Wednesday, March 4, 2015


SO the time has come... I am officially leaving Corbin. I'm flying the nest. I never thought the day would come that I would be told I was being transferred...who would have thought that the day would come. I am sooo excited for the change of area..I kid you not when I say I have been seeing people from home here...then I do a double take and apparently I am going crazy. haha And the other day we were in Walmart and I go to tell Sister Holt about a memory from my mission...just to think on it more and figure out that really it was a memory from is all starting to blend together now... That is when you know you have been some where too long. I am going to miss the members here so much, and the people I have been teaching. It will be hard to go. At the same time I am ready to learn more and gain greater perspective and learn from a new companion!

SO this week Sister Holt and I had to call that isn't as fun as it might sound. I made sister Holt do it...but it was still weird to do the whole...we need to call 9-1-1 right now. So Both of us are didn't involve us so no need to panic mom. Here's what happened. So after our most solid plan feel through and some of our pack ups as well...we went to go visit a less active recent convert named P..... She is super sweet. We pull in her drive way and get ready to go inside when we hear someone coughing and hacking and then Sister Holt says "P....?!" I turn around to see P.... holding her stomach and looking like she had been hit by a car and had 2 black eyes. We get out and she is coughing and nearly in tears turns out she was looking for her dog who had run off and she wasn't feeling well when she went out to get him and then it got worse from there. She has a problem with her pancreas and it was inflamed and she didn't know what to do so she just wanted a ride to her moms but her sons fiance had to leave so she couldn't bring her so she was crying and literally rolling in pain then she gets up and violently throws up in the bathroom so we prayed not knowing what to do...then told her we are calling an ambulance and that was that.

Two days later we stop by her house...she wasn't home so we go to the hospital and check on her and she said that she was missing her house key...great. But the thing is we saw her grab the key... so we went and visited for a bit then left. The next day we thought we should drop by we ask if she was still there..they look it up and she was! so we go to her room..and she wasn't there..The cleaning ladies come through and say that she had left. So we start to walk out and she says is this hers? and hold up...A HOUSE KEY! THE house key! It was so cool! then we were like how are we going to find P....??! So we Drive to her house..and who was just walking up to her door? yup. P...! It was the most divinely perfect timing I had ever seen in my life. I was so happy to see that everything worked out and not only that she was exhausted and tired and her dog had peed in her kitchen the whole floor was soaked. We had the chance to clean her house completely for her as she rested. I was so happy to do that for her as gross as that sounds but she was so frustrated with other events that had happened. I love being a missionary because we can be right there with those who are struggling and be able to help them in their times of trials and heart aches.We get to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those who need comfort. I love that. I am so grateful for inspiration and the spirit. And I am so happy that the Lord allowed everything to fall through to place us in the perfect place. His hand is most certainly in the work!

SHOUT OUT TO MY AUNT AND UNCLE AND COUSINS IN MAINE! Thank you for the v-day package! y'all are awesome!
and to sister Nickerson for sending me a card!!

Please everyone don't forget the power of prayer is real. Your Heavenly Father hears and answers you all we have to do is listen and ask. I also want to share with you all that I know the Book of Mormon is true. I have been reading it a lot lately and the spirit that it brings is truly divine. I know that it is the word of God. It has brought me closer to my savior and has helped me through my personal challenges and as answered my questions. I am so grateful I am on my mission. I love learning and becoming a better person everyday.

I love you all and hope you are all doing well and staying warm!

--Sister Wagner

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