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I HAVE ONE REQUEST. READ THIS WHOLE EMAIL. This week has been more epic than any week of my entire life...And has a story that every missionary wants to tell..

So I hate starting out with the story that makes this email all that it is...but some of the miracles...and some of the quotes...wouldn't make sense unless you knew this:

On Thursday we had a lesson with an Investigator named S.... She is awesome from what I could tell..I just met her briefly! So we ride up to her house which is about a 15 minute bike ride away. When we get there we get of our bikes and we see hear this dog barking..then we see it launch itself at the glass door  (It was a large Boxer)...I say "Uhh...that looks dangerous" (find out later this was the spirit warning me of things to come) as we proceed to go to the door, S... comes out apologizes for her dog and says that he gets scared of hats and bikes! .. our helmets and bikes is what must have spooked him!  and says that she was actually scheduled for work so asked if we could come back another time..of course we say that is fine! We put on our helmets and start walking away as she heads inside and wishes us off...then I hear some growling...look back...and see this dog...CHARGING AT ME..B... S....'s boyfriend running after him... and before I could decides to just CHOMP ON MY FLESH..before beau grabs the dog..

Sister Goodrich is in hysterical laughter as I just look down at the blood running down my leg... We then both, out of shock and disbelief are laughing hysterically as my leg is throbbing. Scarlett is running to us apologizing to me over and over saying she has no idea why the dog did it.. and he wasn't like that or anything! so she asks me to come and let her wipe up the blood and get me a bandaid...and I was just standing there shaking and sister Goodrich still laughing...and then...I am offered water....which is weird because whenever I get hurt and am bleeding a lot the thing people do is offer me water...I AM BLEEDING AND JUST GOT ATTACKED..NO I DO NOT WANT WATER...that is what i was thinking...I didn't say it I promise. but I don't understand why that dry mouth was the least of my concerns. so as I am standing there and S.... is wiping up my blood I keep saying I'm good...and then I started feeling nauseous and had to sit down haha. So we got me bandaged up..and then...RODE OUR BIKES. back home....over steep hills...for 15 minutes. Adrenalin is seriously a God given gift.

 We get home and have to do all this mission medical things and call a bunch of people like the mission nurse and see what we have to do...BUT NO ONE ANSWERED...literally all the people we had to call would not answer....then our Zone Leaders called back and told us to go to a walk in care...we did...and when we got there...they tell us they pretty much don't know how to handle it because it is too deep and I would have to go to the Emergency off we go...And MIRACLE: we were in and out of the place in ONE hour! That is unheard of people!!! But BLESSING. Sister Goodrich and I were praying SO hard that we would get out of there quick because we were going to frozen yogurt that night with some members.. When we got out the Elders and one of my favorite members Brother Johnson were outside my room waiting just to make sure all was well! :) I love being surrounded by people who care about me so much! :)

Oh! all they did was put a bandage on and rinse it with water and prescribe me antibiotics.. they can't stitch dog bites because if they are infected they don't want to seal it in there ya know what I mean? But it was deep down to my tissue...I was limping for 4 days and have to elevate it all the time. But healing has been so fast! I am just bummed because we used up a lot of miles on our car..(we only get so many a month). But no worries! I get back on a bike tomorrow! :D

I am so blessed that this happened! It makes for a killer story and I have been waiting to tell you all about it! haha I am going to send some pictures of the bloody mess if I can haha It was awesome! so if you have a weak stomach...don't look haha

On a lighter note!!! MIRACLES!

Miracle one:
We are teaching a family..the L....'s! and they are awesome! they are the family where they wrote us a note and left in on the door and came to church! The dad...C.... WILL NOT PRAY... WILL NOT. He called us on the phone the other day and we were talking seeing how is day was and we apologized for not being able to see them due me getting attacked by that dog earlier on the day we wanted to go see them! So we decided to do a family prayer with them over the phone...I asked C..... to pray...he of course resounded with his typical "next time" answer....And I told C... that it would make my leg feel better if he what did he do? HE PRAYED! I know I shouldn't use my leg for leverage....(i repented) but HE PRAYED! I am so grateful the Lord has touched him as much as he has. We have seen an amazing change in C.... for sure!

