Sunday, April 6, 2014

Conference of Champions


This general conference was simply amazing and the messages that were given were so obviously divinely given for our benefit directly from our Heavenly Father. The messages that were given were so uplifting and there is no way you could make up all that goodness. I thank my father in heaven for giving us living prophets and apostles on this earth, and even more so for giving the knowledge to me in this life. I CAN NOT wait to share the knowledge of this restored gospel with those that are in darkness. 

(UPDATE: My call has been assigned and will be here THIS WEEK. 6 days.. oh my goody goodness. I cant even handle it.) 

I went into conference SUPER EXCITED! I love the messages that are given at conference and so often I come out of conference feeling as though the messages that were given were directed straight at me! I went into this conference with some questions written down that I knew that I could use some answers to, and I kid you not.. ALL QUESTIONS WERE ANSWERED. I had a whopping 12 questions, I felt like that was a large order, but nope. The Lord knew that I needed answers and they were provided to me. And let me tell you, all my questions were all over the place! 

I am going to try really hard now to get myself to the point where I am ready to testify completely without hesitation, without fear and only faith of the divinity of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. How pure his love, how merciful his atonement, and how undivided his devotion is to us. The gratitude I have in my heart is over flowing and the spirit that I have felt over the past two days is undeniable. How blessed each of us are to have this gospel! 

I love you all! Keep smiling and preparing yourselves to serve with all your might mind and heart! 

--Sister Wagner

SOME, defiantly not all, of my favorite quotes from this conference! 

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