Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I love this mission life

I love this mission life. It is way different from anything anyone could experience ever. I am so out of the world..but in it at the same time..In the world but not of it. And is awesome. I think I am loosing my mind though..Because here is the thing.. I wasn't that clumsy when I was home...actually I was pretty graceful....all grace was swept away when I came to Kentucky...It's a little out of hand...but I'm dealing. It is a crazy crazy week! :) it is amazing though! And nothing too crazy like a dog bite or slashed tires happened....oh wait!

I remember now... We are pretty sure that our lock is being picked now. But we have no idea. for a couple days...our key was extra hard to get into our lock...which is a sign that someone might be picking it. And being doesn't bother me that people are coming into our apartment when we aren't there..because we are just missionaries..what would they steal? a Book of Mormon? my study journal? It is more the fact if they came in the middle of the night and attacked us or something..but who knows! No need to fear though, the Lord protects his servants and plus we have wooden sticks we keep under our beds...and we are getting a dead bolt put in which makes me feel better! Thank goodness for amazing people.

I learned a new skill this week! What is it you ask...what is the coolest thing that is so random to learn? GLASS BLOWING. YUP. I can blow glass. That doesn't mean that I am good...but i know how to make a necklace charm with little mushrooms in it! I have one and it looks a little rough...but I am going to practice and get really good! :) And I definitely think I want to get myself a little torch eventually and then i can have an awesome hobby!

What did I see the other day when I driving down the highway....ONLY AN 18 WHEELER THAT WAS UP IN FLAMES. And later to find was full of tea. Is it a sign that tea (black and green) is bad for us? YES. Luckily we didn't see it blow up...and honestly I don't even know if it did! hopefully all was good!

So this week was amazing! Lately Sister Goodrich and I have felt like we weren't being productive...we had meaningful activities planned for every hour and did them but something just wasn't right...and we prayed...and prayed..and prayed...then Thursday came around. And what happened? We had a district meeting and what was the topic? CONTACTING. We were taught that if we wanted to feel productive that contacting was the Key. and as we contact (talk to) at least 20 people every day we will find more people to teach and we will feel more productive... We left that meeting with a new flame in our hearts to get out and put everything into talking to people. EVERYONE we see. So we did. We talked and talked and talked and we have never felt more productive..and the next day we did it again! The Lord answered our prayers and knew how blessed we would be for talking to all these random..but EXTREMELY prepared people to hear about the restored gospel. People who where questioning some things that they were taught at their church, or were curious about our church. and just were ready! And I am so blessed to be a part of this great work! and I am so grateful for inspired leaders that really listen to the spirit on what we need to improve on!

Remember how last week I talked about M....P...and I told you not to forget his name? Well hopefully you didn't! Because he is getting baptized this Saturday the 27th. it is my first baptism on the mish, but all glory goes to God. One thing I have learned from M... is that I am absolutely nothing in this work. He found us, and he asked us questions...he came to us prepared by the Lord. I am so blessed to be able to see him enter the waters of baptism and come closer to our savior Jesus Christ. This man is just so wonderful and he is going to do great things for the people of our ward. He made sure that I would tell all of you that he was the first person that I helped. so now i have done that :) Pictures hopefully next week of that!!

Lately we have been teaching this couple, M... and C..., and they are BIG smokers. As we went to a lesson with them the other day C... looks at us and goes...I have to tell you all something...when you first started coming I was like pshhh and now I am like...hmm I wonder when the girls are going to come by! haha she is just amazing and expressed to us her desire to quit smoking and I now the Lord will help her over come that!

Last night we went to a fireside up in Lexington (and hour and a half from here) With the Helms(our parents here in Corbin) and M... P.. and he GOT UP AND BORE HIS TESTIMONY! he used scriptures and everything..who does that!? M.. P... does..the most prepared man on earth I and Sister Goodrich are pretty sure that he will be a Bishop one day! The fireside was amazing though, it is a time where those investigating the church, and those who have recently joined, have a chance to come together and share their stories and strengthen one another and it does that completely :) I am so blessed to see that all the time here, people helping people and lifting one another up! It truly is so special!

Things they say in Corbin:

"you know...when I get old...I am going to grow a mullet and then go to the ponytail store"

"I'm an equal opportunity hater"

"my little dog is a demon"

"He's at a coon huntin' competition" (I didn't know those were real..)

"I needed some soap in my baptismal pool"

"there is nothing hotter than a chick who blows glass"

"everyone always says...baptists make the best Mormons!"

I will leave you with a scripture: Alma 19:32 There where many among them who would not hear their words; therefore they went their way.

This is about missionaries in the Book of Mormon who were teaching, and not all the people wanted to hear the words that were being said to theme because they didn't want to know that they were doing something wrong. So...they went their way. Those people went their way in what they thought was happiness, but what they were missing was a deep happiness, something that could bring them eternal life and joy. Think of all the amazing things in life we walk away from just because of our stubbornness...This Gospel brings me the greatest joy you can imagine so I go out and share it...but so many people turn away. WE need to go the Lords way. Pray and find out that way...because that is the way to eternal life...and joy. Do his will and you will see nothing but blessings.

I love you all and the support you all amazing. Thank you for all you do for me :) I appreciate it more than you know. I pray for you all often.

Love, your eternal friend,
Sister Wagner

SHOUT OUT TO: Mike and Karissa for sending me a card in the mail!

Shout out also to my Nana for the awesome letter as well :)

And Shout out to my mum for sending me some things that I needed in a package!!! :D

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