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I thought I would start my email a little different today because I never really address it...or even start it like a letter at all... SO I just had to mix things up for once. The same old thing can get boring. And really repetitive. Now I can say that I mixed it up for once in my life! :)

This week started with me going out of the state of Indiana. Kentucky? NOPE. that is right I offically hit the 3rd and final state in the mission...for one day. ILLINOIS. Yes, I did it. I was on exchange with Sister Ferrel! She is so sweet and so pure! I love working with her and I have so much to learn from her too! I was in a little town called Olney, the home of the WHITE SQUIRREL. And they are only found in this little town. The little critters are as white as snow hopping around, climbing trees doing their thing. Even in the town they are hard to see. But I prayed so hard that I would see one. That heavenly father would allow me to have that experience with that one day in Olney. And guess what. We go on our way. And Heavenly Father answered my prayer! There, in the grass with a little frolicking white squirrel bouncing around. It was certainly a tender mercy. I KNOW that God answers prayers. 🌾🐁🌾(it's a mouse..but just pretend) πŸ™πŸΌ

Sister Ferrel!

While in Olney, we got to paint some nails at a nursing home! It was so cute. And the ladies were adorable and just so excited to feel pretty by getting their nails done. It really just showed me that it is the little things in life that go along way. So after I paint this lady's nails I look over at this man and was joking around with him and I asked if he wanted to get his nails done. He quickly responded "well yeah!" and wheeled himself right over to me. As I get to know the man he tells me about his family and how his daughters are coming to visit him and he wants to give them a good laugh. He chose gold and purple and wanted them every other, in a nice beautiful pattern. He was such a sweet man and he just and I just laughed. It was one of those moment that I could see that old man as  son of God so clearly. And felt God's love for him. It was such a unique opportunity I had just to get to know the guy. πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ‘€πŸ‘΅πŸΌπŸ‘΄πŸ»

This week we had a lesson with our investigator Natalie. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation. She had a lot of questions about where her husband was, and what he was doing...even through he was begining to loose hope and thinking he was just in the ground and that was it. As we taught her, and told her that her husband was learning the Gospel just like she is, and that she will see him again and when she does she will be in a perfect body without flaw. She just lit up. You could just see the spirit working in her and helping her to understand that there is more, and that this life, is not it. It was such a testimony builder to me, that we do have the truth, and that it is such a blessing to know. How often do we take that knowledge for granted that there really is, in reality, life after death. πŸ˜„

Funny story; The other day we were out and about doing our thing and talking to some people. We stop and talk to this woman who is sitting in her car not looking very happy. We ask her what is going on and she talks to us, and then asks us who we are and what we do. We gladly tell her and ask about her belief in God and what he believes and she tells us and really opens up. It was such an amazing contact!! Until....all of the sudden... she just gets out of her car, we just think she will lean up against it...NOPE. She gets out and just runs away and says "GOTTA GET READY FOR WORK" ..we just reply "uh, nice meeting you!" then she said "yeah! okay!"......and we just stand there with are jaws on the floor baffled of what just this day..I couldn't tell you. IT was going so well....and we were thinking in our heads "WHAT A MIRACLE!" ...when in reality we were the ones left wondering what the heck just happened. Usually im sure it is the other way around. No worries, we stuck a picture of Christ on her car window. πŸƒπŸΌπŸš™

This week, the title of my NO NOTHIN' that is because it is the end of the those who have served a mission might be able to relate.. You are stuck with No money. No miles on the car (we are allotted a certain amount). No money from the mission for food. And no energy. On top of all this, sister Matthews and I had No home. We were kicked out again and had to stay with a different member while our lady had family over. #thestruggle. It was a very real sense of poverty, in a very mild way. Luckily after praying for a miracle. Mauve, Super Mauve should be her name, was all like, OH I WILL DRIVE YOU SISTERS! for 3 days she taxied us around to all our lessons, knocked on doors with us, and talked to strangers with us.. IT was such an answer to our prayers! AGAIN!! She offered us a ride after we told her we had walked multiple miles just to find people...we walked down some weird road and almost was attacked by something we heard in the woods.. When we told her that she was all for helping us haha..#hardlife She was calling us her kids this week.. #thanksmommamauve πŸ˜°πŸ’πŸ½πŸš– Not to mention...when we told her we were craving chocolate...the next day she brought us 6 bags..🍫 And this goes to the shout out to my Daddio too for offering to feed my companion and I this week because we are out of moo-lah and have to do our weekly shopping. THANKS DADDY. LOVE YOU! πŸ’Έ

Over my birthday some of my favorite members, the MOGLES, were gone! I was so sad that they were going to be here and they were sad that they were going to miss it! They got home on saturday and yesterday they shot us a text and asked us to come by at the end of the night. When we go by they hand me this little piece of paper....and it starts me off on a scavenger hunt!!!!!! By the way...Im horrible at scavenger hunts. Sister Matthews thank goodness is a champ and helped me out. After having me go all around their house and yard, im finally lead to a present. And what is it you ask! A COOK BOOK! Because I cant cook for anything...and I ALWAYS compliment Sister Mogles cooking, and so she always tells me her recipes come from an awesome book and so she got it for me!!! It was so sweet of them, and it really made my day. They are the sweetest people ever! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ“’


"You know what I was thinking about, I wish I was a little elf so I could run through the corn."

"What do I do? pray that God will resurrect me?"

"Im not ridin' on no air plane. Im a weiney, a brown wiggling weiney!!"


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE (on the 23rd of June, already past) LOVE YOU!




That moment when... discover a tractor for a real farmer is 1/2 a million dollars. see a truck that has flames and 'GOD' and a cross all on it. run out of everything
..a dead end sign really means dead end.....5 miles later.

I hope that you all have an amazing week!!!! :D I love you all and remember to have fun and share what you know! Laugh a lot a do all things that you love doing!!!!!

and I almost forgot....

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!! Have a great time doing all those traditional things! :D stay safe!

-Sister Wagner


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