Monday, April 20, 2015

People are always watching! Except when you need them to be!

HOLA MI AMIGOS Y AMIGAS. This week has been MUY awesome. and MUY LOCO. I'm talking COMPLETE CRAZINESS. Honestly I think I am living in a bit of a trance/dream state where simply crazy things happen. I'm not talking about miracles, although those are plentiful too, I'm talking just weird situations. Y'all are in for an interesting read this week.

FIRST. My companion is my soul mate. Sister Matthews blows my mind! She has been out 15 months, and is from Farmington Utah, that is 4/5 comps from Utah. And We have a blast. We are pretty much the same person. We say the same things, think the same things are hilarious, and we are on the same brain wave length all the time it is getting kind of creepy. And not to mention we teach well together too! So it is like a killer companionship. And we are just going to tear it up in the Jasper area as we get things moving and train the sisters! Also we are already planning to be roomies after the mission. Also she is hilarious. Also...we play fake poop jokes on each other..#poopinthedrain

SECOND. All the pictures you were sent this week.. were from one beautiful spring that feels like summer day. We were driving to find this less active member, and me and my driving skills drove past the house, just to have a bus following me so I couldn't just turn I am a little I pull over when I find enough room and it goes by, Next to us is this little road with a field that has a nice little turn around space! (or so we thought) So we go and pull to the side just to have me push the gas..look at Sister Matthews..and say.. "uh...we are stuck" to have her not believe I think that me and my own strength can just push the car because Sis. Matthews is just 5'2 so I am like you drive and I get out and I'm a skirt...with no luck...then Sister Matthews tries...and no luck.. So we get in the car and call everyone we think of that has a truck and we then pray for someone to stop... and nothing happened. Then sister Matthews has the brilliant Idea to turn our hazards on so some stranger will help us out! so we did...and of course...#1. we are on a country road so not many people drive past... #2..those who do don't stop! So we are just sitting there helpless...and not to mention..we both had to use the bathroom but didn't think to go before because we thought it would be a short trip...and so we look for trees..just to find the closest ones about a 1/2 mile away...through we were out of luck..again. But then we saw a car!!! YAY! And they stopped and started backing up! And then out comes this big man... from this little car...and we are like oh. no. this is like a horror film. But he came over and asked us what was wrong and we told him.. and he asked if we have gotten out and pushed..we said yeah but it was helpless in Sister Matthews gets out again like a champion and pushes with this guy as I stay safe inside the car.. Then another man pulls over with a shovel.. and starts digging us out of the mud..we eventually get out. Thank goodness to these two men! But it's all really the buses fault.

Then that day we finally make it to the bathroom at the CVS and Sister Matthews gets her shoes all clean. And we are just walking through the parking lot, and we did the scan to see if there was anyone to talk to. There wasn't so we just were dancing a little in our own little world just snapping our fingers and being silly..then we here these 2 ladies laugh....and we flip around just to see that the whole time these 2 ladies were watching us...It was really embarrassing! BUT It was someone to talk to! They weren't interested in the Gospel ...but it was definitely a good missionary moment.

Later this week we were trying this person so we go up and knock on their door...just to have this bird come swooping down from a part of the porch nearly taking sister Matthews head off... it was really interesting.

On a more spiritual note. CLEANING. Yup. You might say..Why Sister is cleaning a spiritual experience. Here is how: God doesn't dwell in unclean places.. So therefore...messy house... lack of spirit. So the last 6 weeks have been super stressful on me because of how the area was doing that I walked into. And for reasons unnamed it wasn't able to be fixed. BUT NOW Sister Matthews and I rearranged everything, made it livable and much more accessible. Thank goodness for a new transfer!!!

So life is really awesome. We are doing super well and getting things back in order. We right now are working with the members to gain their trust because of missionaries in the past they are lacking a little bit! BUT! They are warming up to us really well thank goodness!

So this week we are going to do some exchanges and I will get the chance to work with some sisters! It will be awesome! I am so excited! The calling as Sister Training Leader is wonderful. I gain so much more of an appreciation for leadership and how much work goes into it. You don't realize some of the ins and outs of the mission..until you are in the IN. #humbling

"Does this make me look like a chunky hippie?"
"when my husband takes his sleeping pills he asks who stole his unicorn."
"Patti like tacos"

I wouldn't mind some mail.

Thank you for all you do for me! and all the prayers that you send my way! I really appreciate all of it! Keep being amazing! and Share the gospel with everyone! Keep on Keepin' on! LOVE YOU ALL

-Sister Wagner

Looks like a fine place to turn around 

 Except the car got stuck... doesn't do it justice

                                                      Waiting for a kind soul to stop and help

Thanks to Sister Matthews strong muscles and pushing...everything turned out okay....besides her poor shoes

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