Miracle two:
Here in Kentucky...people like to feed you Hamburger...which is not something I eat....or so I thought...Let it be known that the Lord blesses you with better taste buds on your mission because THIS SISTER can now eat hamburgers...AND LIKE IT.

Miracle three:
We are teaching this couple, J... and K..... Now they have been taught by the sisters for awhile now  which is awesome! But they weren't really progressing as fast as we wanted and weren't reading the Book of if you don't read the Book of Mormon and pray and ask God if it's true... you wont know! So we had been asking them to do that and they were reading but not praying. We had a lesson with them this week..and we were talking about how God answers prayers...and K... goes "Oh I know he does it answered mine!" So of course we ask her what that was...and she goes "well if the book was true" "and?" "OH he said it was. I prayed...and got nothing...waited 5 minutes prayed again and then I felt so good, like I was high for 3 hours" Well then ladies and gentleman...pray about the Book of Mormon and you will get an answer that you can understand!

miracle four:
a little over a week ago we contacted this guy named R.... We set up a return appointment...had an awesome lesson...we made another appointment...asked him to pray...and left... We came back and asked him if he had prayed about everything and he said he had..then he looks right at me..and goes "For some reason....I want to call you Taylor".....WHAT THE HECK? Needless to say I was weirded out. and of course I said uhhh that's my first name. and we were all a little sketched out. And then he goes...well I was sleeping...and woke up in the middle of the night...and thought "taylor....taylor..." and then just fell back asleep.... God talks to people in a way that they can and WILL understand.

miracle five:
We have been teaching this guy named M...! he is awesome and is SO PREPARED to receive the restored gospel. So we were talking to him to see if he had prayed about everything..and then he goes..."well I actually something happened and havent told you..but I was talking to my friend and he asked me if I believed what you were teaching me and I said I had an open mind...he then asked me how I would know if it was right..and I jokingly said that God would show me a sign...and then you two rode by us on your bikes and I had never seen you on your bikes before." (important to note that where we were we dont go too often on our bikes..) M.... then goes on to tell us that he and his friend just looked at eachother and were like...well...I guess that's it! really people..GOD SPEAKS TO US IN A WAY THAT WE WILL UNDERSTAND AND HE ANSWERS PRAYERS.

miracle six:
We are teaching a different M... and C..., and they are awesome...we asked them if they had prayed...C.... goes, yeah! and we asked how that went...and she goes...well I feel good when I read it...and you can cross reference it to the bible...and when I prayed...I woke up after going to bed after praying..I had three bibles around my head" She now knows it's true....I promise this is the last time...but seriously...GOD KNOWS US AND SPEAKS TO US IN A WAY THAT WE WILL UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!

OH and just to top off the best day week ever....we had dinner at a members house, and they had puppies! Little yorkies and I just held it and loved it and it made everything that much better! AH I love being a missionary!!


"I wish I could be paid to kill people who have puppy farms."

"You see this signature? is awesome!"

"It must have been a baptist dog..."...."or a J'dub"

His name is KYLE"..."what did I say?" " said...sinnnnerrrr."

"Good women are like that...they feed men"


Congratulations to Sara! (my moms boyfriends daughter) who made A team soccer!

Congratulations to my little bro Matt who got his first car!! and is sending in for his liscence!

Thank you to him as well for a Card! that apparently my mom made him send...REALLY FEELING THE LOVE.

Thank you to Lin Meier who explained religions to me!! :D


Really quick scripture!!

Alma 14:12-13
12--Now Amulek said unto Alma: Behold, perhaps they will burn us also.  13--And Alma said: Be it according to the will of the Lord. But, behold, our work is not finished; therefore they burn us not.

HEAVENLY FATHER WILL NOT LET US BE BURNED! Those hard times that we face...we must be patient because it will be the will of the much do we trust him? We have a work to be doing :) are we doing it? because as we are doing all he asks, we will be okay and nothing will be able to destroy us!

I love you all so much! and I am blessed to know you all!! Keep sending me mail! Seriously..I need more!!

Love always, and God bless,

Sister Wagner

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