Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Month of Waiting

Well, as the title states, it has officially been a month since I have sent in my mission papers to Salt Lake. And my call has yet to come. What is this pure craziness! I was able to log into my lovely ldsmail account 10 days ago! And that lovely letter has yet to come. THIS IS MADNESS. PURE MADNESS.  I really have been patient…well…as patient as possible. which lezz be honest, isn't too patient. 

I was 99% sure that is would come yesterday.. I was so so soooo excited  to check the mail. Talk about getting your hopes up…my hopes might has well have been in the firmaments… 

So I was gone yesterday off at a surprise party for one of my lovely co-workers who is moving away to Virginia (we joke that I will follow her when I go on my mission). And my mom was in charge of NOT looking in the mail box and waiting for me to get home. Of course my mom could help herself..and what was in the mail box? A BIG WHITE ENVELOPE. I kid you not. I came home and I saw that the mailbox was empty, I was sure my mom had already gotten the mail out of excitement. So I go in and I thought it was a joke that my call hadn't come. NOPE. It really hadn't come.. And the big white envelope you ask? Oh it was a letter from the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH that was addressed to someone about a 5 minute drive away.. 

OF ALL DAYS TO GET MAIL MIXED UP, AND OF ALL THE HOUSES TO GIVE A BIG WHITE LETTER TOO. Let me tell you, Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. 

I would love to be able to tell you that I laughed it off and didn't care. But nope. I asked my mom to call the lady the letter was assigned to (found her in the phone book). And NO ANSWER. BOO. No luck.

 Of course I was graceful and didn't mind that today wasn't the day. PHYC. I was super frustrated. discouraged. overwhelmed. a little ticked. and it totally messed up my groove. 

How petty of me. It seriously wasn't something to be discouraged about. And i couldn't even function. I was upset and confused on why in the world my call hadn't come. I prayed for comfort and as always, my Heavenly Father listens and he comforted me. 

Later that night, as I was saying my evening prayers, I asked my father in heaven WHY hadn't my call come yet? what did I need to learn? and I asked him to help me understand. I was just so confused. 

As I closed my prayer and started to ponder what the Lord would say to me…the thought came "when you put your circumstances in the hands of the Lord, you will be pleasantly surprised." That was it, pure and simple. HUMILITY. I had thought so hard into when my call would come I didn't bother thinking when the Lord would have me receive my call. What I needed to do was humble myself, suck it up, and know that my call will come when it needs to, and when it will be best of me to have it. 

I am so beyond grateful and humbled for my answer. I am so glad to have the knowledge that I do that Heavenly Father answers prayers. He hears us, and is aware of us. I know that as I wait, with a "Lord, may thy will be done" attitude that I won't have those feelings of discouragement, confusion, anger, or frustration. How blessed am I to be a part of this restored gospel and have the knowledge of personal revelation.

Keep your heads up sisters! 

--Sister Wagner

p.s. It really should be here soon, my bishop told me today that is has indeed been assigned, and was officially assigned on the 3rd of April. But it will come when it needs to come, I know that now. :)

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