they have to come to church on Sunday..... he then in responds to our investigator " Tell her she isn't staying the night at my house." she didnt even ask him if she could stay the night! haha

" Next time she says she is rich.. tell her to buy a phone."

" Why do you want to work at IGA ( Grocery store)..what type of discount would you get... a discount on Toilet paper."

" Stop hitting your self with my num-chucks"

"Booger just make me heave.. i could wipe butts.. but booger on the other hand... make me sick and they still do."

"The worst thing they do is go to the comacon and spend a little to much money"

"what's a Nastacia." Its a name... " oh i thought it was a medical term/"

"Jehovah's Witness is what happens when your doctrine is written when someone's drunk"

"ive talked to some Pentecostals that i thought were on drugs."




I hope you all have an awesome week! I love you all and miss you! Can you all believe that I am officially 1/2 way done...that's right's bitter-sweet that I can now say...I'll see you in 9 months...


River walking it while talking to people!

"look at the do you feel?" 

On the road againnnnnn

Sister Ferrell, Sister Thaxton, Sister Hinton, ME, and Sister Matthews

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