Tuesday, March 17, 2015


As you can see...by the title of my email..I was bit by ANOTHER dog. Are you kidding me people? It is starting to get a little out of control. I just don't know why I seem like someone that should be attacked by a dog. So we are teaching this older lady named Bee. She has this little poodle named "Precious" How ironic. That this is a demon dog I swear. So what happened was Bee had just gotten home from the store with her friend and he friend started walking a way from her and she had left something in the car. so she was hollering at her friend to come back and get what she left. So I decided to help her out and go get it and bring it to her friend. So I jog on over...just to have her dog (who was on a leash) start barking at me..then shake her head out of her collar and attack me... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Now I know what you are all thinking..."why didn't you just kick it?" well Bee loves this little dog so I just pushed it away with my foot...just to have it come even more aggressively at me...then bit me! so I don't know why she finally stopped but luckily I had rain boots on...but she still got me...ouch. But! it wasn't as bad as it could be...and I didn't have to go to the ER. So that is a plus!

So that was that experience. THEN! yeah I am not done with the dogs this week. We had another dog who was tied up nicely to a tree....but it was on a thin leash...and this dog was the size of a small bear...I'm not kidding thing was HUGE. (not an exaggeration). So this dog didn't look like it could reach us so we thought we are fine..then all the sudden..IT COULD...and it barks and comes right up to us as we are waiting on someones porch and of course I am behind sister Lloyd the first to die if anything happens and that this is MEAN. the owners friend even told us it was! So we are panicking and can't get back to our car so the owners friend gets the dog's owner and the owner stands by the dog and says that we are fine to come off the steps and get to our car...one step down the stairs and the dog is coming at us again... THE OWNER WASN'T HOLDING IT. Then the owner grabbed a hold told us to come and the dog lunged forward at us..luckily the owner was holding tight this time and we were fine. #barelyescaped.


Then yesterday we go to see a former investigator. so we knocked at his door...and then all of the sudden...the neighbor opened their door and out lunged a German Shephard barking at us and lunged at us. Thank goodness the owner had him on a leash..but it was a small woman who was being pulled by this dog! That dog could have easily gotten away if she wasn't holding tight already. Needless to say I had a heart attack.

Think im done....NO I AM NOT.

So as we were walking down a different road yesterday we were discussing how we hate dogs while we are missionaries just to see something run out of the corner or our eyes...then to look and what was it...NOT TIED UP...A DOG. A BIG DOG....so we panic as it runs at us and we practically scream a prayer and are tripping over one another sister Lloyd hiding behind me and me pretty much yelling at her to get it front of me because I have already been attacked and I had bare legs and she was wearing tights....We walked backwards all the way into their neighbors yard and hid behind a tree. It was so frightening. But! the Lord answers prayers.

So now I am extremely scared of dogs both big and small..I do not trust them... And today I am buying pepper spray and dog treats. We have to take some drastic measures.

Besides the dogs here though, everything is awesome! I love it! it is so much fun to serve in this area and try to learn Spanish! I'm still really bad and can hardly say anything but that's okay!

Awesome miracles happened this week though!

So we have this investigator named Ellie and she is so sweet! But we were having the hard time ever trying to get a hold of her! We could not find a time that seemed to work for all of us. So we stop by one day and see her little siblings outside. We go over to them and ask where their sister is! "Not home" They said...then they said "OH WAIT! there she is right now!" She had just pulled in! MIRACLE! Then we got in and talked to her and she had been really struggling with things and knowing why God lets bad things happen to good people and we were just there at the perfect time to morn with those that morn and comfort those who stand in need of comfort. Then nearing the end of lesson Jeff walked in! Jeff is her younger brother and we got the chance to talk with him and he had SO many golden perfect questions that could be answered with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. AND! He prayed at the end of the lesson! It was so good and out timing was just perfect .I know that the Lord made that possible for us to be there right at the perfect moment.

We have this other investigator named Jackie. And we were having a hard time because Jackie didn't want to show us any emotion and we had no indication of anything! BUT! We were blessed and she came to a relief society activity with us! We have been working really hard to get to understand her and she is so sweet! just slower to warm up to people but she was right there and she was so happy to come to the activity with us! She is really progressing well now! And I know it is because of our diligence and prayers. The Lord truly does bless his missionaries. Nothing in this work would happen if it wasn't for him.

I know that the Lord is watching out for every single one of us. I know that he really wants us to be happy and so he provided us with his gospel. He doesn't want us to ever feel lost or confused or have these aching questions in our minds. He knew that we as mortals would have questions like where we are from where are we going and why are we here. so he gave us answers. He doesn't want us to be in the dark. He just wants us to look from where the answers are. And we can find them in the scriptures. And through the teaching of the prophets. I am so glad to have the knowledge of the gospel in my life. It has made me the person that I am today and I am so grateful for the sacrifice of my loving savior so I don't have to feel over whelmed or alone. And Neither do you. :)

I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for all your love and support! Keep the mail coming! you've done good this week! :)







thank you MUM for your card!!<3
thank you BEV! Your card was soo thoughtful!
thank you PAPA for sending me an awesome letter!
thank you BRINSLEY for your thoughtful letter it really made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"There was this black lady who put rat poisen in her daughters smoothy..it was on facebook!"
"that is a weird PO-ETT"
"I feel like you are plucking me like a chicken..."

I love you all! Have an awesome week! Dont forget to wear green tomorrow! after all..it is st. patties day! :)

--Sister Wagner

(Instead of just taking all the names out, I decided to change them instead- Shannon)

Sister Lloyd and me!

The newest edition to my collection of dog bites....just a bruise and a little skin pealed off...but hurt none the less. thank goodness for rain boots

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