Monday, March 9, 2015

Jammin in Jasper!


SO as you all know from my briefing last week I have finally graduated from my first area after 7 LONG months. Good months but I was ready to go! I am not serving at nearly the farthest point from Corbin, I am not in Jasper INDIANA! That's right! I have now gone to 2 states! haha It is SOOOO different here...hardly any baptists...hardly any attacking dogs...hardly any accents and here there are in fact lots of teeth which is different from Corbin! And i have noticed not as many people smoke here! SO that is kind of a relief! :) I love it! It isn't the city but it isn't in the middle of no where like Corbin is so that is really refreshing. The ward here in Jasper is AMAZING. The people are so nice and so welcoming :) I really feel like the Lord is really going to help me grow here and help me to do better :)


My companion is sister Lloyd :) She is really awesome! She is so cute and super sweet. I for sure have a lot to learn from her!

I met this family that has LEGIT 55 cats..............not even kidding. and they live in a trailer...get this it doesn't even smell. The sisters had found them randomly and the man was a less active member! And so I walk in and it was like cat heaven! and all of them were so nice. There is a way to be a clean cat lady people...I took some notes.

 A room...that only cats are in
                                                         They come to the treats

okay so miracle. So I am limited on time which is killing me! So I am sorry if this all seems brief and rushed! FORGIVE ME! So we have an investigator named J.. and she just seemed like she never wanted anything to do with us and that she really wasn't interested. BUT we decided that if showed her a lot of love and just talked with her than that would help. She struggled with prayer and we were able to get her to pray at the end of the lesson! IT was wonderful because that was a real concern for her and we were able to over come it by showing her an increased amount of love. and as we did that.. She really opened up to us after that.

The other day we were driving and we saw this older lady walking and we felt prompted to pull over and talk. Turns out she is friends with a member and has talked to missionaries before!!! MIRACLE! She said that she would talk to her friend about meeting with us sometime so hopefully that actually happens so that was awesome.!

THERE ARE TONS OF SPANISH SPEAKERS HERE! SO that is SO COOL! here's the problem..I don't speak Spanish...AT ALL...soooooooo that is just a rough life. BUT! When i come home fluent in Spanish you can thank the people of Jasper. WE need some Hermanas here STAT.

SO this leads right into my quotes:

Are you Spanish?
Are you Hispanic?
what is your nationality?

sooo that is really great! haha One problem... No habla espanol!!!

Well! I love you all! And I miss you all tons!

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Have a good week and be happy and work hard!!! :D

Much love, Sister WAGNER

SHOUT OUT TO MARISSA! Her birthday was the 5th!!

And TO SHANNON! my lovely cousin who turns 21 on the 10th! please play responsibly!  ;)

Sister Taylor Wagner
2250 St. Charles St.
Jasper, Indiana 47546


Honestly I cant get a library card here until I have a piece of mail to prove my residency..sooooo...yeah. Plus..I hate to tell you all...but you have been slacking on letter writing. im calling you all to repentance! LOVE YOU ALL. But for real...

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