Sunday, May 31, 2015

An I... What?! an ... IPAD

Something some people have been asking me is "Sister Wagner are you getting an iPad ever? Well I finally have an answer for you.. YES I AM. When you ask? how about on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is right. The work here in the GKLM is going to EXPLODE with the help of mobile devices. We had a training about it and it is going to be amazing. we are not "iPad missionaries" Instead we are the same people with the same purpose that is just magnified and supported by the use of a mobile device. We have manuals about the iPads and the things that are made possible.. the people and places we are able to reach are endless! I have a firm testimony that the whole reason why we are blessed with such devices is so that the gospel can be preached and become more accessible and approachable to others. So does this mean I will be on facebook....YES. It does. Don't be surprised if in a couple weeks there is a post from me about missionary work..don't be surprised. And YES i am allowed to keep all of you as friends so you can know what I am up to here as a missionary!

This week Sister Matthews and I were able to go on an exchange, she went back to her old Area, Mt. Vernon to be with Sister Goodrich and Sister Lloyd came here to be with me. It was funny because it was our exact set up last transfer..we were both in our area with an old companion. It was like a back flash. It was too funny! So sister Lloyd and I had a pretty good day! We were able to do a lot of finding! After Sister Lloyd and I had a chat we went to talk to this one lady. I was standing back a little giving sister Lloyd the chance to talk with her, once things got started I came in. This lady was awesome! She was so open to talking and she even took a book of Mormon and said she would read it. She asked who Mormon was and what we did as missionaries! It was such a cool experience to meet and talk with this lady, even though she wasn't interested in learning much more. There are people out there that are just waiting to hear what we have to say!
 Exchange with sister Lloyd! She came back for a day!

So this week Sister Matthews and I, in desperation to find some people to teach decided to knock some doors. and for all of you who think that is all that missionaries do, you are mistaken! In fact.. my mission has hardly included tracting up to this point. But! Really if a missionary is knocking doors it's because they felt the need to or they LITERALLY had nothing else to possibly do. And if they knock on your was probably because the spirit told them to. So Sister Matthews and I just started going around some streets and knocking some doors we felt impressed to go to. As we are at one house we stop and wait and then we see a head...with a towel on it..and then they step back and we see a lady who had JUST gotten out of the shower looking through the window at odd..She walked away from the door..and then we just wait..and then a woman comes from around the back comes up to us and asks what we want. We offer service and to see if there was anything that we could do to help...She said they were okay, as we begin to tell her about the book of Mormon we hear a voice from inside the house "We are great where we are, we go to church every sunday we are not interested you can leave now" as we turn to see who this person is, it was the girl inside the house...still with a towel on her head and still wrapped in a towel..listening in!!! 

"snap peas dipped in ice cream, it's like fries dipped in ice cream, pretty much the same thing"
"my dad just loves to people watch..but at disney land it just got creepy"
"if we cant have a lot of meat, how come I had a triple at wendy's?"


THANKS MUM FOR THE PACKAGE!! IT WAS PERFECT ! and yes! i got your letter too!


I LOVE YOU ALL! I hope that you all had a good week! If there is anything that I can do for you from a long way away...let me know! And always be happy and just share the gospel with everyone you know!

This week put out an awesome video. Sister Matthews and I have been sharing it up the WAZOO! So Why not share it with all of you too! It's about service and how it can make a difference not only in the lives of others, but in our lives as well.


Our lovely district!

I climbed to the top of this lovely tower!

Mallory and Clarissa and I at the top of the tower!
Sister Matthew's is a bit scared of heights and stopped half way.

View from the top of the tower!

From a couple weeks ago!
Sister Jenson and I!

Sister Parker and I after biking all day!

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