Thursday, May 28, 2015


Where did the week even go. It is all a blur to be honest with you..and both Sister Matthews and I are going crazy...apparently my prayer couldn't be understood when we woke up this morning..and she swears she said something to me...and I'm nearly positive that she didn't reply.. But who really knows who's crazy here..

We have been living out of a suitcase.. and sleeping on air mattresses. Our week started on Monday when we got a teeth cleaning from our Bishop! He is a dentist and cleaned our teeth for free! IT was so nice to walk out of there with No cavities! :D Thank goodness. That was really an adventure!

Monday night we WERE headed to Hanover Indiana..when we realized WAIT! WE HAVE A MEETING IN LOUISVILLE TUESDAY. What a blessing it was that Hanover was on the way to Louisville and we usually spend the night In Louisville anyway. SO we were already prepared and packed. Thank goodness. But it extended out week..Good thing we were able to change the day we were going to see Hanover to another day.

WEDNESDAY---- The next day after the meeting we headed to go to Salem Indiana where we spend the day going on an exchange with Sister Jarman, and Sister Reed. Sister Matthews was with sister Jarman and I had the Honor to spend the day with Sister Reed! Sister Reed just came out on her mission about a month ago! But she sure knows her stuff! We were able to set 4 baptismal dates with this group of friends they had been teaching. The spirit was so strong as we taught them the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how there is a prophet on the earth today. It was a great blessing to be there for that moment! We did some walking in the scorching heat though...that wasn't as fun! But I think I was blessed with a bit of a tan!

As we go inside at night with the Salem sisters we realized..the Air conditioner.. Was not working.. JOY. SO we tried to fix it by going to flip the electrical we go down stairs to the cellar which is through a door that is outside and we only have flash lights and the floor is dirt and it smells a little..and it is muggy and damp down there.. and it was awesome! What an adventure..I felt a little like Indiana Jones.. Sister Matthews was too scared to go down.. she was freakin' out a little bit so her and Sister Jarman just waited at the top.. Not to mention it was pitch black! And it didn't even fix the we slept with ice packs..literally.

THURSDAY---- Hanover Indiana..we finally made it after having to move around a bunch of things.. BUT IT WAS AWESOME! I was with Sister Lee and Sister Matthews was with Sister Jensen. And we were in this cute little college town in the middle of no where... seriously. So Sister Lee and I go to try this person..only to find that no one in his house know's where he is.. And we go out and we see this man sitting outside asleep with a beer in his hand..and we try to say hi and he jerks up for a second and then just kinda looks at us and starts nodding off as we are trying to share with him the gospel. haha The man we were looking for was his brother.. but he had no clue where he was. BUT! We found him! And we taught him a lesson all in parables that we just made up! while sharing scriptures from the book of Mormon along the way. It was really fun!


Needless to say after these few busy days we were sooo tired we couldn't function. We had one night in our own beds before...

FRIDAY-- When we went to Evansville.. an hour and 20 minutes away from our house for a zone meeting! Which was completely amazing. We really had a great time. and got a serious spiritual boost..but all the time in the car was killing us.

When we got home..we had to quick and pack up again because the member we live with was having her son visit..and her guest bedroom was on the same level as us, and so we had to find some where else to we went to another members this week where Sister Matthews and I were treated like Queens. We have been feed Dinner, snacks, and breakfast. We have had the most beautiful large shower you have ever seen in your life. The B Family are just the sweetest people ever and make us laugh all the time. It was certainly a blessing!

It was a long week and we are still feeling the effects of it..but the atonement of our savior Jesus Christ has lifted us and carried us. Thank goodness for prayer.

"a vulture, thye must know we are dying"
"are you okay sleeping here with wild bill? who is wild bill they open the closet and there is a cowboy statue lying on pillows.
how pig collector conventions work: "all in favor say oink, all opposed say moo"
"i can afford to spend a couple hundred dollars on pokemon cards.."
"im at the time in my life where i have money...but no time"
"okay fine, I will give her a car. but she is going to have to register it."
"tell her everyday she doesn't smoke brother Evans will give her a pokemon card"

HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYONE! I hope all you mothers had a happy mothers day!

I LOVE YOU ALL! and MISS YOU TONS! ...send me mail....please..


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