Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Successful Week!

SOOOOOO! It's Tuesday! Yesterday being Labor day...which is celebrating what exactly? The Library was closed...which is ironic because labor means work...but no one is working...I find that odd. Anyway because it was closed...we got permission to email today! Thank goodness! but apologies for the delay!

What another great week here in the GKLM! I almost died... I jammed out to good music..Got a gallon of milk for 3$... extended a baptismal invitation.. talked to a drunk man on the phone..did the ice bucket challenge.... I would say it was successful wouldn't you?

So! About me almost dying..Sister Goodrich should never have knives. I was laying on the floor this week...I don't remember why...but then here comes Sister Goodrich out of the Kitchen holding a big butcher knife and comes over to me and hold it over me...and then proceeds to almost drop the knife. CLOSE CALL! But No I wasn't rushed the the emergency room for stitches or anything..however that would make a killer story. But either way...lesson learned...Sister Goodrich likes to have butter fingers but only when she is holding a large knife over you.

ALSO! I did the ice bucket challenge...lets just say that is NOTHING compared to the polar plunge in April. But it was still freezing Cold. The Harris Family (members) decided to challenge us to dump a bucket of ice water over our heads.. Being the awesome sister missionaries that we are...we accepted! And it was cold...and we screamed...but it really wasn't that bad in the long run. But It started a long chain of challenges...we have now been issued the Wasabi challenge? I am pretty sure that is a made up thing...but we never back down!

Jammin' to good music....Christmas Music of course! Nothing not allowed :) We don't break rules! But for the first 3 days of last week...Little Drummer Boy my Panatonics (spellings..i really butchered that) And it has some crazy beats and it called for some intense dance sessions in the car.

MILK IS SO CHEAP HERE WHAT IS GOING ON! We were at Walmart..and I look at the milk...It was like $2.90 something. I cant believe that. ALSO! there is a gas station...and they sell gas..naturally of course...but guess what..IT IS SO CHEAP GET READY TO FREAK OUT....$3.19....yeahh that's right...I'm still bitter of how expensive gas is in Maine. I can't handle it. I drive past it and every time I freak out.. I wont even be ashamed to tell you that because it is a BIG DEAL.


"you are now pronounced husband and stick"
"I go to heaven every night. I go to sleep next to an angel...and wake up to the spawn of satan"
"I am going to wear my tug boat outfit to church...I'm the captain of a tug boat."
(calling for a cat:) LESLIE...LESLIE...( gets the cat, brings it into the house) y'all can come in now....there's a lady in the house..come on in!(talking about the cat)

For those who don't know we as missionaries aren't allowed in a house unless a lady is present :)

SO! the drunk man on the phone, that would be a man named George. He was contacted by the missionaries a couple weeks before I left. And we get this random call from this man who is really distressed and wanting to know what we believe. He had kept the card all this time. We spoke to him for about 20 minutes and prayed with him. and gave him the comfort that he needed. I find it so amazing that God loves us so much that he will direct us to those who can help us. How would drunk George have known who to call if the Lord hadn't directed him to that card that my miracle he hadn't thrown away? I am so blessed to have been a comfort in this man's life!

I extended my first baptismal invitation! How amazing was that you ask? VERY! It was extended to this 15 year old girl named Cierra. She is the sweetest! And her spirit is so strong! The whole lesson was full of teary eyes! The spirit that was there was so greatly testifying of the truth and divinity of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. and I am blessed to have been a tool in the hands of the Lord and invite this young girl to be baptized. She accepted. I am so blessed to be a part of her life!!

I also recited Joseph Smith's first vision for the first time this week! I think I may have messed up one part...but that is okay! The spirit was so strong! I know that Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ that day. I can't and won't deny it.

I love the scripture 1 Nephi 7:12: "Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten that the Lord is able to do all things according to his will, for the children of men, if it so be that they exercise faith in Him? Wherefore,let us be faithful to him."

Let us be faithful to him! The Lord can do whatever it is he pleases! And If we just exercise that faith continually..he will do all things and we will see the blessings and miracles in our lives. I have seen that time and time again, He wants me to be successful..and as I have faith in blesses me with that success and for that I am so grateful. He is my savior...your savior...everyone's...and all he asks is that you have faith in him.

I love all of you more than I can tell have an amazing week and keep up the faith!

Love always, miss you tons,

Sister Wagner

SHOUT OUT TO MY PAPA! He sent me a card in the mail this week and it completely made my day! :D THANK YOU!

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