Monday, March 30, 2015

Just one day at a time!


What an awesome week once again. Well actually it was REALLY slow. Almost depressingly so! (That Rhymed.)
 But you know what! That is okay! Slow weeks allow for growth! and greater determination to be a better person and to work even harder! So there is no need to complain about anything! I was thinking that honestly complaining only makes things worse and unhappy. It allows for people to really get caught up in the "me me me" side of things which isn't what we want. What we want to is turn outward and to help people! SO we are just truckin' allow here in Jasper and that is what matters.

The announcement we have all been waiting for is finally here! ... WE ARE GETTING IPADS! So we were supposed to get iPads in December.. but that didn't end up happening due to some flaws in the piolet program! But come June the missionaries here in the GKLM should be all tech-savy with the new skills of pulling up videos on the fly! Which is the best thing EVER.

Speaking of videos... HAPPY EASTER and as a result.. The Church has produced the best Easter Video EVER! It is kind of a follow up to last years #BecauseOfHim but this year it is #BecauseHeLives. And the video is remarkable! and life changing. It is only 3 minutes and I am asking you to watch it! ALL OF YOU... because it's amazing and the spirit that you can feel when you are watching it is exceptional! So go to And you will not regret it! And if you dont I will be really sad. I will ask you about it next week..DON'T LET ME DOWN! Also..Everyone that has some idea what I believe.. but doesnt know completely.. check out because that one BLEW MY MIND. I just discovered it and honestly missionaries would not be needed if everyone went on that sight. It is awesome. GO LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't want to do the reading WATCH THE ANIMATED SHORT VIDEOS. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

So this week we had interviews with out mission president and a training from the Assistants to the president. Let me tell you people the training changed my life! It was so so awesome! It just makes me want to be an even better person and do even better things here in the mission and tell as many people as possible about the glorious news of the gospel! And it is Easter..what better time is there!

So the sun is shining here in Jasper Indiana! It was a little cold this week! but nothing below 32 degrees! and not to mention it is sunny and 60! or something like that! :) And it was 70 one I am enjoying it greatly. No snow or anything! what a lucky thing to experience!


This weekend I will hit my 8 months in the field... signifying that I only have 10 months to go...That is crazy missions go by so fast We just need to live it while we can. I have a HUGE testimony of living in the RIGHT NOW. because it is so easy to get caught up with lots of things

EASTER!  The resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. I invite all of you to really ponder what that means. I know that because Christ was resurrected, we too will have that chance. Our bodies, one day, will reunite with our spirits and we will be glorious. Because of our Savior...death has no bounds. and I know that is true. If it wasn't for him.. where would we be?

GENERAL CONFERENCE! It is hear again! The chance to listen to a prophets voice! And the voice of the Apostles! What a wonderful opportunity that will be for all of us! I encourage you to watch it on Saturday and/or Sunday if you have a spare moment! 12-2pm and 4-6pm I know that if you bring questions..they WILL be answered either directly or the thought will come to you with the answer! There is a Prophet today! TUNE IN!

I love you all! Thank you for all your love and support!


SISTER HOLT! She sent me a rockin' letter this week! haha I miss that companion!

MICHAEL PEACE- Thanks for the letter!!!! you're awesome!!


(on the topic of a momma bunny eating her dead baby) "it went down quick so I didnt have much to look at"

"3 middle names..that's unethical..I don't even know how to spell unethical!"

Have an awesome week everyone!


Sister Taylor Wagner

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