Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Monday!

HOWDY! Happy Monday!

I dont have much to say today..."Oh wow Sister Wagner...that is a new thing for you!" Yeah...I know...I always have a ton to say about my week! But this week was particularly slow. Why you ask? Oh....ya know...


That is right. Read it a couple more times if you need to. Someone...who knows who....decided to stick their knife in all 4 of our tires...pretty much making our whole day really slow...and our whole week really chaotic because we have had to go to the library more to fill out incident reports for the church records and going to the Police dept. so we could get the incident number to report and all this craziness. BUT! Nothing is by accident when it comes to the Lord work!

The day that it happened... We had to walk to a car repair place called Owen's to get our car. We didn't use our bikes because how would we get them back home? SO we walked from our house on fourth st. all the way to Owen's on 18th! At least it wasn't too hot that day! Tender Mercy! So as we were walking.. we  saw this man...on a porch...who looks we stopped and said hi and asked how we had known him...He proceeds to remind us that about a month ago we met him at a KFC parking lot (not JUST a KFC but the first KFC EVER...Saunders Cafe in Corbin, KY...Look it up) And then we remember OH! Right he said that he wanted us to talk to him but it was a bad time because he had just found out that he had cancer. So when we saw him on the porch he tells us that HE NOW DOESN'T have cancer, and that he wants us to come back and teach him...his wife...AND his daughter!!! The Lord works in mysterious ways my friends. And that would not have happened if our tires weren't slashed.

Not to mention we picked up 2 other investigators due to the incident. B..., who was sitting on a bench on the way to pick up our car...and C... of our neighbors who installed security cameras around his house that point to around where our car is! :D He has SO many amazing questions about religion and said that no one can answer them that he has talked to before....but WE CAN....well the Lord can because of His restored Gospel in it's fullness :) The Lord doesn't slow down due to temporal problems...he takes the problem and makes a miracle!

This week we also met a woman named S.. She is AMAZING! Miracle find for sure. So Sis. Goodrich and I left our apartment looking for some people to visit... all those we went to visit were dropped investigators (those we aren't teaching anymore) that we felt we should stop by and see..NONE of them were home. As we come down some stairs after knocking on this one guys door..we see a lady and we thought...might as well go contact her. We started talking about religion and how we find strength through God and she tells us that she reads her Bible everyday when she drinks her Coffee! And we brought up the restored Gospel...her face went blank...her happy grin went away...OH NO. and then....we ask if we can come back and teach her some more..then she smiles and says sure! And we are going to see her next week after she gets home from a blue-grass gospel festival :) She was the whole reason why we went to go and see those who we had already dropped..She is prepared!!

I need to take my last bit of time to talk about an amazing human being by the name of M...P.... DO NOT FORGET THIS NAME  He is one of our investigators. and he is an AMAZING guy! He is 33 years old.. and he found us. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. He came up to me about a month ago and asked if I was a missionary and we got talking, set up a return appointment and let me tell you ladies and gentleman...this guy has been prepared by the Lord. Sister Goodrich and I were talking and is just shows how we are nothing when it comes to this work. It is the Lords work for sure. Nothing we did got M... to the point that he is at right now...he and the Lord did that. He knows the Bible, recognizes the spirit, and is jumping into this things with too feet. I talked about him I think in my last email...he was the one who jokingly told God to show him a sign and then we biked by...YEAH. This guy is amazing and he is so funny. Sister Goodrich and I can not leave a lesson with him doing anything but smiling and laughing. He is just so quirky. My wish right now is just that I could record one lesson with M... P... so that you all could just get a glimpse at this guy because you would be in a good mood all day. He is just the best! And I am so blessed to be teaching him! The Lord really does prepare people to learn the Gospel. M... just hangs on every word we say and compared it to the bible and everything he knows. And it is amazing! He is great! and he has a baptism date for September 27th :) so be looking for pictures he is hilarious!

Things they say in Corbin:

"Well I liked it when I walked to Florida.."

"Tall women...they freak me out."

"im stoned again, these are my stoned adventures"

"When my Ex dances she looks like a squirell who just stole a nut"

"oh.. I just crafted it up"

(when talking about keeping the sabbath day holy) "So I can go hard 6 days?"

"At my work I pray everyday because those guys are retarded"

"I'll pray for ya, Brother"

"Oh. you think you're miserable now? wait till you're in hell!"

"this is my Clint Eastwood look"

"They (he was referring to the Government) will come after all  the Mormon Children, that is my testimony"

"What do you call a bear with no teeth? a GUMMY bear!"

SHOUT OUT TO: Angie for sending me an awesome letter in the mail this week!

TO Steve who sent me a 2 pound bag of Chocolate Almonds! and for my Mom sending me AWESOME things as well!

TO My dad and Brenda for sending me a very intense halloween package and some letters!

TO My Papa who sent me a letter that always makes me happy!

TO My Nana whose birthday is this week (the 18th)  :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA I LOVE YOU!


TO Karissa whose birthday is also this week! (the 19th!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARISSA!!!! :D

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