Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Spring. Eggs. Colored grass. Candy. Bunnies. Pastels...It can only be Easter. 

What an amazing Easter Sunday this has been. And not because the easter bunny showed up at my house, but because I have had the chance to remember my savior, reflect on his sacrifice, and ponder the divinity of his atonement, as well as the miracle of his resurrection. 

For those who have not seen the LDS Easter, Because of Him message…GOOGLE IT. I have watched it four times and the spirit that comes with it is amazing to say the least. I live in a nonmember/inactive member home. I took a chance and had them watch the message today to share with them more fully the meaning of Easter. I could tell that they felt the spirit because it hit me so hard while I was watching it with all of them. I also showed my nonmember grandparents the video and my nana was nearly in tears. I could tell the that spirit was there more than ever. Share that video because it touches hearts. 

He died for us. At anytime he could have taken himself off that cross. He is the only begotten of the father and had more than enough power to stop his own suffering. But he loved us so much that he suffered in the most extreme and incomprehensible way. He bled from every poor. Suffocated on the cross. Felt all of sins, sicknesses, afflictions, infirmities, worries…EVERYTHING of EVERYONE.

He didn't know if we would utilize the atonement, but he hoped. He did it so even just one of us could be forgiven, that just one of us could have relief.

How blessed I am that he has risen. He has risen that I may rise again, that you can rise again, that everyone we love can rise again. He over came death. He did something that no one before him had ever done. He broke the bands of death. Those bands don't hold us any longer. How beyond blessed each of us are. 

I KNOW that my Redeemer lives.

Happy Easter! Remember Christ's resurrection everyday, not just the day it occurred. It is too special to only be remembered once a year. Everyday we should remember the miraculous moment Jesus Christ conquered death.

--Sister Wagner

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