Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sorry I've been a little flakey!

this week in the CORBIN NEWS:

1. We got dumped on this week with 8 inches of snow (causing me not to email last week) followed up by rain...followed up by freezing. Many people lost power, or had frozen water pipes. Luckily Sister Holt and I were all good in terms of all that! We only stayed inside one day and then we got out and worked the rest. Good thing all the snow up in Maine prepared me for this historical storm here in Corbin Kentucky. People did not know what to do. AT ALL. No one was prepared at all. See I love snow. and I don't mind it...however it is a little crazy when you get snow...and then even the city doesn't know how to get it off the roads so you are driving through slush and mess....and then there is the humorous when  you got around with a snow shovel helping clear people driveways who are attempting to shovel it with a dirt shovel...Here come the Snow sharks <Holt&Wagner> with the skills to get all y'all unstuck. #usedtosnow

2. a house BLEW UP.
This house im talking went sky high people. Blew the roof straight off and left parts of the walls on the neighbors houses and the front door blew straight across the street landing in that persons yard causing half the town to shake. There was a man inside who is now covered in burns and is in the recovering process. They said it was a natural gas explosion... It was crazy. How did Sister Holt and I find out about it... we walk to see A... an investigator of ours and we see all these fire trucks..A... lived about 3 houses down...WOAH. we had been on the other side of town so we didn't experience it but it was apparently quite loud.

3. A drunk guy ran into some gas pumps. Luckily this time nothing blew up. They cut the gas soon enough so no damage was caused.

4. A local family was MURDERED. It was all CSI at one point. I wont go into too much but apparently the son went crazy fled the state, got in a shoot off with a cop...then the cop killed him..the kid was from Corbin, so they go to his house to find that he had killed his mom, dad, and sister a few days before he skipped town. It was so saddening to hear.

SO all of these things are craziness. But no worry Sister Holt and I were not directly involved or near anything that happened. We are being safe y'all! But as you can see.. The town has been in an uproar the past couple weeks! I am just so grateful that I have the gospel in my life. Something that can give me such comfort in times of trial and discouragement. That i know that no matter what happens I can turn to my savior and he knows what I am going through, and as I talk to my father in Heaven I can find relief from the things that are saddening. The world, I have found, Is an ever worsening place to be. It is scary and dark and is continually going down hill. But that doesn't mean that there isn't light. Because there is. The Light of Christ is real. No matter what happens there is always light. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that we are NEVER alone. We are never abandoned. Even when times get hard and scary and we don't know what to do..we can always find hope as we look towards Jesus Christ.

On Valentines day Sister Holt and I..and all the other missionaries in the GKLM had the opportunity to listen to an apostle of the Lord. Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the 12 apostles came to see us and to talk to us. You could really feel the spirit from the moment he walked into the room. We all got a chance to go up to tell him where we are from and SHAKE HIS HAND. It was AMAZING. It was so special to be able to do that. Not to mention he looked at me and said "ah you are getting a break from the snow" :) So that was special! :) He was so humble when ever someone asked him a question he would always ask President Brough (mission president) if he wanted to answer the question. You could feel the love in his voice. And the best part was when he bore his testimony of the Savior your grew instantly. It was amazing. I cant even fully describe what it was like. To close the meeting we sang God be with you till we meet again, and we made eye contact and he smiled at that was just the bonus of the whole day. What an experience.

Because of the snow...we didn't have church this week...or last week....HOLY dont realize how much you love church till you are kept from it. Church is better as a missionary anyway...and then they just take it away...and you are left trying to know what to do all day because your plans were to go to church. It has been so hard to not take the sacrament, to renew the covenants I have made with the lord and get the renewal of energy. But even though it was hard... I now have a greater appreciation for the sacrament and for the spiritual strength that comes from going to church every week. Luckily last night, sister holt and I went to one of the bishops counselors house and bishop and some ward members came and we had the opportunity to take the sacrament right there in their home. What a blessing! because man it was getting hard to move forward not having partaken of it.

C... and H... are doing so great! and they are coming to know our savior so much better and as a result they are changing their lives it is such a blessing to be able to be a part of it.

AMY! I haven't talked to much about her because she has been progressing a little bit slower, BUT! She has recently made some giant leaps! Her prayers used to be a little distracted and off topic and now they are getting more focused and she is now praying with greater purpose. We taught her the Word of Wisdom this week and we didn't know how she was going to take it because she LOVES her coffee...but when we taught it to her, and asked her what her plans are to stop and she said..well..I guess I wont be drinking it anymore..and we asked her if she was going to cut down or what...and she said...if I cut down I wont be able to stop..I just have to do it! Her faith is growing so much and we felt prompted to tell her that she would have more energy without it than with as she relied on the Lord. It was such a cool experience to see her make that change because she has a desire to be baptized and come closer to our savior.

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I know so much more has happened these past couple weeks.. but my mind is blank! I hope you all are staying warm and are happy! I love and miss you all!

Quotes in Corbin
"Diabetes causes you to loose toes."
"no she isnt crazy.,.she is insane."



HOLD MAIL******* there is a good chance...99% chance that I will be transferred on Tuesday March 2nd so anything you want to send...please wait! :) THANK YOU!


THANKS MOM AND FAM for the Valentines package!

And thanks Nana and Papa/nana and papas church for the card!

Much LOVE to you all!

--Sister Wagner

  We got so much snow last monday ...we couldnt email...and we couldnt leave....

Winter wonderland!

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