Tuesday, April 7, 2015


This email is going to be short because the work here in Jasper is literally slower than a really slow snail. There just isn't many people to teach. Before I came the people that were potentially interested..are now not..and those investigating...are now not... and the people that we are teaching currently.. more likely than not in one week we will not be teaching anymore.. Honestly I feel like we have started an area up completely from nothingness. BUT! That is just the grounds for a miracle! And Sister Lloyd and I will be working towards that and trying to bind the Lord for blessings he is more than happy to give us as we work hard and talk to everyone!

General Conference this week was amazing. For all of you that didn't get a chance to watch..man you missed out! but there is still time... If you want to know what Prophets of God have said to us.. Go to lds.org and go to the conference talks. But if you are to stubborn..then they really just had AMAZING messages on strengthening families, marriages, and how looking towards the light of Christ can really change us! And how Through Jesus Christ, we can be made clean again!

This week we got to drive in a pretty radical rain storm on our way to Tell City. We nearly died. NOT really. It was raining really hard and we come to this place...and we notice that pretty much the whole road is flooded..but it wasnt closed so we took it as an okay to keep going.. we could see the center line so the water couldn't have been that high right? and I wasn't going to make poor sister Lloyd get out and back me up in the rain for a good distance..so we attempt...we take the plunge into the water and as we do a car across on the other side decides to go through too making us feel more confident in our decision. (please note our bikes were on the bike rack) so we are driving in the water is going up over the side of our car. IT WAS AWESOME. We were safe and our car wasn't damaged. VICTORY! On our way home we thought it would be best not to go through the high water again so we decide to follow the Jasper serving Elders back to Jasper..Only to be in rain pouring so hard we couldn't see the elders and they were just ahead of us...but we could see the lines and that is what was important. But no worries the rain slowed and we arrived home safely!

"I sing to him but I don't think he likes it...but I still do!"
"If you don't get someone a birthday present...it's not really the thought that counts."
"you could be an artist! or a designer! and the beach could be your...*dramatic pause* Inspirationnnn

 THANK YOU MOM FOR THE EASTER PACKAGE!!!!!! It totally changed my life!!!!!!!!!!<3

I hope that you all had an amazing Easter and really reflected on our savior Jesus Christ and all that is made possible through him. I know that because of Him we too can rise again. That we can over come our sins and we don't have to bear the pains of mortality on our own, the he will help us and show us the way. He will lift our burdens and ease our pains and all we have to do is reach out.

I love you all and I miss you all! If you need anything at all please let me know and I will do my best to help!

-Sister Wagner

Eating a "bacon chicken ranch" Potato at 'Spuds N' Stuff' a place that just sells the best potatoes ever.


Jasper is a VERY German town. Therefore there is this VERY German Restaurant. Schnitzelbank.

Saturday conference all by ourselves at the church! 

Obviously I am a pro at decorating Easter Eggs...

 Sister Mogle! me and Sister Lloyd. We didnt intend to match! She is one of the sweetest woman ever. She feeds us all the time :)

Sister Ferrera! She is HILARIOUS love her to death. If only you all knew the story behind this picture hahahaha

Wed-oh the puppy.. Wed-oh is the spanish word for white boy...but I dont know how to spell it.. there is my attempt. He is pretty cute if I do say so myself. 

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